The Far Future

Once we get past the crowded 24th century, strange temporal baddies and alternate futures that won’t be happening seem to take over. What “really” happens is not terribly clear, although the Federation does seem to keep on growing until at least the 29th century.

2404: S.D. 805z8 to 815z3

In an alternate timeline, Admiral Janeway decides to go back and help Voyager get home faster. (VOY “Endgame, Part I”.)

Approximately 2410; around 1022 Q.B.

Alexander Rozhenko travels back from this time to persuade his younger self to be a Klingon warrior rather than a peacemaker, and so avoid his father’s death. If he succeeds, then it will all have been an alternate timeline. It’s forty years after TNG “Firstborn”, which I’ve dated to March 2371.

Mid-25th Century

Human expansion takes them into the Delta Quadrant, according to Q. (VOY “Death Wish”.)

“The 26th Century”

The Xindi homeworld is due to be destroyed by humans, or not. It all depends on how time’s been interfered with. It’s 400 years after ENT “The Expanse” and ENT “The Xindi”. I have both those stories set in 2153, but I don’t think the time interval is anything more than approximate.

It is also the century of the Battle of Procyon V, in which the Federation defeats the Sphere-builders, 400 years after ENT “Azati Prime” (February 2154).

A time pod from the late 26th century travels back to 22nd century New Jersey, where Berlinghof Rasmussen steals it for a joyride to the 24th century. (TNG “A Matter of Time”.)

Approximately 2573

If “minus four twenty” means 420 years in the future, this is when one of the components of the Xindi bomb was made. Of course, how the hell a hand-held scanner can predict quantum fluctuations for hundreds of years into the future, when they probably can’t be determined four seconds ahead of time is beside the point. (ENT “The Expanse”, which I have in March to July 2153.)

Mid-27th Century

A doomsday device called the Tox Uthat is invented. To prevent it falling into the wrong hands, the inventor travels back to the 22nd century and hides the device on the planet Risa. Captain Picard eventually finds and destroys it in TNG “Captain’s Holiday” (March 2367, although the stardates put it earlier in the same month). Ajur and Boratus the Vorgons , the villains in this story, also claim to be from 300 years in the future, which is about the same time.

“The 28th Century”

About 300 years before Daniels’ 31st century. It’s when he suggests the future aliens that control the Suliban live, in ENT “Shockwave, Part II”.


According to Daniels in ENT “Cold Front” a group of time-travellers from this year are observing the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

“The 29th Century”

Captain Braxton comes from this time, before intervening in events involving Voyager in the 20th and 24th centuries. (VOY “Future’s End” and VOY “Relativity”.)

The home time of Vosk and his Space Nazis, according to ENT “Storm Front, Part II”.

“The 30th Century”

Archer says Daniels is from this time, in ENT “Carpenter Street”. In ENT “Cold Front”, Daniels himself says he’s from approximately 900 years in the future, which would be very roughly 3051, since I place that story in September 2151. That suggests he’s actually from sometime in the 31st century, if you’re keeping track.

“The 31st Century”

A version of Voyager’s EMH corrects some historical misunderstandings. (VOY “Living Witness”.)

The timeship in ENT “Future Tense” is commissioned before 3052, probably in the early part of the century, since Archer specifies “almost nine hundred years”. Although it’s a mirror image on the screen, and not terribly clear, it seems that the commissioning date was given in the computer display as 3125. That doesn’t match the dialogue at all.

It’s also the time of the ruined future seen in ENT “Shockwave”.

“The 33rd Century”

The EMH still enjoys a considerable reputation in one part of the Delta Quadrant with the Keerians and Vaskans, but has departed for the Alpha Quadrant some time before. (VOY “Living Witness”.)

By the 123rd Century

According to the Kelvans, radiation will make the Andromeda Galaxy completely uninhabitable, within ten millennia of TOS “By Any Other Name” (July 2268).

4 billion years from now
The Andromeda Galaxy will crash into the Milky Way, our own galaxy. (The current best guess by astronomers. What that means for the long-term future of the Federation is unknown, but it’s not looking terribly good.)

Between sixty and seventy trillion years from now

The Universe will collapse back in on itself, unless the people of the far future manipulate subspace to avert it, according to the genetically enhanced misfits in DS9 “Chrysalis”.

The End (For Now)

2378 to 2400

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