Chronological Analysis of the Novels


The decision to look at the novels is primarily because I just fancied reading a load of “Star Trek” books. Realistically, it’s unlikely that I'll be finishing, but that’s no reason not to start.

The idea is for me to read each novel and assess how long it’s supposed to take, when it’s meant to be happening and if that fits into the chronological model I’ve constructed around stardates. For the sake of balance, I’m also looking at the dates calculated using the “official” system of converting stardates into normal dates, although the way I’ve done this is in absolutely no way an “official” timeline. For the original series of “Star Trek”, that’s all a matter of wild conjecture, but as I move on to 24th century “Star Trek” I hope it will provide a useful benchmark against which my ideas can be assessed.

I’ve purposely not made a big deal of identifying the authors of the books. That was mainly to avoid giving the impression that I’m criticising the person and not just the book (although the line gets a bit hazy in places). I would like to stress right at the start that ALL of these people have written at least one professional “Star Trek” novel. I can be as snarky as I like, but they’re still all a long way ahead of me.

“Star Trek”

The Bantam Novels, 1970-1981

“Star Trek: The Next Generation”


TOS Bantam Novels

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