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The Krenim and their pesky time-ships first appear in VOY “Before and After”. This is also the story that tries to set up the chronology of Kes’ life. To be honest, I have severe doubts that the facts as presented can be made to work; even without my attempts to fit things into a framework of stardates and conventional dates.

Kes celebrates her second birthday in VOY “Twisted”. I have used an “out of nowhere” stardate (S.D. 48945.8) to place that story on Thursday 25th May, 2372. VOY “Before and After” takes place at a time when Kes is supposed to be three years and two months old, and I place it in March 2374. Now, it could be that Kes measures her age in Ocampan years and months, and a gap of a year and eight or nine months is actually an Ocampan year and two months. Then Kes gets irradiated. She’s a four years and a month old, and the stardate is 50973. That’s towards the end of the third season of “Star Trek: Voyager”, whatever other assumptions you make, and it does fall very close to the stardate in VOY “Scorpion”, S.D. 50984.3. My calculations convert the VOY “Before and After” stardate to sometime in May 2374. That’s two months after Kes is three years and two months old, but does reflect her being just over four, as referred to by my interpretation of the date in VOY “Twisted”. The Ocampan calendar might be strange, but there’s a limit to how odd it can get.

Then take the two “late” stardates in VOY “Before and After”, S.D. 55836.2 and 56947. The later one seems to correspond to when Kes is eight years and six months old, and it’s very unclear indeed where the other date is supposed to fall in Kes’ life. My conversions of these dates puts 55836.2 in April 2379, and 56947 in May 2380. Both of these dates suggest, if anything, that an Ocampan year might be a bit longer than an Earth one, and there’s a lower limit of at least seven months in the Ocampan year, if she can be eight years and six months old. All of which makes the rapid jump from three years and two months to four years and one month difficult to cope with.

So what’s my solution? Forget the Ocampan calendar. I’m going to assume that Kes converts her age into the Earth equivalent. This will make things a lot simpler, and have no discernible impact on my total inability to get any of the established facts in VOY “Before and After” to correspond with my theories.
Approximate Date Stardate Event My Approximate Stardate
May 2370 None Kes is born on Ocampa 469b4
November 2370 None Kes’ chat with Benaren, at the age of six months 474a8
May 2371 None Kes’ first birthday 479a9
Monday 18th October, 2371 48315.6 Kes joins Voyager (VOY “Caretaker”) 483y5
Monday 15th May, 2372 None (48945.8) Kes’ second birthday (VOY “Twisted”) 489b5
May 2373 None Kes’ third birthday 499b0
July 2373 None Kes is three years and two months old, supposedly the present for VOY “Before and After” 500d1
January 2374 None In one version of events Voyager enters Krenim space when Kes is three years and eight months old 506a5
March 2374 None My guess at the VOY “Before and After” present, when I make Kes three years and ten months old 508a0
May 2374 None Kes’ fourth birthday 509b5
Sunday 2nd June, 2374 50973 Kes is irradiated, at the age of four years and one month (being very generous) 509d3
May 2375 None Kes’ fifth birthday 519b0
May 2376 None Kes’ sixth birthday 529b6
May 2377 None Kes’ seventh birthday 539b1
May 2378 None Kes’ eighth birthday 549b6
November 2378 55836.2 or 56947 Andrew is born, when Kes is eight years and six months old 554b0
May 2379 None Kes’ ninth birthday 559b1
A week later, May 2379? None Kes is nine years and a week old 559b8

“A complete dog’s dinner” is too kind a description of all this, even assuming that the first contact with the Krenim varies according to how many times Voyager gets hit by time-torpedoes before they can insulate themselves from the effects. Even with this “get-out,” the chronology is very suspect, and defies any rational analysis. If there’s a way of fixing it, I don’t know what it might be. I’ve put VOY “Before and After” where it’s supposed to be in the production order, as at least that doesn’t export any of the problems beyond this story.

VOY “Year of Hell” is almost impossible to fit into a stardating system, too. I’ve always had problems with it, but the more I try to make stardates work consistently, the less well I can fit it into my scheme.

Even if you assume that the first Krenim time-torpedo strike blips Voyager into an alternate timeline, where a stronger Krenim Empire has been harassing them for considerably longer, so “Day 1” is not necessarily the same as the day the story starts (and finishes), things don’t work very well. Granted, it’s not until they get time-shields that the changes to time stop affecting their own personal timelines. I’ve tried to summarise things in a table. Unfortunately, this story seems to have a very clear chronology of its own, linked to conventional dates.
“Year of Hell” Day Stardate Date Notes
- - December 2373 eight months before “Day 161”, Voyager dodges a comet and inadvertently starts heading for Krenim space
1 51252.3 Sunday 17th March, 2374 First Krenim attack
4 - Wednesday 20th March, 2374 Janeway talks to the Zahl
32 - Wednesday 17th April, 2374 Sickbay gets blown up
47 - Thursday 2nd May, 2374 Tom and B’Elanna get trapped in the lift
65 51268.4 Monday 20th May, 2374 It’s Janeway’s birthday
70 - Saturday 25th May, 2374 Paris and Chakotay are kidnapped
73 - Tuesday 28th May, 2374 Janeway abandons ship
133 51425.4 Saturday 27th July, 2374 They hide in a nebula
161 - Saturday 24th August, 2374 Voyager dodged a comet eight months ago
180 - Thursday 12th September, 2374 Janeway gets burnt, but not to a crisp
207 - Wednesday 9th October, 2374 Annorax destroys another civilisation
226 51682.2 Monday 28th October, 2374 -
257 - Thursday 28th November, 2374 Janeway makes it didn’t happen

Ignoring the impossibility of fixing the right days to the right stardates, since my sequence is wildly out of the synchronisation assumed here, is it possible that they “blip” back from August to March, reliving Janeway’s birthday and all the rest? Who knows? What I can say is that there is a huge problem: I have VOY “Scorpion” starting on Sunday 2nd June, 2374. That puts it over a week after Monday 20th May, 2374, Janeway’s birthday. I don’t see how 7of9 can be on the ship at all if the alternate timeline diverges before then. My own conclusion is that the date reference has to be ignored, and in any case, the whole thing never happens anyway.

Naturally, this being “Star Trek” there are some other points to consider. If you’re willing to believe the “JJ-verse” experts, then there is a “perfect” version of events that all alternate timelines try to synchronise with. I’m not too sure about that. It’s also been suggested that the creation of an alternate universe changes not just the future course of events, but also distorts the past, essentially creating a completely different universe from the original. I’m really not sure about that possibility. I think it would have been quite impressive if VOY “Year of Hell” had started off with 7of9 and then as the time distortions increased, Kes suddenly came back. I don’t think it was ever considered, but it would have made a better link with VOY “Before and After”. I think so, anyway.

Finally, there’s a reference to the preceding fortnight being a bit dull. Obviously the events of VOY “Scientific Method” didn’t bother them much, in my version of events. Oh dear, oh dear! The astrometrics lab is finished though, which is why this story has to be where I’ve put it, even though it can’t be. Which seems to sum up the Krenim stories. What a disaster.

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