2378 to 2400

Friday 20th January, 2378: S.D. 546b1

A datastream; it’s supposed to be three weeks before the opening of VOY “Author, Author”. I’ve flagged this as a problem because I had to ignore the stardates to make this work, and also because it’s towards the end of VOY “Workforce” but nobody mentions it.

VOY “Human Error”

Wednesday 25th to Tuesday 31st January, 2378: S.D. 546b6 to 546c2.

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: We see the last four days or so, but 7of9 has been in the holodeck a lot for the three days before the story proper starts.
Continuity: 7of9’s cortical node shuts down, placing this story three months before VOY “Endgame” (May 2378). As you can see, I’ve not quite managed that, so Ive flagged it as a problem.

VOY “Q2”

Wednesday 1st to Friday 7th February, 2378: S.D. 546c3 to 546c9

Actual dates: Saturday 18th to Friday 24th February, 2378: S.D. 547x0 to 547x6

Estimated duration: 7 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for what I think is the fifth day, S.D. 54704.5. Yet again, I’ve run out of time and couldn’t use the stardate.

VOY “Author, Author”

Friday 10th February to Friday 3rd March, 2378: S.D. 546d2 to 547y3

Actual dates: Monday 20th February to Monday 13th March, 2378: S.D. 547x2 to 547z3

Estimated duration: 22 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 54732.3, the ninth day, S.D. 54740.8, and the sixteenth day, S.D. 54748.6. After dithering for ages, I decided not to use them, because shifting things forward fitted properly with the datastream, and B’Elanna’s pregnancy.
Continuity: The story starts three weeks after the last datastream, which I calculate to be on Friday 20th January, 2378: S.D. 54641, four weeks earlier by stardate; it’s such a major plot point that I threw ou the stardate to get this to work. Part of the twenty-third week of B’Elanna Torres’ pregnancy falls sometime between the ninth and sixteenth days of the story. The stardates would make that the 24th or 25th week, but my version does work properly.

March 2378: S.D. 547y1 to 548b1

Sometime this month, the EMH plays “The Blue Danube” at a recital, the month before VOY “Renaissance Man”. By strict stardate, this would have been in February.

VOY “Friendship One”

Friday 10th to Friday 17th March, 2378: S.D. 547z0 to 547z7

Estimated Duration: 8 days
Chronology: Voyager has been searching for five days, so I make it the sixth day on S.D. 54775.4.
Continuity: B’Elanna is six months pregnant, and she does seem to be by my dates.

VOY “Natural Law”

Saturday 25th to Wednesday 29th March, 2378: S.D. 548a5 to 548a9

Estimated duration: 5 days
Stardates: There’s a stardate for what I think is the third day, S.D. 54827.7.

VOY “Homestead”

Wednesday 5th to Monday 17th April, 2378: S.D. 548b6 to 548c8

Estimated duration: 13 days
Chronology:There’s a stardate on the last day, S.D. 54868.6.
Continuity: The story opens on the 315th anniversary of First Contact, which is established as having been on Thursday 5th April, 2063 in “Star Trek: First Contact”. Neelix decides to leave Voyager.

VOY “Renaissance Man”

Friday 20th April to Monday 15th May, 2378: S.D. 548d2 to 549b6

Actual stardates: Saturday 1st April to Thursday 11th May, 2378: S.D. 548b2 to 549b2

Estimated Duration: 25 days
Chronology: There are stardates for what I think is the nineteenth day, S.D. 54890.7 and the last day, S.D. 54912.4. The story could last a month, or a bit more if you believe the stardates, but I’m running out of time, and have given it as much as I can.
Continuity: It’s the third trimester of B’Elanna Torres’ pregnancy.
Comment: The stardates “bunch up” here, and I can have problems before or after VOY “Homestead”. My interpretation of the stardates suggested it would be after.

VOY “Endgame” (Parts 1 & 2)

Friday 19th May to Sunday 28th May, 2378: S.D. 549c0 to 549c9

Estimated duration: 10 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate on what I think is the fourth day, S.D. 54973.4
Continuity: It’s three months since 7of9’s cortical node shut down in VOY “Human Error” (late January 2378, so I make it four months). Miral is born on the last day of the story, Sunday 28th May, 2378; 41st tlha’laH, 1001 Q.B.: S.D. 54979 and I calculate that is the 36th or maybe 37th week of B’Elanna’s pregnancy. Voyager arrives back at Earth.

July 2378: S.D. 550c3 to 551b3

Four months after the end of VOY “Author, Author”, the EMH’s holonovel proves a big hit with holograms.

“Star Trek: Nemesis”

Monday 17th March to Wednesday 16th April, 2380: S.D. 567z8 to 568c8

Estimated duration: A month
Chronology: There’s a single stardate, S.D. 56844.9. I’ve rather arbitrarily stuck it in the middle somewhere.
Continuity: The “fifteen years” Picard has been waiting to tell Data to shut up is roughly right, counting from TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”, which I have in August 2364. Data dies, but is likely to be replaced with an identical duplicate, B-4.

2381: S.D. 575y8 to 585z2

In one version of events, 7of9 dies, three years after VOY “Endgame, Part II” (May 2378).


Friday 2nd October to Monday 30th November, 2387; 30th D’ruh to 19th re’T’Khutai, 9005 V.E.: S.D. 643x3 to 644d2; or S.D. 2387.275 to 2387.334

Estimated duration: 60 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 64333.4, what I calculate as the eighteenth day, S.D. 64390.1 and (what is in my opinion) the fifty-fifth day, S.D. 64467.14. The stardate S.D. 2387 is specifically mentioned in “Star Trek”, as is that it’ll be 129 years “after” the film.
Continuity: Spock has been on Romulus for twenty years. Spock and Nero try to save Romulus from the exploding star Hobus. They fail, and fall into a black hole, creating the Nero Divergent Timeline.
Comment: All of this stuff appeared as a graphic novel. Until it’s contradicted or reset, it seems to be the closest there will ever be to an “official” explanation of how Spock and Nero ended up making such a mess of the 2250s. I recently obtained this story in a huge electronic stash of “Star Trek” comics at a very reasonable price from Humble Bundle. They’re highly recommended (the comics and Humble Bundle both). I also calculated the “new” style of stardates. Yuck. Just YUCK! An earlier version of this timeline suggested that the whole divergent timestream for the new films was just a bad dream of Mister Spock’s. I’m not so amused by that now, so I’ve taken it out.

2388: S.D. 645z4 to 655y9

Harry Kim and Chakotay locate Voyager crashed on an ice planet, in yet another alternate version of events, thirteen years after VOY “Timeless”, which I have in August 2375. The stated time they’ve been in the Delta Quadrant in that story is very difficult to agree with, but at least the year isn’t in dispute.

Approximately 2390

In the TNG “All Good Things…” future, Enterprise is due to be decommissioned until Admiral Riker intervenes. Since Enterprise evidently hasn’t been completely smashed up on the surface of Veridian III, the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” feature films are definitely not part of this continuity.

2392: S.D. 685z5 to 695z0

The Doctor invents a cerebral implant, twelve years before 2404, according to VOY “Endgame, Part II”.

2394: S.D. 705z6 to 715z0

In an alternate timeline, Voyager arrives back at Earth twenty-three years after VOY “Caretaker”, which I have in October 2371. Chakotay dies; his gravestone reads “2329-2394.” It’s all seen in VOY “Endgame, Part I”.

In a completely fractured timeline, parts of Voyager are experiencing this year in VOY “Shattered”.

Approximately 2395

Q intervenes in history to help Picard avoid a terrible mistake. Since he’s successful, not much of this version of the future is likely to be accurate. TNG “All Good Things…” The date can only be very approximate: it's around twenty-five years since Geordi and Picard were last together on Enterprise. To further complicate things, in this continuity “Star Trek: Generations” and presumably all the following films can’t have happened, because Enterprise-D is still around.

2376 to 2377
The Far Future

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