2375: S.D. 515y6 to 525z1
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Vice Admiral Fujisaki, Deputy Chief of Starfleet Intelligence, dies of food poisoning. Section 31 thinks Koval, chairman of the Tal’shiar was involved. It’s sometime in the year before DS9 “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges” (February 2376).

January 2375; Threemonth, 9402 B.E.: S.D. 515y6 to 516b6

Three months before DS9 “Profit and Lace” (April 2375), Aluura starts working at Quark’s.

DS9 “Change of Heart”

Fourday 30th to Fiveday 38th Threemonth, 9402 B.E.; Friday 10th to Saturday 18th January, 2375: S.D. 515z5 to 516a3

Estimated duration: 9 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for what seems to be the third day, S.D. 51597.2.
Continuity: Worf and Jadzia have had “two great months” of marriage. I think DS9 “You Are Cordially Invited…” puts the marriage in October 2374, so it’s three months, and less than two Klingon ones. I’ve failed, yet again.

VOY “Prey”

Thursday 16th to Friday 17th January, 2375: S.D. 516a1 to 516a2

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the second day, S.D. 51652.3.
Continuity: This is Voyager’s first encounter with Species 8472. The stardate and the story are mentioned in VOY “The Voyager Conspiracy”.

Saturday 18th January to Tuesday 4th February 2375: S.D. 516a3 to 516c0

I’ve managed to find eighteen days before VOY “Unforgettable”, when Kellin stays on the ship for “several weeks.” The end of the period is in the month before, just. That’s been the best I could manage.

DS9 “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night”

Twoday 42nd to Fourday 44th Threemonth, 9402 B.E.; Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th January, 2375: S.D. 516a8 to 516b0

Estimated duration: 3 days
Continuity: The first day would have been Kira’s mother’s 60th birthday (in Bajoran years, obviously).

Around January 2375

A little over a year before DS9 “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges” (February 2376), Neral is confirmed as Praetor by the Romulan Continuing Committee. Around the same time, Koval begins supplying critical military information to the Federation.

Before Febuary 2375

Over six months before DS9 “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” (August 2375), Solok and T’Kumbra go into combat.

February 2375: S.D. 516b7 to 517x4

About a month before Morica Bilby gets employed, Janel Tigan takes out some dodgy loans with the Orion Syndicate, as explained in DS9 “Prodigal Daughter”.

Two months before DS9 “Valiant” (April 2375), Acting Captain Watters starts taking cordafin stimulants.

The alleged launch date of USS Dauntless is three months before VOY “Hope and Fear” (May 2375 with the stardates placing the story in early June), so my figures say that’s about now, with the “strict” option being in March. Unfortunately that makes the stardate S.D. 51472: Sunday 8th December, 2374 impossible to accommodate in my calculations, especially using the “strict” interpretation of the stardates.

DS9 “Inquisition”

Fiveday 53rd Threemonth to Twoday 2nd Fourmonth, 9402 B.E.; Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th February, 2375: S.D. 516b9 to 516c2

Estimated duration: 4 days
Continuity: Doctor Bashir is invited to join Section 31.

VOY “Retrospect”

Wednesday 5th to Friday 14th February, 2375: S.D. 516c1 to 516d0

Estimated duration: 10 days
Chronology: There are stardates for what I think is the third day, S.D. 51679.4 and the eighth, S.D. 51658.2. I’ve ignored the first, and used the second.
Continuity: It’s “weeks” since VOY “Prey”. I’ve done my best and managed a fortnight.

VOY “Demon”

Sunday 16th to Monday 17th February, 2375: S.D. 516d2 to 516d3

Estimated duration: 2 days
Continuity: A near-perfect duplicate of Voyager and crew is created. It’ll be turning up ten months and eleven days later in VOY “Course: Oblivion”. This story should come between VOY “Living Witness” and VOY “One”, but I couldn’t get that to work, so I’m quite a bit ahead here.

VOY “The Killing Game” (Parts 1 & 2)

Tuesday 18th February to Tuesday 11th March, 2375: S.D. 516d4 to 517y5

Estimated duration: 21 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the last day, S.D. 51715.2. It’s probably a Tuesday, which I’ve managed somehow. Unfortunately, VOY “The Voyager Conspiracy” dates the truce with the Hirogen to S.D. 51762. I’ve ignored it, since things get quite crowded. It’s possible that there were extended negotiations, but it all gets tangled up with VOY “Vis à Vis”.

DS9 “In the Pale Moonlight”

Sevenday 14th to Sevenday 28th Fourmonth, 9402 B.E.; Friday 21st February to Friday 7th March, 2375: S.D. 516d7 to 517y1

Estimated duration: 15 days
Chronology: The story runs from a Friday to the Friday after next. There’s a stardate for the last day, S.D. 51721.3.
Continuity: Betazed is invaded, Senator Vreenak is killed and the Romulans enter the war.

March 2375: S.D. 517x5 to 518a5

Nine months before DS9 “Prodigal Daughter” (December 2375), Morica Bilby is employed by Tigan Mining.

DS9 “His Way”

Oneday 36th to Fourday 46th Fourmonth, 9402 B.E.; Saturday 15th to Wednesday 26th March, 2375: S.D. 517y9 to 518a0

Estimated duration: 12 days
Continuity: What I think is the eighth day, Sevenday 42nd Fourmonth, 9402 B.E.; Saturday 22nd March, 2375: S.D. 51776 is Odo and Kira’s first date, exactly one (Bajoran) month before the seventh day of DS9 “The Sound of Her Voice”. The following day they share their first kiss, outside Quark’s. It’s over a year since DS9 “Children of Time”. Since I place that in April 2374, I’m wrong, unless I try to weasel out of it by claiming they’re Bajoran years.

VOY “Vis à Vis”

Sunday 16th to Friday 21st March, 2375: S.D. 517y0 to 517y5

Estimated duration: 6 days
Chronology: There are stardates for what I think is the third day, S.D. 51762.4 and the last day, S.D. 51775.2. The dates imply sixteen days. I think six will cover it, and I haven’t enough days for the longer time.

VOY “The Omega Directive”

Saturday 22nd to Tuesday 25th March, 2375: S.D. 517z6 to 517z9

Actual stardates: Friday 7th to Wednesday 19th March, 2375: S.D. 517y1 to 517z3

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 51781.2 (recorded as “15781.2”) and the last day, S.D. 51793.4. I’ve ignored both of them. The story doesn’t seem to take anything like that long, and I have too much to fit into this month.

VOY “Unforgettable”

Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th March, 2375: S.D. 518a1 to 518a3

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate on the last day, S.D. 51813.4.

DS9 “The Reckoning”

Oneday 50th Fourmonth to Sevenday 1st Fivemonth, 9402 B.E.; Sunday 30th March to Saturday 5th April, 2375: S.D. 518a4 to 518b0

Estimated duration: A week
Continuity: It’s the second time this year Jake’s seen Sisko hospitalised by a vision from the Prophets. I think it’s a reference to DS9 “Far Beyond the Stars” (I have that in December 2374), but the new year was in a really awkward place for me. Maybe I’m misunderstanding, since it’s definitely less than twelve months since then (I make it about four and a half months). Or he’s talking Bajoran years.

VOY “Living Witness”

Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th April, 2375: S.D. 518a7 to 518a9

Estimated duration: 3 days
Continuity: What we see are historical accounts by an alien race and a backup of the EMH, sometime in the 31st century.

VOY “One”

Tuesday 8th April to Tuesday 13th May, 2375: S.D. 518b3 to 519a8

Estimated duration: 36 days
Chronology: The internal chronology seems very clear, they spend 35 days crossing a nebula, leaving on the last day. Unfortunately, there are stardates for the tenth day in the nebula (I think that makes it the eleventh day overall), S.D. 51929.3 and the twenty-ninth day in the nebula (the thirtieth day), S.D. 51932.4. I’ve ignored the first, and sort of used the second.

DS9 “Valiant”

Threeday 4th to Fiveday 6th Fivemonth, 9402 B.E.; Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th April, 2375: S.D. 518b4 to 518b6

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for what I think is the second day, S.D. 51825.4.
Continuity: Valiant was trapped behind enemy lines on the first day of the war. Jake says that was eight months ago (so August 2374?). I make it eleven months since the end of DS9 “A Call to Arms” in May 2374, unless hostilities took a while to build up after the Federation withdrew from Deep Space 9. Look over there! It’s a flying pig!

DS9 “Profit and Lace”

Fourday 12th to Sixday 14th Fivemonth, 9402 B.E.; Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th April, 2375: S.D. 518c2 to 518c4

Estimated duration: 3 days

Threeday 18th Fivemonth, 9402 B.E.; Thursday 24th April, 2375: S.D. 518c9

According to my Bajoran calendar, it’ll be Ha’mara.

DS9 “Time’s Orphan”

Fiveday 20th to Sevenday 22nd Fivemonth, 9402 B.E.; Saturday 26th to Monday 28th April, 2375: S.D. 518d1 to 518d3

Estimated duration: 3 days
Continuity: It’s about a year since Keiko, Molly and Yoshi left the station, just before DS9 “Call to Arms”. (I have that in May 2374, so it's eleven months. If you're in a particularly nit-picky mood, see DS9 “Valiant” just above; it's two months later now?) Once again, the children’s ages are a problem. Molly is around eight. I make her exactly six years and eight months old. Yoshi is fourteen months old. I think he’s very nearly seventeen months old, unfortunately. O’Brien is going to face an enquiry into his conduct, but we never hear anything more of it.

May 2375: S.D. 518d6 to 519c6

Five months before DS9 “The Siege of AR-558” (October 2375) the Starfleet troops arrive for a tour of duty

DS9 “The Sound of Her Voice”

Sevenday 36th to Twoday 45th Fivemonth, 9402 B.E.; Tuesday 13th to Friday 23rd May, 2375: S.D. 519a8 to 519b8

Estimated duration: 11 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 51948.3. I come a cropper with the days of the week, since my guess is that the seventh day is supposed to be a Saturday, but I make it a Monday. It is, however Sixday 42nd Fivemonth, 9402 B.E.; 19th May, 2375: S.D. 51954, exactly one Bajoran month after Kira and Odo’s first date in DS9 “His Way”.

VOY “Hope and Fear”

Friday 16th to Wednesday 21st May, 2375: S.D. 519b1 to 519b6

Actual stardates: Sunday 1st to Friday 5th June, 2375: S.D. 519c7 to 519d2

Estimated duration: 6 days
Chronology: There are stardates for what I think is the second day, S.D. 51978.2 and the fifth day, S.D. 51981.6. Unfortunately, I’ve had to wedge it in the only available spot between VOY “One” and VOY “Night”, both of which fill a truly amazing amount of time with absolutely nothing.
Continuity: It’s supposed to be nine months since 7of9 was disconnected from the Borg. I make it eleven, with the stardates making it a whole year later. It’s five months since VOY “Message in a Bottle” (December 2374, and I have managed that. Of course, the “strict” stardate dates would make it six months.

VOY “Night”

Saturday 24th May to Thursday 17th July, 2375: S.D. 519b9 to 520d3

Estimated duration: 55 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for specifically the fifty-third day, S.D. 52081.2.

July 2375: S.D. 520b7 to 521x7

The month before DS9 “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” (August 2375), Solok gets his second Christopher Pike Medal.

Almost six months before DS9 “Prodigal Daughter” (December 2375), Ezri last talks to her mummy, just after Ezri was joined.

Fiveday 55th Fivemonth, 9402 to Sixday 1st Leaponemonth, 9403 B.E.; Monday 2nd to Tuesday 3rd June, 2375: S.D. 519c8 to 519c9

The Gratitude Festival that leads into DS9 “Tears of the Prophets”.

DS9 “Tears of the Prophets”

Sixday 1st to Threeday 5th Leaponemonth, 9403 B.E.; Tuesday 3rd to Saturday 7th June, 2375: S.D. 519c9 to 519d3

Estimated duration: 5 days
Continuity: Captain Sisko is awarded a Christopher Pike medal on the first day. Jadzia is killed, but Bashir manages to save Dax. It’s three months before DS9 “Image in the Sand” (August 2375), and once again it’s a rather short three months by my calculations. Dukat sabotages the Wormhole. Jake and Ben Sisko return to Earth.

Mid-June 2375

Two months before DS9 “Image in the Sand” (August 2375), Kira gets promoted to colonel. It has to be after DS9 “Tears of the Prophets”, obviously.

VOY “Drone”

Friday 18th to Tuesday 22nd July, 2375: S.D. 520d4 to 520d8

Estimated duration: 5 days
Continuity: This is the story where they start thinking about building Delta Flyer.

VOY “Extreme Risk”

Wednesday 23rd to Sunday 27th July, 2375: S.D. 520d9 to 521x3

Estimated duration: 5 days
Continuity: Delta Flyer is constructed and launched.

VOY “In the Flesh”

Monday 28th to Thursday 31st July, 2375: S.D. 521x4 to 521x7

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for what I think is the third day, S.D. 52136.4.

August 2375: S.D. 521x8 to 522a8

A month before DS9 “Treachery, Faith and the Great River” (September 2375), Weyoun 5 gets killed.

VOY “Once Upon a Time”

Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th August, 2375: S.D. 521x9 to 521y2

Estimated duration: 4 days

Twoday 25th Onemonth, 9403 B.E.; Wednesday 6th August, 2375: S.D. 521y3

Three days before DS9 “Image in the Sand”, the Pah-wraithies begin their vigil on the Promenade.

VOY “Nothing Human”

Thursday 7th to Wednesday 13th August, 2375: S.D. 521y4 to 521z0

Estimated duration: A week

DS9 “Image in the Sand”

Fiveday 28th to Oneday 31st Onemonth, 9403 B.E.; Saturday 9th to Tuesday 12th August, 2375: S.D. 521y6 to 521y9

Estimated duration: 4 days
Continuity: It’s three months since Colonel Kira last heard from Sisko, meaning that DS9 “Tears of the Prophets” (June 2375) has to be at least three months ago; I’ve managed a rather short three months, but it was the best I could do. DS9 “Shadows and Symbols” follows straight on from the events of this story.
Comment: Ben Sisko really is the Bajoran messiah. The Wormhole Aliens can manipulate events on Earth to create a “chosen one.” My problem with all this is that I’m not religious and don’t want my science fiction entertainment derailed into weird pseudo-Christian mumbo-jumbo. If you don’t just dismiss it as complete nonsense, it raises some incredibly odd questions. Does Sisko have free will in any meaningful sense? For “Star Trek” is God incontrovertibly real, and “knowable” as some intelligences that live in a nearby wormhole? Did they make Jesus?

DS9 “Shadows and Symbols”

Twoday 32nd to Fiveday 35th Onemonth, 9403 B.E.; Wednesday 13th to Saturday 16th August, 2375: S.D. 521z0 to 521z3

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for what I think is the third day, S.D. 52152.6.
Continuity: Sisko fixes the Wormhole.
Comment: Either Sisko’s Bajoran Jesus, or we’re looking into the mind of someone confined in a psychiatric hospital in the 1950s. The choice is yours.

VOY “Timeless”

Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th August, 2375: S.D. 521z3 to 521z4

Estimated duration: 2 or 3 days
Chronology: There are stardates for what I think is the second day, S.D. 52143.6 and S.D. 52164.3. Unfortunately, although the two stardates could possibly work, the gap between them seems to be far too short in the story. The first day is very clearly described as being four years, two months and eleven days after Voyager’s arrival in the Delta Quadrant. This is much later on than my stardating system will permit, since I calculate that date to be Monday 22nd December, 2375: S.D. 52571. That means that I can either “displace” this story by five months (which will annihilate the internal continuity) or use the stardates and say that they’ve inexplicably lost the ability to count. I’ve gone with the second option, but like VOY “Year of Hell”, it’s just such a pity that this stuff wasn’t worked out consistently beforehand. Just to hammer the final nail into this particular stardate coffin, I calculate that it’s three years, ten months and five days since they were stranded.
Continuity: Ten years get knocked off the trip home.

DS9 “Afterimage”

Sixday 36th to Threeday 40th Onemonth, 9395 B.E.; Sunday 17th to Thursday 21st August, 2375: S.D. 521z4 to 521z8

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: It’s Ezri’s first week on the station, and she arrived at the end of DS9 “Shadows and Symbols”. The story opens on her second day there, so it follows straight on.
Continuity: It’s supposed to be six months before DS9 “Penumbra” (February 2376, but I had to ignore the stardates which would have placed it in December 2375). I seem to have the right interval by cheating on the date, though. Ezri is promoted to lieutenant, and decides to stay on.

VOY “Thirty Days”

Friday 19th August to Sunday 21st September, 2375: S.D. 521z6 to 522c9

Estimated duration: 34 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate on what I think is the fourth day, S.D. 52179.4. The story then lasts another thirty days.
Continuity: Tom Paris is busted back down to ensign.

DS9 “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”

Fourday 41st to Fourday 55th Onemonth, 9403 B.E.; Saturday 23rd August to Saturday 6th September, 2375: S.D. 522a0 to 522b4

Estimated duration: 15 days
Chronology: This story should last fifteen either Earth or Bajoran days. I’ve tried to accommodate both.

DS9 “Chrysalis”

Sevenday 3rd to Fourday 14th Twomonth, 9403 B.E.; Thursday 11th to Monday 22nd September, 2375: S.D. 522b9 to 522d0

Estimated duration: 12 days
Chronology: The days of the week are established in the story.
Continuity: The genetically-modified people from DS9 “Statistical Probabilities” make a return appearance.

Fourday 14th Twomonth, 9403 B.E.; Monday 22nd September, 2375: S.D. to 522d0

Ten days before DS9 “The Siege of AR-558”, Captain Loomis and Commander Parker are killed.

VOY “Counterpoint”

Monday 22nd September to Tuesday 21st October, 2375: S.D. 522d1 to 523z0

Estimated duration: A month
Chronology: Although the story lasts about a month, we only see the last week of it.

DS9 “Treachery, Faith and the Great River”

Fiveday 15th to Twoday 19th Twomonth, 9403 B.E.; Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th September, 2375: S.D. 522d1 to 522d5

Estimated duration: 5 days
Continuity: Wayoun 6 dies, leaving Weyoun 7 in charge.

DS9 “Once More Unto the Breach”

Twoday 19th to Fiveday 22nd Twomonth, 9403 B.E.; Sunday 28th September to Wednesday 1st October, 2375; 49th a’qeylIS to 1st jo’voS, 1000 Q.B.: S.D. 522d6 to 522d9

Estimated duration: 4 days
Continuity: It’s supposed to be three months before DS9 “The Emperor’s New Cloak” (January 2376, although my quibble is about cloaking devices in the Mirror Universe, not the dating). I make it four, but if you squint it might be three. Dahar Master Kor, first seen in TOS “Errand of Mercy” meets a heroic death.

October 2375: S.D. 522d9 to 523z9

Three months before DS9 “Field of Fire” (January 2376), Chu’lak is assigned to Deep Space 9 following the destruction of the USS Grissom at the Battle of Ricktor Prime.

DS9 “The Siege of AR-558”

Sixday 23rd to Twoday 26th Twomonth, 9403 B.E.; Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th October, 2375: S.D. 523x0 to 523x3

Estimated duration: 4 days
Continuity: Nog’s leg is shot off. It’s five months since DS9 “Tears of the Prophets” (June 2375). I make it only four.

DS9 “Covenant”

Fourday 35th to Sevenday 38th Twomonth, 9403 B.E.; Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th October, 2375: S.D. 523y2 to 523y5

Estimated duration: 4 days
Continuity: Dukat’s gone completely nutty, and is the leader of the Pah-wraithies.

DS9 “It’s Only a Paper Moon”

Sevenday 45th Twomonth to Fiveday 37th Threemonth, 9403 B.E.; Saturday 25th October to Sunday 14th December, 2375: S.D. 523z3 to 525x3

Estimated duration: 51 days
Chronology: From the internal evidence, this story lasts quite a long time, from around three weeks after Nog’s injury in DS9 “The Siege of AR-558”, to a little over two months after it.
Continuity: Vic Fontaine gets to stay turned on all the time. The beast.

VOY “Infinite Regress”

Wednesday 22nd to Tuesday 28th October, 2375: S.D. 523z0 to 523z6

Estimated duration: a week
Chronology: There’s a stardate on the last day, S.D. 52356.2. There’s also a stardate mentioned on the first day, S.D. 52188.7. I can’t make head or tail of it, since it seems to relate to someone being assimilated by the Borg thirteen years before, which absolutely doesn’t fit, so I’ve ignored it. The story might easily last more than a week, but once again, I’m pressed for time.

VOY “Latent Image”

Tuesday 4th to Tuesday 18th November, 2375: S.D. 524a3 to 524b7

Estimated duration: 15 days
Continuity: It’s eighteen months since S.D. 50979. My placement of the flashbacks is in late May 2374, eighteen months ago! It’s time for everyone’s annual medicals.

VOY “Bride of Chaotica!”

Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd November, 2375: S.D. 524c0 to 524c2

Estimated duration: 3 days
Continuity: When time splits in VOY “Shattered,” part of the ship experiences this time.

VOY “Gravity”

Friday 28th to Saturday 29th November, 2375: S.D. 524c7 to 524c8

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the second day, S.D. 52438.9.

December 2375: S.D. 524d0 to 525z0

The month before DS9 “Field of Fire” (January 2376), Bashir gives O’Brien a biography of Davy Crockett. It takes him a while to get round to reading it. It’s also around now that Ensign Bertram downloads the specs for replicating the TR-116 rifle.

Three months before DS9 “The Changing Face of Evil” (March 2376), Sisko starts growing some peppers.

VOY “Bliss”

Wednesday 3rd to Sunday 13th December, 2375: S.D. 524d2 to 525x2

Actual dates: Saturday 13th to Tuesday 23rd December, 2375: S.D. 525x2 to 525y2

Estimated duration: 11 days
Chronology: There are stardates at the beginning and end of the story, S.D. 52542, where there are several log entries captioned 52542.3, 52542.4 and 52542.5. The end of the story is also S.D. 52542.3. Either the entire story takes place in an odd time loop type thing on a single day, or the stardates make no sense at all, or I can “tweak” them to make the story last eleven days. I’ve opted for the last one. Unfortunately, VOY “The Disease” meant that after all that I had to ignore the stardates anyway.
Continuity: Parts of VOY “Shattered” might take place around now.

Around Threeday 28th Threemonth, 9403 B.E.; Friday 5th December, 2375: S.D. 524d4

About three weeks before DS9 “Prodigal Daughter”, Morica Bilby is killed. O’Brien becomes worried, and goes to look for her soon after losing contact. I’ve left a space, but wasn’t able to get the full three weeks, even by squishing everything together. I don’t think O’Brien can go before Monday 15th December, 2375: S.D. 52514.

“Star Trek: Insurrection”

Tuesday 16th to Tuesday 23rd December, 2375: S.D. 525x5 to 525y2

Estimated duration: 8 days
Continuity: The placing of this story is arbitrary. There are no clues, other than Worf has to be off Deep Space 9 for a couple of weeks. It could easily be during DS9 “It’s Only a Paper Moon”, but I’ve shifted it to the time we definitely don’t see, when O’Brien’s off the station looking for Morica Bilby before DS9 “Prodigal Daughter”. At some point, Captain Picard will be taking 318 days’ leave on the Ba’ku planet.

VOY “The Disease”

Tuesday 16th December, 2375 to Monday 5th January, 2376: S.D. 525x5 to 525z5

Estimated duration: 3 weeks

Monday 22nd December, 2375: S.D. 525y1

Where VOY “Timeless” would fall, if it were four years, two months and eleven days after Voyager’s arrival in the Delta Quadrant, according to my figures; four months later than I have it.

Around Oneday 47th Threemonth, 9403 B.E.; Thursday 25th December, 2375: S.D. 525y4

Five weeks before DS9 “Field of Fire”, one of the classmates in Ilario’s photo gets killed in combat.
Comment: My calculations also make it Christmas Day.

DS9 “Prodigal Daughter”

Twoday 48th Threemonth to Sevenday 20th Fourmonth, 9403 B.E.; Friday 26th December, 2375 to Friday 23rd January, 2376: S.D. 525y5 to 526b3

Estimated duration: 29 days
Chronology: The internal evidence in this story is that it lasts for well over three weeks, judging by the details of Morica Bilby’s death.
Continuity: It’s at least nine months after the end of DS9 “Honor Among Thieves” (January 2375, so I make it almost exactly a year), and six months since DS9 “Tears of the Prophets” (June 2375, so I managed that).

2376 to 2377

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