2373: S.D. 495y6 to 505z0
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Greta Vanderweg arrives on Deep Space 9 sometime this year. It’s three years before DS9 “Field of Fire” (January 2376).

Fourday 17th to Oneday 21st Twomonth, 9400 B.E.; Friday 5th to Tuesday 9th January, 2373: S.D. 495z0 to 495z4

For five days immediately before DS9 “Bar Association”, Defiant is in the Gamma Quadrant.

DS9 “Bar Association”

Twoday 22nd to Oneday 28th Twomonth, 9400 B.E.; Wednesday 10th to Tuesday 16th January, 2373: S.D. 495z5 to 496a1

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: There’s an “out of nowhere” date, S.D. 49565.1. I used it, since there has to be at least five days between this story and DS9 “The Sons of Mogh”, and this was exactly on.
Continuity: It’s a month after Quark’s birthday. Sisko says the Federation’s been Quark’s landlord for five years. I think it’s rather an exaggeration if you think of (late) 2369 to (very early) 2373; my calculations say it’s 3 years and 2 months at most. Rom becomes a maintenance technician, on the night shift. His trade union activism has attracted the attention of Leeta the dabo girl, even though she’s going out with Bashir. It’s also the Bajoran Time of Cleansing, which lasts a month. I’m not sure if that’s a full Bajoran month, or a period closer to an Earth month. Either way, I don’t think it can be an annual ceremony, because it’s never mentioned again.

VOY “Deadlock”

Friday 12th to Saturday 13th January, 2373: S.D. 495z7 to 495z8

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the second day, S.D. 49548.7.
Continuity: Naomi Wildman is born on the first day. And dies, and is replaced with an identical duplicate on the second day, as is Harry Kim. I think Ensign Wildman’s pregnancy has lasted around fifteen months, and that means I haven’t had to use the EMH’s suggested maximum possibility, eighteen months. It’ll be another three days before the Bridge is fixed.

Friday 19th January, 2373: S.D. 496a4

The EMH is from S.D. 49624 in VOY “Shattered”.

VOY “Innocence”

Friday 19th to Saturday 20th January, 2372: S.D. 496a4 to 496a5

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: The stardate S.D. 49578.2 appears in the shooting script and isn’t in the actual story. That’s just as well, because I couldn’t use it.

Tuesday 23rd January, 2373; 2nd So’jen, 998 Q.B.: S.D. 496a8

S.D. 49648, the date of an alleged attack by Defiant, commanded by Worf, on a Klingon ship. The stardate is given in DS9 “Rules of Engagement”.

VOY “The Thaw”

Thursday 25th January, 2373: S.D. 496b0

Estimated duration: 1 day
Chronology: There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 49610.3, that I’ve used to place the story.

VOY “Tuvix”

Tuesday 30th January to Wednesday 14th February, 2373: S.D. 496b5 to 496d0

Estimated duration: 16 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the first day, S.D. 49655.2. The second day is a Wednesday. By seven-to-one blind chance, it is! There’s a stardate for two weeks after the transporter accident, S.D. 49678.4, which is also the fourteenth day by my calculations, too.

DS9 “Accession”

Twoday 36th to Fourday 45th Twomonth, 9400 B.E.; Thursday 25th January to Saturday 3rd February, 2373: S.D. 496b0 to 496b9

Estimated duration: 10 days
Chronology: The third day before the end of the story is a Thursday, and I’ve added a week beforehand so that the changes to Bajoran society have a while to be established. There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 49600.7 that I couldn’t make work.
Continuity: Keiko and Molly are returning to the station after a year on Bajor. I make it a long year. Keiko says she’s expecting a baby in about seven months. That time schedule goes a bit haywire, but it does seem to place Kirayoshi’s conception around two months before, which is where I’ve put it. The station moves permanently to a four-shift work pattern.
Comment: It strikes me that Bajoran writing must somehow indicate both caste and place of origin in Bajoran family names. Otherwise, how did everyone know what they were supposed to be?

DS9 “Rules of Engagement”

Sevenday 48th to Threeday 51st Twomonth, 9400 B.E.; Wednesday 7th to Saturday 10th February, 2373; 17th to 20th So’jen, 998 Q.B.: S.D. 496c3 to 496c6

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for what must be the third day, going by Worf’s trial, S.D. 49665.3.
Continuity: O’Brien’s known Worf for nine years (he’s exaggerating a little bit, I make it eight and a half), and has been in Starfleet for twenty-two (2350 or 2351?).

Sometime around Saturday 17th February 2373: S.D. 496d3

A month before VOY “Resolutions”, Janeway and Chakotay are bitten by a naughty space-insect. I had no hope of getting the stardates to work with this story.

Tuesday 27th February, 2373: S.D. 497x3

Eighteen days before the start of VOY “Resolutions”, Janeway and Chakotay are placed in stasis.

DS9 “Hard Time”

Sixday 54th Twomonth to Fiveday 12th Threemonth, 9400 B.E.; Wednesday 14th to Tuesday 27th February, 2373: S.D. 496d0 to 497x3

Estimated duration: 2 weeks
Chronology: O’Brien dodges his counselling appointments for ten days, so it must be longer than that. I used the “out of nowhere” S.D. 49680.5 to guess at where this story should be.
Continuity: Since O’Brien’s not noticeably suffering any problems in DS9 “Shattered Mirror”, I’ve left as long as I possibly could between the two stories.

Very late February 2373

Two months before DS9 “To the Death” (April 2373, with the stardates being for May 2373), Molly starts climbing into bed with Miles and Keiko every night. It bothered me that this might be starting before DS9 “Hard Time”, so I made it just after.

Threemonth 9400 B.E.; March 2373: S.D. 497x5 to 498a6

For a month before DS9 “For the Cause”, the Maquis are being increasingly aggressive in the DMZ.

VOY “Resolutions”

Saturday 17th March to Friday 15th June, 2373: S.D. 497z1 to 500a1

Actual stardates: Don’t make sense, but suggest Friday 26th January to Thursday 26th April, 2373: S.D. 496b1 to 498d1

Estimated duration: 91 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for what is established as the twenty-fourth day, S.D. 49690.1. That’s far too early for me, so I ignored it. The next stardate appears to be for the forty-eighth day, S.D. 49694.2. Again, this doesn’t fit with my ideas, or even the internal chronology of the story, so it was also ignored. The magic serum is obtained on the 49th day, and then they have to spend six weeks going back to collect Janeway and Chakotay.
Continuity: Vidiian scientist Denara Pel makes a second appearance. Kes’ father Benaran died just after her first birthday.

Around Sixday 34th Threemonth, 9400 B.E.; Friday 23rd March, 2372: S.D. 497z7

A fortnight before DS9 “For the Cause”, the Cardassians request replicators from the Federation Council.

DS9 “Shattered Mirror”

Oneday 36th to Threeday 38th Threemonth, 9400 B.E.; Sunday 25th to Tuesday 27th March, 2373: S.D. 497z9 to 498a1

Estimated duration: 3 days
There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 49699.1. I didn’t try to use it, because it’s a lot earlier than I would have liked.
Continuity: Jake says it’s nine years since Jennifer Sisko died. I make it only five years and seven months; so less than six.

DS9 “The Muse”

Fiveday 40th to Oneday 43rd Threemonth, 9400 B.E.; Friday 30th March to Monday 2nd April, 2373: S.D. 498a4 to 498a7

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 49702.2. I didn’t use it, partly because I wanted longer after DS9 “Hard Time”, and also because it followed on very sharply from the “out of nowhere” stardate for DS9 “Shattered Mirror”.
Continuity: Lwaxana pays a flying visit. Kendra Troi was six when she died.

DS9 “For the Cause”

Fiveday 47th to Oneday 50th Threemonth, 9400 B.E.; Friday 6th to Monday 9th April, 2373: S.D. 498b1 to 498b4

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: the replicators will be arriving in three days on the first day, suggesting an overall length of four days for this story. There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 49729.8. I haven’t used it, mainly because I really wanted DS9 “Hard Time” not to be all sorted out and forgotten about a week later.
Continuity: Michael Eddington arrives in DS9 “The Search” (August 2371) and I have that nineteen months earlier, which I hope is close enough. They must all have been being approximate in their guesses at his being there for eighteen months. Kasidy goes to prison for six months, and will be back in DS9 “Rapture” (late October 2373), so it I think it works.

DS9 “To the Death”

Fourday 53rd Threemonth to Oneday 3rd Fourmonth, 9400 B.E.; Friday 13th to Tuesday 17th April, 2373: S.D. 498b8 to 498c2

Actual dates: Wednesday 9th to Sunday 13th May, 2373: S.D. 499a4 to 499a8

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 49904.2. I had to ignore it completely to accommodate DS9 “The Quickening”.
Continuity: O’Brien records his eleventh goodbye message to Keiko. Fortunately it’s not needed.

DS9 “The Quickening”

Fourday 6th to Fiveday 35th Fourmonth, 9400 B.E.; Friday 20th April to Monday 21st May, 2373: S.D. 498c5 to 499b6

Estimated duration: 30 days
Chronology: The story lasts at least twenty-eight days, and probably a month. With great difficulty, I’ve managed to find thirty days for it. There’s S.D. 49909.7 from “out of nowhere”. I ignored it, so DS9 “Broken Link” is at the right time.

Sunday 22nd April, 2373: S.D. 498c7

Launch of the Enterprise-E, on S.D. 49827.5. There is then a niggling delay before its first space mission, which doesn’t start until next month. There’s a slight inconsistency, since the launch is supposed to be “almost a year” before “Star Trek: First Contact”, and I have it almost exactly a year from now, a week or two after the first anniversary. Maybe there were teething problems.

DS9 “Body Parts”

Twoday 39th to Fiveday 42nd Fourmonth, 9400 B.E.; Friday 25th to Monday 28th May, 2373: S.D. 499c0 to 499c3

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 49930.3 that I’ve used in placing the story.
Continuity: Keiko, Kira and Bashir arrive back from the Gamma Quadrant. Kira’s now pregnant with the O’Briens’ baby, and my continuity is completely shot. Yoshi O’Brien’s due to be born in five months, which I could only get down to another six. Unfortunately, Keiko’s been pregnant for six months already, by my count, and Yoshi should be due in three. The dates just don’t seem to work out whether I ignore stardates or not, so I’ve used them and assumed a rather lengthy twelve-month pregnancy, obviously the result of womb-swapping and all the other adventures the two mothers have. Quark gets his Ferengi licence revoked.

Sixday 43rd Fourmonth, 9400 B.E.; Wednesday 30th May, 2373: S.D. 499c5

Three days before DS9 “Broken Link”, Gowron sends a list of demands to the Federation Council.

Around May 2373

About a year before DS9 “Empok Nor”, the Cardassians abandon the space station.

Enterprise-E begins its first deep-space mission, almost a year before “Star Trek: First Contact”. I’m cheating, because I think the intent was that the launch date on the dedication plaque would be the starting point. Alas, that doesn’t quite work for me, since I make it a year and a day between the two stardates.

June 2373: S.D. 499c7 to 500b6

Dathan’s uncle and his family are sent for “resettlement,” two months before VOY “Remember” (August 2373, although it’s more a problem with the internal stardates than the overall placement).

DS9 “Broken Link”

Twoday 46th to Sixday 50th Fourmonth, 9400 B.E.; Saturday 2nd to Wednesday 6th June, 2373; 28th to 32nd mer’utlhIj, 998 Q.B.: S.D. 499c8 to 499d2

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate on what I think is the fifth day, S.D. 49962.4.
Continuity: Odo gets his shape-shifting powers revoked. Garak is imprisoned for six months. The Klingons declare war on the Federation.

VOY “Basics” (Parts 1 & 2)

Wednesday 20th to Wednesday 27th June, 2373: S.D. 500a6 to 500b3

Estimated duration: 8 days
Chronology: I think there’s a stardate for the seventh day, S.D. 50032.7.
Continuity: When time splits in VOY “Shattered,” part of the ship experiences this time.

DS9 “Apocalypse Rising”

Fourday 7th to Threeday 13th Fivemonth, 9400 B.E.; Tuesday 19th to Monday 25th June, 2373: S.D. 500a5 to 500b1

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 50015.9; for once, I was able to use it in placing the story.
Continuity: The Federation agrees a temporary ceasefire with the Klingons.

Oneday 18th Fivemonth, 9400 B.E.; Saturday 30th June, 2373: S.D. 500b6

According to my calculations, it’s Ha’mara. Once again, I’ve tried to make sure we don’t see it.

July 2373: S.D. 500b7 to 501x7

There has been no unusual activity in the Romulan Neutral Zone for nine months before “Star Trek: First Contact” (April 2374).

DS9 “The Ship”

Threeday 20th to Twoday 26th Fivemonth, 9400 B.E.; Tuesday 3rd to Monday 9th July, 2373: S.D. 500b9 to 500c5

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 50049.3.
Continuity: The Federation manages to capture a Dominion ship, and it’s the year before DS9 “A Time to Stand” (August 2374).

VOY “Sacred Ground”

Saturday 7th to Wednesday 11th July, 2373: S.D. 500c3 to 500c7

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 50063.2.

DS9 “Looking for Par’Mach in All the Wrong Places”

Sevenday 31st to Twoday 33rd Fivemonth, 9400 B.E.; Sunday 15th to Tuesday 17th July, 2373; 20th to 22nd batlh, 998 Q.B.: S.D. 500d1 to 500d3

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: I used the “out of nowhere” S.D. 50061.2 to place this story.
Continuity: Quark’s ex Grilka (from DS9 “House of Quark”) drops by. Yoshi won’t be born for at least another month. I make it very considerably longer. Worf and Dax start seeing each other.

Around Twoday 33rd Fivemonth, 9400 B.E.; About Tuesday 17th July, 2373: S.D. 500d3

Two weeks before DS9 “Trials and Tribble-ations”, the Cardassians offer to return an Orb.

VOY “False Profits”

Wednesday 18th to Thursday 19th July, 2373: S.D. 500d4 to 500d5

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 50074, with entries at 50074.3 and 50074.5.
Continuity: By the most amazing chance, the two Ferengi who got stuck at the other end of the Barzan wormhole in TNG “The Price” seven years ago (October 2366 so six years and nine months, by my calculations), are encountered by Voyager.

Mid-July 2373

Jake Sisko and Doctor Bashir attend a conference, just before DS9 “Nor the Battle to the Strong”.

DS9 “Nor the Battle to the Strong”

Sixday 37th to Threeday 41st Fivemonth, 9400 B.E.; Saturday 21st to Wednesday 25th July, 2373: S.D. 500d7 to 501x1

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: A comment by Ben Sisko suggests that day after the last day of the story would be a Thursday, so I’ve fixed the days of the week to apply. There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 50098.7 that I had no hope of using.
Continuity: Jake’s 18, and gets a kick-start to his career in journalism. Bashir’s on his way back from a conference. He’s particularly interested in prions, and they become a research project of his.

VOY “Flashback”

Monday 30th to Tuesday 31st July, 2373: S.D. 501x6 to 501x7

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 50126.4.
Continuity: It’s about eighty years since “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” (June 2293, so I make it 80 years and a month). The events in the past are more “recovered memories” than anything else. Like real life, it is best to assume that however plausible they may seem, they aren’t 100% accurate.

DS9 “Trials and Tribble-ations”

Oneday 46th Fivemonth, 9400 B.E.; Tuesday 31st July, 2373: S.D. 501x7

Estimated duration: A day
Continuity: It’s 105 years, 1 month and 12 days after TOS “The Trouble with Tribbles”, and I made sure it was. Cleaning up all the tribbles on the station is likely to take a while, though. No wonder they all end up going on holiday to Risa.

August 2373: S.D. 501x8 to 502a8

Seven months before DS9 “Soldiers of the Empire” (March 2374), Rotarran’s record becomes one of unrelieved defeat.

Dulmer and Lucsley’s report on Captain Sisko is due, a month after DS9 “Trials and Tribble-ations”, so it could be early September, also.

VOY “The Chute”

Tuesday 7th to Sunday 12th August, 2373: S.D. 501y4 to 501y9

Estimated duration: 6 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for what I think is the third day, S.D. 50156.2.

Threeday 55th Fivemonth, 9400 to Fourday 1st Leaponemonth, 9401 B.E.; Thursday 9th to Friday 10th August, 2373: S.D. 501y6 to 501y7

The Gratitude Festival, according to my calculations.

VOY “Remember”

Friday 24th to Wednesday 29th August, 2373: S.D. 502a1 to 502a6

Actual stardates: Friday 24th August to Monday 3rd September, 2373: S.D. 502a1 to 502b1

Estimated duration: 6 days
Chronology: There are stardates for what I think is the third day, S.D. 50203.1, and the last day, S.D. 50211.4. Unfortunately, all the internal evidence is that the story ends on the sixth day, not the tenth, so I’ve ignored the second stardate.

About August 2373

Around a month before DS9 “Let He Who is Without Sin”, Fullarton and his New Essentialists set up on Risa.

September 2373: S.D. 502a9 to 502d8

Six months before DS9 “Soldiers of the Empire” (March 2374), the last bloodwine on Rotarran is drunk.

Fourteen months before VOY “Message in a Bottle” (November 2374; the placement with adjacent stories is the problem rather than the stardate), Voyager is officially declared lost.

Threeday 21st Leaponemonth, 9401 B.E.; Saturday 1st September, 2373: S.D. 502a9

Five days before DS9 “The Assignment”, Keiko entrusts Molly and her bonsai trees to O’Brien and goes on a trip to Bajor, where she’s possessed by a pah-wraith.

DS9 “The Assignment”

Oneday 26th to Fourday 29th Leaponemonth, 9401 B.E.; Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th September, 2373: S.D. 502b4 to 502b7

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: By broadcast order, this story should come immediately before DS9 “Trials and Tribble-ations”. I’ve moved it to after because it puts the story in September, meaning that O’Brien’s birthday is in the month he says it is! Not surprisingly, the “out of nowhere” S.D. 50124.3 isn’t one I could use.
Continuity: The first day is Miles O’Brien’s birthday. He says himself his birthday’s in September in DS9 “Whispers”. Molly O’Brien’s going to school (my dates suggest she’s just past her fifth birthday, and Miles is 41), but Keiko doesn’t seem to be involved in teaching any more. Rom gets to go on the day shift.

VOY “The Swarm”

Friday 14th to Wednesday 19th September, 2373: S.D. 502c2 to 502c7

Estimated duration: 6 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 50252.3. After that, the overall length is based on it taking four days to sneak across hostile space, starting on the second day.

DS9 “Let He Who is Without Sin…”

Fiveday 2nd to Twoday 6th Onemonth, 9401 B.E.; Tuesday 18th to Saturday 22nd September, 2373: S.D. 502c6 to 502d0

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: “Out of nowhere” S.D. 50136.7 wasn’t any help to me in placing the story, I think it’s far too early.
Continuity: Bashir and Leeta split up. She’s been spending a lot of time with Rom.

October 2373: S.D. 502d9 to 503z9

The Maquis raid the Cardassian colony on Panora, two months before DS9 “For the Uniform” (December 2373).

Fiveday 16th Onemonth, 9401 B.E.; Wednesday 3rd October, 2373: S.D. 503x1

Three days before DS9 “Things Past”, Odo, Garak, Sisko and Dax go to a space conference.

Early October 2373

Just before VOY “Future’s End”, B’Elanna Torres arranges a tennis tournament. Kathryn Janeway takes part and plays for the first time in nineteen years. She’s beaten in straight sets in her first match.

VOY “Future’s End” (Parts 1 & 2)

Thursday 4th October, 2373: S.D. 503x2

Estimated duration: A day, in the present
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the exact time they first encounter Captain Braxton’s timeship, S.D. 50312.5.
Continuity: The main action of the story takes place in 1996.

DS9 “Things Past”

Oneday 19th to Fourday 22nd Onemonth, 9401 B.E.; Saturday 6th to Tuesday 9th October, 2373: S.D. 503x4 to 503x7

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There’s another “out of nowhere” S.D. 50144.6. I wasn’t able to use it after “adjusting” the placing of DS9 “The Assignment”.
Continuity: The main action of the story is a weird recovered-memory-dream thing of Odo’s, apparently set seven years before. According to my calculations, that’s sometime in 2366.

VOY “Warlord”

Monday 8th to Thursday 25th October, 2373: S.D. 503x6 to 503z3

Estimated duration: 18 days
Chronology: There are stardates for what I think are the third day, S.D. 50348.1, the sixth day, S.D. 50351.4 and the sixteenth day, S.D. 50361.7.
Continuity: Kes decides she doesn’t like Neelix that much, but she’s been possessed by the spirit of an alien warlord at the time.

DS9 “The Ascent”

Fiveday 23rd to Oneday 33rd Onemonth, 9401 B.E.; Thursday 11th to Sunday 21st October, 2373: S.D. 503x9 to 503y9

Estimated duration: 11 days
Chronology: The story lasts at least nine days. I’ve added an extra couple of days for recovering in Sickbay, too. There’s S.D. 50245.2 from “out of nowhere”, but it’s far too early for my purposes.
Continuity: Nog returns to Deep Space 9, and moves in with Jake. (Perhaps I could have phrased that better, but somehow I don’t want to change it.)

Late October 2373

Just before DS9 “Rapture”, Starfleet introduces new standard uniforms.

DS9 “Rapture”

Oneday 40th to Sevenday 46th Onemonth, 9401 B.E.; Monday 29th October to Sunday 4th November, 2373: S.D. 503z7 to 504a3

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 50387.9 I’ve used in placing the story.
Continuity: It’s the year before DS9 “Far Beyond the Stars” (December 2374). Doctor Bashir remembers doing the operation, so it still has to be the real one at this point. It’s also about six months before DS9 “In the Cards” (I have that in May 2374, which is right). Kasidy is released from space prison, roughly six months after DS9 “For the Cause”; I have that in April 2373, so I’m just about on schedule. Bajor is offered Federation membership, but declines on the advice of Ben Sisko.

VOY “The Q and the Grey”

Monday 29th October to Saturday 10th November, 2373: S.D. 503z7 to 504a9

Actual stardates: Sunday 14th to Friday 26th October, 2373: S.D. 503y2 to 503z4

Estimated duration: 13 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the third day, S.D. 50384.2. After that, things go wrong because VOY “Warlord” uses up a lot of dates. It has to be the third day for the first stardate, because the supernovas don’t work otherwise. Unfortunately, the internal evidence is that the next date is intended for the eleventh day, but S.D. 50392.7 doesn’t work at all, so I’ve ignored the stardates completely, just to fit everything in.
Continuity: VOY “Q2” (February 2378, with the stardate placing it a week later, in the same month) suggests that Janeway last saw Q Junior in 2374, yet this is the only encounter we see, and it’s a year early, by my calculations.

Before November 2373

Over a year before DS9 “The Magnificent Ferengi” (November 2374), syrup of squill becomes impossible to get. The shortage is artificial. Also over a year before DS9 “The Magnificent Ferengi”, Ishka and the Nagus get together. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

November 2373: S.D. 504a0 to 504c9

Two months before DS9 “A Simple Investigation” (January 2374), Felix has promised to send the holoprogram Queen’s Gambit to Bashir by now. What Changeling Bashir makes of it is anyone’s guess, although it might have arrived early enough for it still to be the real Bashir.

DS9 “The Darkness and the Light”

Sixday 52nd Onemonth to Fiveday 3rd Twomonth, 9401 B.E.; Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th November, 2373: S.D. 504b0 to 504b6

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the last day, S.D. 50416.2.
Continuity: Kira says that Yoshi can’t be born in less than three weeks. She may well be fibbing a little, since I have his birth two weeks away. Once again, I’m pressed for time.

VOY “Macrocosm”

Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th November, 2373: S.D. 504b2 to 504b6

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s a three-day trade mission to the Tak-Tak beforehand that we don’t see, making the stardate for the fourth day, S.D. 50425.1.
Continuity: In addition to his other duties, Neelix becomes Ship’s Ambassador. Part of the action in VOY “Shattered” is set at this time. Sometime between VOY “Macrocosm” and VOY “Alter Ego”, Voyager investigates an inversion nebula that’s referred to in both shows.

VOY “Fair Trade”

Sunday 18th to Wednesday 21st November, 2373: S.D. 504b7 to 504c0

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 50437.8. I’ve used it to place the story.
Continuity: It’s a month before VOY “Unity” (January 2374, but it’s a problem with the stardates in the story, not the overall placement), based on being at the edge of the Nekrit Expanse. I think it’s two, and don’t see how it could be less.

Oneday 6th Twomonth, 9401 B.E.; Tuesday 20th November, 2373: S.D. 504b9

According to my calculations, Doctor Julian Bashir is abducted from where he’s attending a burns conference on Meezan III, sent to a prison camp and replaced by a Changeling. There is a problem with his uniform being “old pattern,” suggesting he was kidnapped before DS9 “Rapture”, but my interpretation of the dates, and the fact that the real Bashir remembers what happened in that story, means that it must be later. My own theory is that he’s given the uniform by the Dominion prison, so the Changeling can take his entire luggage. He’ll wake up in the camp the next morning.

Around Threeday 8th Twomonth, 9401 B.E.; Thursday 22nd November, 2373: S.D. 504c1

Michael Eddington and Rebecca Sullivan get married, two weeks before his capture in DS9 “For the Uniform”, according to DS9 “Blaze of Glory”.

DS9 “The Begotten”

Fiveday 10th to Fiveday 17th Twomonth, 9401 B.E.; Sunday 25th November to Sunday 2nd December, 2373: S.D. 504c4 to 504d1

Estimated duration: 8 days
Chronology: Odo has been looking after the baby changeling for a week, so the story must be slightly longer. There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 50430.1. I had to ignore it, because I’m really tightly constrained by DS9 “The Darkness and the Light”, Bashir’s abduction and DS9 “For the Uniform”.
Continuity: It’s less than a month before DS9 “In Purgatory’s Shadow” (December 2373), which I’ve managed. Unfortunately, it’s also supposed to be fourteen months before DS9 “Time’s Orphan” (April 2375). I make it sixteen months, and don’t see how it could be two months less, either. Yoshi is born and the Changeling dies late on the seventh day, Around 24:00 on Fourday 16th Twomonth, 9401 B.E.; the afternoon of Saturday 1st December, 2373: S.D. 50430.6. Odo regains his ability to change shape.

VOY “Alter Ego”

Thursday 29th November to Wednesday 12th December, 2373: S.D. 504c8 to 505x1

Actual stardates: Monday 19th November to Sunday 2nd December, 2373: S.D. 504b8 to 504d1

Estimated duration: 14 days
Chronology: There are stardates for what I think are the third day, S.D. 50460.3 and the fourteenth day, S.D. 50471.3. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make this story fit the stardates. I ran out of them!
Continuity: Mister Vorik begins dropping hints that he’d like to mate with B’Elanna.

DS9 “For the Uniform”

Twoday 21st to Oneday 27th Twomonth, 9401 B.E.; Thursday 6th to Wednesday 12th December, 2373: S.D. 504d5 to 505x1

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 50485.2 and the fourth day, S.D. 50488.2.
Continuity: It’s eight months since DS9 “For the Cause” (April 2373, so I’m right, this time). Eddington is recaptured.

Sunday 16th December, 2373: S.D. 505x5

The night before VOY “Coda” is Amateur Night. Harry Kim plays his clarinet, Tuvok recites Vulcan poetry and Captain Janeway dances “the dying swan.”

VOY “Coda”

Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th December, 2373: S.D. 505x6 to 505x8

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: The exact duration of this story is open to doubt, since a lot of it happens in Janeway’s head. There’s a stardate for the last day, S.D. 50518.6.

DS9 “In Purgatory’s Shadow”

Sevenday 33rd to Fourday 37th Twomonth, 9401 B.E.; Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd December, 2373: S.D. 505x8 to 505y2

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 50560.1. I’ve not really used it, because it implies a much shorter story than I’ve guessed at.
Continuity: Yoshi is less than a month old. There’s a suggestion that Kira carried him for seven months. A Bajoran pregnancy is supposed to last five; but that’s just about what my calculations give as the gap between DS9 “Body Parts” (May 2373) and DS9 “The Begotten” (very early December 2373). Sisko makes a reference to “a recent Borg attack”. This is usually taken as a reference to “Star Trek: First Contact”, but my stardate-based calculations means that the film won’t be happening for another four months (April 2374). So your guess is as good as mine about what it was.

DS9 “By Inferno’s Light”

Fiveday 38th to Threeday 43rd Twomonth, 9401 B.E.; Monday 24th to Saturday 29th December, 2373: S.D. 505y3 to 505y8

Estimated duration: 6 days
Chronology: The story picks up directly from DS9 “In Purgatory’s Shadow”. There’s a stardate for the what I think is the second day, S.D. 50564.2. I think it’s the fourth day when the prisoners make their escape, and that must be the 37th day of Bashir’s imprisonment.
Continuity: The Cardassians become part of the Dominion. The Khitomer Accords are reinstated, and Klingons are permanently assigned to the station. The Changeling Julian Bashir is exposed.

VOY “Blood Fever”

Friday 28th December, 2373 to Monday 1st January, 2374; 21st to 25th T’keKhuti, 8993 V.E.: S.D. 505y7 to 505z1

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 50537.2 and the fifth day, S.D. 50541.6.
Continuity: It’s Ensign Vorik’s first pon farr. Mister Tuvok has an artificial elbow. Voyager has been in the Delta Quadrant for two years. I make it two years and two months. Right at the end of the story, they find a dead Borg.

DS9 “Doctor Bashir, I Presume?”

Fourday 44th to Twoday 49th Twomonth, 9401 B.E.; Monday 31st December, 2373 to Saturday 5th January, 2374: S.D. 505z0 to 505z5

Estimated duration: 6 days
Chronology: There’s an “out of nowhere” S.D. 50590.1 that I’ve used to place the story.
Continuity: Bashir is working on his prion project. Since he doesn’t work on it for five months before DS9 “In the Cards” (May 2374), this must be the last chance he gets before then; although it’s a short five months by my calculations. Doctor Zimmerman says he’s not left Jupiter Station for four years in VOY “Life Line” (May 2377). This must be the time, although I (as seems to be usual) make it a short four years; three years and four months to be exact. It also doesn’t really jibe with Haley’s suggestion that he cancelled a lecture on Vulcan on S.D. 53292: Tuesday 28th September, 2376, since she says he was off Jupiter Station then, too. Rather strangely, it’s only 200 years since the Eugenics Wars, but that reference appears to be a mistake. I make it a good 300 years, whether you accept my manipulation of the dates or not. Julian Bashir’s father goes to prison for two years. Leeta’s going off to be Doctor Zimmerman’s own personal dabo girl, until Rom finally gets up the courage to ask her to stay. O’Brien says Bashir will have to stand further back when they play darts from now on.

Around December 2373

About a year before DS9 “Honor Among Thieves” (December 2374), a Starfleet officer working in weather control on Risa begins working for the Orion Syndicate, too.


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