2366 To 2367
Table of Contents

2366: S.D. 425y9 to 435y3

Two years before TNG “Ethics” (December 2368), a woman called Sandoval is killed by a disruptor blast. It takes her a week to die.

Four years before TNG “Force of Nature” (October 2370), Serova starts trying to persuade her brother that WARP DRIVE IS EVIL!

Four years before TNG “Homeward” (November 2370), Worf last sees Nikolai Rozhenko.

Keiko claims O’Brien last went on holiday five years before DS9 “Tribunal” (May 2371), which would be sometime this year.

Five years before DS9 “The Search, Part I” (August 2371), development work starts on Defiant.

The Talaxian prisoner on Avery III arrives there around now, six years before VOY “Faces” (March 2372).

The Cardassian freighter Ravinok is captured by the Breen. The survivors are sent to work in the dilithium mines in the Dozaria system. Gul Dukat’s mistress and daughter were amongst the forced labourers. It’s six years before DS9 “Indiscretion” (August 2372).

Odo allows the Cardassians to execute three innocent Bajorans: Ishan Chaye, Jillur Gueta and Timor Landi, seven years before DS9 “Things Past” (October 2373). I make it 9392 or 9393 B.E.

TNG “Time Squared”

Saturday 1st January, 2366: S.D. 425y9

Actual stardate: Monday 31st January, 2366: S.D. 426b9

Estimated duration: A day
Chronology: Everything happens on one day, S.D. 42679, with stardates at 42679.2 and 42679.5. I’ve ignored them, but do have to point out that S.D. 42679.2 is between 04:48 and 07.11; that doesn’t fit very well with the sequence where Riker is preparing an omelette, unless it’s for breakfast.
Continuity: I’ve changed the order of the stories! I’m afraid I didn’t have enough time to put this story before TNG “The Icarus Factor”, where it’s supposed to be. When they’re discussing problems with time, both the Traveller from TNG “Where No One Has Gone Before” and Doctor Mannheim from TNG “We’ll Always Have Paris” are mentioned.

Tuesday 4th January, 2366: S.D. 425z2

Enterprise arrives at Endicor, three days after TNG “Time Squared”. Of course, going by the stardates used in the story, it would be Thursday 3rd February, 2366: S.D. 42682.

TNG “Pen Pals”

Friday 7th January to Saturday 5th March, 2366: S.D. 425z5 to 427y2 (giving me 58 days)

Actual stardates: Wednesday 16th February to Saturday 5th March, 2366: S.D. 426d5 to 427y2 (that’s only 18 days, nowhere near long enough)

Estimated duration: 48 days
Chronology: This is why so many of the stardates up to now have been ignored. This story lasts for a quite incredible amount of time, and the stardates are not helpful, to say the least. There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 42695.3 and the second day, S.D. 42696.3. I’ve ignored them, because the stardates take a sudden credibility nosedive. The forty-third day is S.D. 42737.3 and then the forty-seventh day is S.D. 42741.3. Amazingly, I’m using those dates to “anchor” this story, so I can get back to using stardates as they appear again. That means that I’ve simply extended back from them as far as needed, pushing quite a few other stories forward as a result. I’ve assumed everything ends the next day, mainly because that’s all I’ve really time for.
Continuity: I’ve assumed that Data first becomes aware of Sarjenka’s messages two weeks before the start of the story. This reconciles the eight weeks he waits before telling Picard with the six weeks that Wesley has been leading the geological survey. It mainly stops this endless story getting even longer.

March 2366: S.D. 427x8 to 428a8

A month before TNG “Up the Long Ladder” (April 2366), Starfleet first picks up a distress call from the Ficus sector.

TNG “Q Who?”

Sunday 13th to Tuesday 15th March, 2366: S.D. 427z0 to 427z2

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the second day, S.D. 42761, with entries for 42761.3 and 42761.9.
Continuity: This is, allegedly, the first time Starfleet has met the Borg. It is discovered that the destruction of outposts seen in TNG “The Neutral Zone” was done by the Borg. It’s over a year before TNG “The Best of Both Worlds, Part I” (June 2367). Q and Guinan have met before, two centuries ago. Guinan’s home planet was destroyed by the Borg a century before, linking to events seen later in “Star Trek: Generations”.

TNG “Samaritan Snare”

Tuesday 22nd to Monday 27th March, 2366: S.D. 427z9 to 428a5

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: There is a stardate for the first day, S.D. 42779, with entries at 42779.1 and 42779.5. How much longer everything else lasts is anyone’s guess. My guess is a week.
Continuity: Picard’s run-in with the Nausicaans will be revisited in TNG “Tapestry”.

April 2366: S.D. 428a9 to 428d8

According to TNG “Allegiance,” Captain Picard is due for his annual physical.

TNG “Up the Long Ladder”

Monday 4th to Tuesday 12th April, 2366: S.D. 428b2 to 428c0

Estimated duration: 9 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the second day, S.D. 42823.2 and the sixth, S.D. 42827.3.
Comment: Yes, the leader of the space-Irish people really is carrying a pig under his arm when we first see him.

Mid-April 2366

Six weeks earlier, Wesley begins a plasma physics experiment that comes in handy during TNG “Peak Performance” (May 2366).

TNG “Manhunt”

Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th April, 2366: S.D. 428c9 to 428d2

Duration: 4 days
Chronology: The internal evidence is the story starts three days before the arrival at the conference on Pacifica, making a total of four days. There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 42859.2.
Continuity: Lwaxana visits the ship again. Picard has another “Dixon Hill” adventure on the holodeck, the first we see since TNG “The Big Goodbye”.

Saturday 30th April, 2366; 19th a’qeylIS, 994 Q.B.: S.D. 428d8

Two days before TNG “The Emissary”, Starbase 336 picks up an automated signal from T’Ong.

TNG “The Emissary”

Monday 2nd to Tuesday 3rd May, 2366; 21st to 22nd a’qeylIS, 994 Q.B.: S.D. 429a0 to 429a1

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the second day, S.D. 42901.3.
Continuity: T’Ong was sent on its mission 75 years earlier, during the Federation-Klingon War. The Worf/K’Ehleyr relationship is a continuity disaster. Alexander must be conceived late on Wednesday or early on Thursday. It can’t be earlier, because the couple haven’t seen each other for six years. Unfortunately, Alexander later establishes his date of birth, by both stardate and the Klingon calendar. I suspect that there are problems however you try to calculate the internal chronology of “Star Trek”, but I get a pregnancy lasting sixteen weeks. This is about half the normal length of a Klingon pregnancy, set at 30 weeks in VOY “Lineage”. I have to guess it wasn’t natural childbirth. At least at this point, Monday night is Poker Night.

Friday 6th May, 2366; 25th a’qeylIS, 994 Q.B.: S.D. 429a4

Three days after TNG “The Emissary”, a Klingon ship will rendezvous with T’Ong.

TNG “Peak Performance”

Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th May, 2366: S.D. 429c3 to 429c7

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s a log entry for the first day, S.D. 42923.4.
Continuity: The war games are preparation for fighting the Borg. Enterprise travels to the nearest starbase for repairs.

June 2366: S.D. 429d0 to 430b9

Alexana Devos becomes Head of Security for the Eastern Continental government on Rutia III, six months before TNG “The High Ground” (December 2366).

TNG “Shades of Gray”

Monday 6th to Tuesday 7th June, 2366: S.D. 429d5 to 429d6

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the second day, S.D. 42976, with entries at 42976.1 and 42976.3.
Continuity: I was going to give a list of all the stories Riker has flashbacks of. I honestly can’t be bothered. NEXT!

June-July 2366

Worf and Geordi La Forge both get promotions, Katherine Pulaski leaves Enterprise after a year, and Beverly Crusher returns, just beforeTNG “Evolution”.

Around Sunday 24th July 2366; 1st maqtaH, 994 Q.B.: S.D. 431a3

The last time B’Elanna talked to her mother, Miral. From VOY “Barge of the Dead” (July 2376), assuming the anniversary is ten Earth years and that it’s exact.

TNG “Evolution”

Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th July, 2366: S.D. 431a5 to 431a6

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 43125.8.
Continuity: Wesley Crusher is 17.

August 2366: S.D. 431b1 to 432a1

Admiral Alidar Jarok is reassigned to a remote sector by the Romulan High Command, four months before TNG “The Defector” (December 2366).

TNG “The Ensigns of Command”

Monday 1st to Thursday 4th August, 2366: S.D. 431b1 to 431b4

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There are no stardates in this story. The internal evidence suggests that it lasts at least three days. I’ve assigned four, to be on the safe side.
Continuity: O’Brien is seen playing the cello.
Comment: S.D. 43133.3, sometimes associated with this story, appears nowhere in it as far as I can see.

Tuesday 9th August, 2366: S.D. 431b9

Three days before TNG “The Survivors”, the colony on Delta Rana IV sends an urgent distress call.

TNG “The Survivors”

Friday 12th to Saturday 13th August, 2366: S.D. 431c2 to 431c3

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology:There are log entries for both days, S.D. 43152.4 and S.D. 43153.7.
Continuity: The entire Husnock race is wiped out.

TNG “Who Watches the Watchers?”

Tuesday 23rd to Friday 26th August, 2366; 6th to 9th D’ruh, 8987 V.E.: S.D. 431d3 to 431d6

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There are log entries for the first day, S.D. 43173.5 and the second S.D. 43174.2. The story could end that day, but I’ve included a couple more days to be sure.
Continuity: The suggestion in the story is that the Mintakans are an example of “parallel evolution,” rather than a “lost colony.” Their interest in logic is odd, since it’s hardly the default state for Vulcans. Primitive Vulcans are supposed to have been illogical and violent, as Spock specifically hammers home in TOS “All Our Yesterdays”.

TNG “The Bonding”

Saturday 28th to Monday 30th August, 2366: S.D. 431d8 to 432a0

Estimated duration; 3 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 43198.7.
Continuity: Jeremy Aster becomes part of Worf’s family. We Never Hear Of Him Again.

TNG “Booby Trap”

Saturday 3rd to Monday 5th September, 2366: S.D. 432a4 to 432a6

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There’s a log entry on the second day, S.D. 43205.6. The story runs up to around four the following afternoon (Geordi says he’s got to have a solution by “sixteen hundred”), S.D. 43206.6.
Continuity: It’s supposed to be a year before TNG “Galaxy’s Child”. I have that in December 2367, but I’ve cheated on the dates. Strictly speaking, it should be January 2368. My date just squeaks in, but the “strict” date would be pushing things. A holographic Leah Brahms features in this story. The real Leah will appear in TNG “Galaxy’s Child”.

43rd maqtaH, 994 Q.B.; Sunday 4th September, 2366: S.D. 432a5

S.D. 43205; 43rd Maktag is the date that Alexander Rozhenko gives as his date of birth in TNG “New Ground”. It seems awfully soon after TNG “The Emissary”, but Human/Klingons are supposed to have shorter pregnancies (as will be seen with B’Elanna’s pregnancy), and there could have been medical complications. Alexander certainly grows up extremely fast: he’ll be serving on a starship before he’s nine. It certainly doesn’t reflect the 30 week Klingon pregnancy established in “Star Trek: Voyager”: that would place conception around early February 2366; late do’qat, 993 Q.B., or going the other way round Alexander’s birth would be around the end of November or early December 2366; mid-So’jen, 994 Q.B.

Around September 2366

After nearly two years drifting in space, Lore is picked up by a Pakled ship, according to TNG “Brothers”. He was stranded in TNG “Datalore” (October 2364, with the stardate in September, so the “strict” version would be a month earlier.)

October 2366: S.D. 432d2 to 433z2

Ansata terrorists begin using an interdimensional transporter in their attacks, two months before TNG “The High Ground” (December 2366).

TNG “The Enemy”

Tuesday 18th October, 2366: S.D. 433x9

Estimated duration: More than 5 hours, but less than a day
Chronology: There’s a log entry, S.D. 43349.2.

TNG “The Price”

Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th October, 2366: S.D. 433y5 to 433y7

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There’s a log entry on the first day, S.D. 43385.6.
Continuity: Ferengi pilots Arridor and Kol vanish into the Delta Quadrant. By squillions to one chance, they turn up later in VOY “False Profits”.

TNG “The Vengeance Factor”

Monday 7th to Sunday 20th November, 2366: S.D. 433z9 to 434b2

Wildly speculated duration: Two weeks
Chronology: The internal chronology of this story is very difficult to resolve. It might last a bit more than ten days. There’s a log entry; I’ve almost randomly assigned it to the third day, S.D. 43421.9.
Continuity: Enterprise then visits Starbase 343 to collect medical supplies for delivery to the Alpha Leonis system.

TNG “The Defector”

Wednesday 30th November to Saturday 3rd December, 2366: S.D. 434c2 to 434c5

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 43462.5, the second day, S.D. 43463.7 and the fourth day, S.D. 43465.2.

TNG “The Hunted”

Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th December, 2366: S.D. 434c9 to 434d1

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: there is a log entry on the first day, S.D. 43489.2.
Continuity: Enterprise sets off for Starbase Lya 3.

TNG “The High Ground”

Sunday 18th to Saturday 24th December, 2366: S.D. 435x0 to 435x6

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 43510.7.

Around December 2366

Lieutenant Commander Shelby is put in charge of developing a defence against the Borg, six months before TNG “The Best of Both Worlds, Part I” (June 2367).

The Federation and the Cardassians sign a peace treaty, ending a long conflict, almost a year before TNG “The Wounded” (November 2367).
Comment: Nobody ever mentions it at the time, though.

Approximately 2366

Two Ferengi try to break into the Fort Knox Museum on Earth, about ten years before VOY “Dark Frontier” (January 2376, although the problems arise from the stardates mentioned in VOY “The Voyager Conspiracy” and in the flashbacks, not the placement of the story).

Chu’lak transfers from the USS Strata to Grissom, about ten years before DS9 “Field of Fire” (January 2376).

Some of Kasidy Yates’ longer-serving Bajoran crew members have already signed on with her, ten years and more before DS9 “Strange Bedfellows” (March 2376).

2367: S.D. 435y4 to 445y8

Two years before DS9 “Q-Less” (December 2369), Sisko attends a Starfleet briefing about Q.

Three years before DS9 “Second Sight”, Nidell has a Fenna episode on Terosa Prime. This is three years before my placement of the story in October 2370. If it really is exactly four years after the Battle of Wolf 359 (which my ideas would make June 2371), then this event will fall a year later, in 2368.

In a parallel universe, Deanna Troi and Worf have a son called Eric Christopher. He’s three in one version of events in TNG “Parallels” (October 2370).

The “soccer” player Golanga has his knee replaced. He’s never the same afterwards, four years before DS9 “Paradise” (January 2371).

Odo is designated an officer of the Cardassian court, four years before DS9 “Tribunal” (May 2371).

Tuvok has been analysing Captain Janeway’s decisions in detail for four years before VOY “The Phage” (December 2371), implying that this is when they first start working together, although obviously they've first met earlier…

Zio gets sent to prison, six years before VOY “The Chute” (August 2373).

Sometime during this year, Miles O’Brien starts to use a kayaking holosuite program. It’s seven years before DS9 “Change of Heart” (January 2375), so that’s going to mean 2367 for me, because O’Brien has already injured himself more than once by TNG “Transfigurations”, which will be happening later this year with or without my adjustments to the stardate (May 2367, with the stardates not matching up to the stated length of the story at all).

A Cardassian called Anjohl Tennan dies at the Batal Labor Camp. His identity is later assumed by Gul Dukat, nine years later in DS9 “The Changing Face of Evil” (March 2376).

Odo begins investigating the Tilavan holosculptures art thefts? It would be nine years before DS9 “Extreme Measures” (April 2376, with the stardate suggesting a date in January), but the scene isn’t in the final episode.

Death of Doctor Telek R’Mor of the Romulan Astrophysical Academy. The year is specified in VOY “Eye of the Needle”.

Federation-Cardassian treaty of alliance, the spark for the formation of the Maquis. The year is specified in VOY “Dreadnought”.

TNG “Déjà Q”

Friday 6th to Saturday 7th January, 2366: S.D. 435y9 to 435z0

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There’s a log entry for the first day, S.D. 43539.1. The story itself lasts another 29 hours or so, taking us well into the second day.
Continuity: Enterprise sets course for Station Nigala IV.

Saturday 14th January, 2367: S.D. 435z7

On S.D. 43587, Simon Tarses, Crewman First Class, medical technician, starts his duties on Enterprise according to TNG “The Drumhead”.

TNG “A Matter of Perspective”

Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th January, 2367: S.D. 435z9 to 436a1

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: We only ever see the first day in flashback. There’s a log entry for the second day, S.D. 43610.4, and the third, 43611.6. Chronology is very important to the story, since the truth is uncovered 26 hours, 40 minutes and 15 seconds after the explosion on the second day. I make it S.D. 43611.7.
Continuity: Enterprise then heads for Emila II.

TNG “Yesterday’s Enterprise”

Sunday 22nd January, 2367: S.D. 436a5

Estimated duration: 1 day in reality, 3 days in the alternate version of events
Chronology: There’s a “combat date” for the first day, S.D. 43625.2. It seems to correspond exactly with a stardate.
Continuity: Guinan introduces Worf to the benefits of prune juice. The alternate Tasha Yar ends up in the “real” past, and is taken captive by the Romulans, as explained in TNG “Redemption II”.

Late January and early February 2367

Just before TNG “The Offspring,” Data attends a cybernetics conference and begins experimenting with a positronic brain.

TNG “The Offspring”

Friday 3rd to Sunday 19th February, 2367: S.D. 436b7 to 436d3

Estimated duration: 17 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate on the first day, S.D. 43657.0. The rest of the story has to last more than two weeks.
Continuity: Enterprise then goes to a starbase on Otar II.

No later than Saturday 18th February, 2367: S.D. 436d2

At least twelve days before TNG “Allegiance”, Kova Tholl of Mizar II is kidnapped by space aliens.

TNG “Sins of the Father”

Tuesday 21st to Saturday 25th February, 2367; 7th to 11th mer’utlhIj, 994 Q.B.: S.D. 436d5 to 436d9

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 43685.2. TNG “Reunion” later helpfully establishes that this story happens between S.D. 43685 and S.D. 43689.
Continuity: Worf is discommended by the Klingon High Council.

Monday 27th February, 2367: S.D. 437x1

Three days before TNG “Allegiance”, Mitena Haro wakes up in a cell after being abducted from Starfleet Academy.

Late February and early March 2367

Immediately before TNG “Allegiance” the Enterprise eradicates a phyrox plague on Cor Caroli V. Starfleet Command declares the mission secret.
Comment: It’s so secret even the viewing audience doesn’t get to see it.

March 2367: S.D. 437x3 to 438a3

Not long before TNG “Captain’s Holiday”, Professor Samuel Estragon dies.

TNG “Allegiance”

Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 4th March, 2367: S.D. 437x4 to 437x6

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 43714.1.
Continuity: Reference is made to the Mintakans, from TNG “Who Watches the Watchers?” Enterprise presumably eventually makes its rendezvous with Hood.

Monday 6th to Sunday 19th March, 2367: S.D. 437x8 to 437z1

For two weeks before TNG “Captain’s Holiday” Captain Picard is mediating a dispute on Gemaris V. I’ve had to adjust the dates, otherwise there was nowhere near enough time. The stardates themselves suggest that it would be Monday 27th February to Sunday 12th March, 2367: S.D. 43731 to 43744

TNG “Captain’s Holiday”

Monday 20th to Friday 24th March, 2367: S.D. 437z2 to 437z6

Actual dates: Monday 13th to Friday 17th March, 2367: S.D. 437y5 to 437y9

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 43745.2. To get two weeks in beforehand, I had to ignore it.
Continuity: It’s a year before TNG “Qpid”, which I have almost exactly a year later in March 2368. While Captain Picard is on holiday, Enterprise undergoes maintenance at Starbase 12.

TNG “Tin Man”

Monday 27th March to Sunday 2nd April, 2367: S.D. 437z9 to 438a5

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology:There’s a log entry on the first day, S.D. 43779.3.
Continuity: Enterprise then goes to Starbase 152 for repairs.

April 2367: S.D. 438a4 to 438d3

The month after TNG “Allegiance”, Captain Picard is due for his annual physical.

TNG “Hollow Pursuits”

Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th April, 2367: S.D. 438a7 to 438a9

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 43807.4, and the second, where everything goes wrong. There are supposed to be meetings at 08:00 and 14:00 before the next log entry, but it’s only S.D. 43808.2, no later than about 7AM in the morning in my system.
Continuity: Enterprise goes to get decontaminated at Starbase 121.
Comment: Is it just me, or is Enterprise going to starbases a lot just now?

TNG “The Most Toys”

Sunday 9th to Monday 10th April, 2367: S.D. 438b2 to 438b3

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There’s a log entry for the first day, S.D. 43872.2.

TNG “Sarek”

Friday 14th to Monday 17th April, 2367; 26th to 28th K’ri’lior, 8987 V.E.: S.D. 438b7 to 438c0

Actual stardates: Sunday 14th to Wednesday 17th May, 2367: S.D. 439a7 to 439b0

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 43917.4 and the fourth, S.D. 43920.7. Entirely owing to TNG “Transfigurations”, I’ve ignored them.
Continuity: Sarek is 201.992 standard years old at this point, by my calculations. What a difference a month makes! By strict stardates, he’s 202(.074), as stated by Captain Picard. Either way, I think it’s close enough to be acceptable. It’s also supposed to be “barely a year” before TNG “Unification I”. I make it quite a bit more, since I have that story in September 2368.

Late April 2367

Just before TNG “Ménage à Troi” Enterprise attends biennial trade talks at Betazed. I’ve changed the date to fit in TNG “Transfigurations”, otherwise it would be late May.

TNG “Ménage à Troi”

Thursday 27th April to Monday 1st May, 2367: S.D. 438d0 to 438d4

Actual stardates: Saturday 27th to Wednesday 31st May, 2367: S.D. 439c0 to 439c4

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 43930.7. Again, because of TNG “Transfigurations”, it’s gone out of the window.
Continuity: Wesley Crusher misses out on Starfleet Academy, but is promoted to full ensign.

May 2367: S.D. 438d4 to 439c4

Sometime this month, Marc Brooks meets with a fatal accident, five months before TNG “The Loss” (October 2367).

TNG “Transfigurations”

Thursday 4th May to Wednesday 31st May, 2367: S.D. 438d7 to 439c4

Actual stardates: Saturday 3rd June, 2367: S.D. 439c7, and then I run out of time.

Estimated duration: A month
Chronology: The alien is in sickbay for a month, and it’s very difficult to fit that in. There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 43957.2 and the fourth day, S.D. 43960.6. I’ve ignored them, since I really need to keep the Battle of Wolf 359 at the right stardate.
Continuity: O’Brien says he’s been attempting his kayaking holoprogram for seven years in DS9 “Change of Heart” (January 2375). Sure enough, O’Brien has already injured himself before in the program by this story. Although this is the first time we hear of it, it won’t be the last.

Around May 2367

Two and a half years before DS9 “Past Prologue” (October 2369), Tahna Los gets his most recent scars from Cardassian torture.

TNG “The Best of Both Worlds” (Parts 1 & 2)

Monday 5th to Sunday 18th June, 2367: S.D. 439c9 to 440a2

Estimated duration: 14 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 43989.1, the fourth day, S.D. 43992.6, the fifth day, S.D. 43993.5, the eighth day, S.D. 43996.2, the tenth day, S.D. 43998.5, the thirteeth day, S.D. 44001.4 and the fourteenth day, S.D. 44002.3. DS9 “Emissary” says that Captain Picard is captured by the Borg on S.D. 43997 and held captive for six days. Luckily, I make that until S.D. 44002: Sunday 18th June, 2367, if you count the first day.
Continuity: The Battle of Wolf 359 takes place on S.D. 44001: Sunday 17th June, 2367. Jennifer Sisko is killed, as seen in DS9 “Emissary”. According to TNG “The Drumhead”, the Battle of Wolf 359 meant the loss of 39 ships and nearly 11,000 personnel. VOY “Unity” establishes that Riley Frazier is the science officer aboard Roosevelt, and is assimilated during the battle. The problem of when the fourth anniversary of the Battle falls and DS9 “Second Sight” happens will be tackled then.

In a parallel universe, Captain Picard doesn't survive. It’s one of the realities seen in TNG “Parallels”.

TNG “Family”

Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th June, 2367: S.D. 440b2 to 440b4

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 44012.3.
Continuity: Enterprise is being repaired at Earth Station McKinley. It’s supposed to take around five weeks, but the stardates and the internal chronology of the story just don’t seem to support that amount of time. Picard meets his tragically doomed relatives, most of whom will be dead by “Star Trek: Generations”; his nephew for the first, and possibly only, time. Wesley is 18 (if his birthday’s in December, for quite a long time) and watches the recording Jack Crusher made after his birth.
Comment: The fact that there’s only one recording for Wesley is put down to Jack’s untimely death; but that’s only one in the first five years of Wesley’s life?

Friday 30th June, 2367: S.D. 440b4

On S.D. 44034.3 Rob Legato is attacked by Jev the Ullian telepath. His condition is wrongly diagnosed as Iresine Syndrome. The stardate is given in TNG “Violations”.

Friday 7th July, 2367: S.D. 440c1

On S.D. 44041.7 Gary Hutzel is attacked by Jev the Ullian telepath. His condition is wrongly diagnosed as Iresine Syndrome. The stardate is given in TNG “Violations”.

Early July 2367

Just before TNG “Brothers”, Enterprise arrives at Ogus II for shore leave.

TNG “Brothers”

Tuesday 11th to Monday 17th July, 2367: S.D. 440c5 to 440d1

Estimated duration: 7 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 44085.7 and the seventh, S.D. 44091.1.
Continuity: We get to meet Data’s “father” Noonian Soong. Lore returns, having floated about in space for two years after TNG “Datalore”.

Around July 2367

Beverly Crusher makes arrangements for Dalen Quaice to travel from Starbase 133 to his home on Kenda II, following the death of his wife, Patricia. According to TNG “Remember Me”, it’s “weeks” before the story.

TNG “Suddenly Human”

Tuesday 8th to Thursday 10th August, 2367: S.D. 441y3 to 441y5

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 44143.7.

TNG “Remember Me”

Wednesday 16th to Thursday 17th August, 2367: S.D. 441z1 to 441z2

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are stardates for both days, S.D. 44161.2 and S.D. 44162 (44162.5 and 44162.8).
Continuity: There are references to Kosinsky’s equations; and Wesley’s mysterious friend (both from TNG “Where No One Has Gone Before”) makes a return visit. He’ll be back again.

TNG “Legacy”

Tuesday 29th August to Monday 11th September, 2367: S.D. 442a4 to 442b7

Estimated duration: 14 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the second day, S.D. 44215.2 and the twelfth, S.D. 44225.3.
Continuity: Poker Night is now a Tuesday. The ship is diverted from calling at Camus II, the planet in TOS “Turnabout Intruder”. We meet Tasha Yar’s younger sister.

TNG “Reunion”

Wednesday 20th to Thursday 21st September, 2367; 11th to 12th QuSten, 994 Q.B.: S.D. 442c6 to 442c7

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the first day, S.D. 44246.3.
Continuity: K’mpec dies on the 20th. K’ehleyr dies on the 21st, as does Duras. Alexander is just over a year old, by my counting system. Gowron becomes Klingon leader.

About Sunday 24th September, 2367: S.D. 442d0

Shortly after TNG “Reunion”, Alexander is dropped off at Starbase 73, so that he can be taken back to Earth to live with the Rozhenkos.

TNG “Future Imperfect”

Saturday 30th September, 2367: S.D. 442d6

Estimated duration: 1 day
Chronology: There’s a stardate, S.D. 44286.5.
Continuity: It’s Commander Riker’s 32nd birthday, but everything else in the story turns out to be an elaborate fantasy, given away by the appearance of Minuet from TNG “11001001”. Enterprise takes Barash from Alpha Onias III to somewhere suitable in the Federation for him to live.

TNG “Final Mission”

Wednesday 11 to Thursday 12th October, 2367: S.D. 443x7 to 443x8

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the first day, S.D. 44307 (44307.3 and 44307.6).
Continuity: Wesley will be starting at the academy this year after all. Wesley recalls the events of TNG “Samaritan Snare”.

19:48 on Monday 16th to 04:26 on Thursday 19th October, 2367: S.D. 443y2 to 443y5

From S.D. 44322.82 to S.D. 44325.18, Captain Rudolph Ransom hides for three days in a nebula whilst shadowing a Klingon ship. The dates are given in VOY “Equinox, Part II”.
Comment: WHY is he hiding? The Klingons and the Federation are supposed to be allies at this point.

TNG “Data’s Day”

Tuesday 24th October, 2367: S.D. 443z0

Estimated duration: 1 day
Chronology: There’s a stardate, S.D. 44390 (44390.1). It’s confirmed in TNG “The Drumhead”. This is one of a handful of stories that has independent information about the conventional date. Data says it’s the Hindu festival of lights, and my calculations say that will be Monday 23rd October, 2367. Although the specified stardate falls early on the Tuesday, this is a remarkably close match. I’m still flagging it as a problem, though.
Continuity: Data is sending a report to Bruce Maddox, who appeared in TNG “The Measure of a Man”. This is the one thousand five hundred fiftieth day since the Enterprise was commissioned. It is the day Keiko Ishikawa and Miles Edward O’Brien are married.
Comment: For the benefit of people who disagree with my decision as to the year, Diwali will also fall on 14th November, 2365 and 6th November, 2366. If you want to move it further than that, I’m afraid you’ll need to do your own calculations. Happy chronicling!

Around Thursday 26th October, 2367: S.D. 443z2

Wesley Crusher reports at Starfleet Academy, two weeks after TNG “Final Mission”.

TNG “The Loss”

Monday 30th October to Thurday 2nd November, 2367: S.D. 443z6 to 443z9

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 44356.9 and the fourth, S.D. 44359.5.
Continuity: I’ve changed the order of the stories! I tried really hard to squeeze in this adventure before TNG “Data’s Day” where it’s supposed to go, but it just didn’t work. This story would have finished actually on Diwali, and having this story end the day before the next started just didn’t seem plausible to me. The 30th would have been Marc Brooks’ 38th birthday. The ship is due in the T’lli Beta system shortly afterwards.

Around October 2367

Death of Curzon Dax, during a trip to Risa. It’s almost four years before DS9 “Equilibrium” (September 2371) and DS9 “Let He Who is Without Sin…” explains the circumstances of his death.

Saturday 11th November, 2367: S.D. 444a8

USS Phoenix, commanded by Benjamin Maxwell, attacks a Cardassian station in the Cuellar star system, the day before TNG “The Wounded”.

TNG “The Wounded”

Sunday 12th to Tuesday 14th November, 2367: S.D. 444a9 to 444b1

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 44429.6 and the third day, S.D. 44431.7.
Continuity: It’s almost a year since a treaty was signed between the Federation and the Cardassians. Captain Picard fought Cardassians when he commanded Stargazer.

TNG “Devil’s Due”

Sunday 26th to Thursday 30th November, 2367: S.D. 444c3 to 444c7

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the second day, S.D. 44474.5.
Continuity: This is where we find out about Fek’lhr, the Guardian of Gre’thor .

Friday 15th December, 2367: S.D. 445x2

Brattain/Brittain sends a distress call, 29 days before TNG “Night Terrors”.

Around December 2367

According to my calculations, Molly O’Brien is conceived around now, nine months before TNG “Disaster” (in late ##green|August 2368).

TNG “Clues”

Friday 15th to Monday 18th December, 2367: S.D. 445x2 to 445x5

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 44502.7. Except for Data, most of this story is wiped from the memories of the crew.
Comment: “Red Dwarf” did it better, at least as far as I’m concerned.

TNG “First Contact”

Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd December, 2367: S.D. 445x7 to 445y0

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: Events take at least three days, so I’ve made it four.
Continuity: Mirasta Yale must be dropped off somewhere soon after the story.

TNG “Galaxy’s Child”

Wednesday 27th to Friday 29th December, 2367: S.D. 445y4 to 445y6

Actual stardates: Tuesday 16th to Thursday 18th January, 2368: S.D. 446a4 to 446a6

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 44614.6. I can’t fit this story in that month, so I’ve ignored it.
Continuity: Geordi finally gets to meet the real Leah Brahms after a holographic version appeared in TNG “Booby Trap” (September 2366). It’s supposed to be a year since TNG “Booby Trap”, which I think I’ve managed, for once, although the “strict stardate” option is less satisfactory.

Sunday 31st December, 2367: S.D. 445y8

Four years before DS9 “Explorers” (February 2372), Julian Bashir and his Andorian friend Erib go to a party at Bruce Lucier’s. Elizabeth Lense is there too, but doesn’t meet Bashir and leaves the party with the mistaken impression that he’s Andorian.
Comment: I can only assume that the graduating class was enormous. Lense says that the person who graduated second when she came first is someone she’s never met, and didn’t notice at the graduation ceremony. Perhaps they went in alphabetical order.

Around December 2367

The Argus Array stops transmitting, nearly two months before TNG “The Nth Degree” (February 2368). I’ve adjusted the date for the story, but not by enough to have any effect on this date.

According to my calculations, Molly O’Brien is conceived around now, eight months before TNG “Disaster” in late August 2368, bearing in mind that she’s born a month premature.

Approximately 2367

Birth of Melissa Willoughby, since she’s eight by the time of DS9 “Treachery, Faith and the Great River” (September 2375).

According to Gul Dukat, this is around the time he became Prefect of Bajor, nearly forty years after the annexation. He says it in DS9 “Waltz”. I have to assume that he previously commanded Terok Nor, since he seems to have had some sort of administrative post in the Bajoran system since at least 2346, judging by DS9 “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night”.

2364 to 2365
2368 to 2369

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