2364 To 2365
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Before 2364

Olympia sets off for a long look at the Beta Quadrant. According to DS9 “The Sound of Her Voice”, it’s over eight years before Lisa Cusak died. I have that in March 2372.

Tekeny Ghemor’s daughter Iliana goes on an undercover mission disguised as a Bajoran, more than a decade before DS9 “Ties of Blood and Water” (February 2374).

2364: S.D. 405y8 to 415y3

George Primmin becomes a Starfleet security officer, six years before DS9 “Move Along Home” (January 2370).

Six years before DS9 “Duet” (May 2370), Gul Darhe’el “The Butcher of Gallitep” dies in his sleep. Dukat goes to the funeral, and he’s buried under the biggest military memorial on Cardassia.

Seven years before DS9 “Blood Oath” (March 2371), Kang meets one of the Albino’s discarded wives on Dayos IV. I make it around 992 Q.B.

Greta Vanderweg begins her Starfleet service, twelve years before DS9 “Field of Fire” (January 2376).

January 2364: S.D. 405y8 to 406b8

Eight months earlier, Tsiolkovsky begins a science mission that ends in its destruction in TNG “The Naked Now” (September 2364).

Sunday 26th January, 2364: S.D. 406b3

Senator Pardek participates in some trade negotiations, involving the Barolians, four years before TNG “Unification I”. The stardate that appears is S.D. 44623.9: Thursday 25th January, 2368. Since that’s less than a year previous to the story, I’ve placed the talks here.

February 2364: S.D. 406b9 to 407x7

Daniel Kwan helps to build Enterprise. It’s supposed to be eight years before TNG “Eye of the Beholder” (I have that in February 2371), but also six months after Marla Finn goes missing. If the ship’s commissioned in late July 2363, then it’s difficult to see how all this can happen without running into 2364. Commander Quinteros is in charge, according to TNG “11001001”. All I can say is that no way is it really eight years before TNG “Eye of the Beholder”. There’s just not time.

Thursday 12th March, 2364: S.D. 407y9

S.D. 40759.5, launch date of the Enterprise-D according to the dedication plaque on the Bridge. This is a bit odd, since you’d expect commissioning to follow launch. Either there’s a mistake, or Starfleet operates differently. We have seen several launch ceremonies, but never (as far as I can recall) a commissioning ceremony, so commissioning preceding launch isn’t totally impossible. As I say above, the “official” date is the 4th October 2363. This is the closest my system could get.
Thanks to a thread on TrekBBS it appears that the original version of the Enterprise Bridge plaque gave a commissioning rather than a launch date, and it was S.D. 41025.5: Friday 26th June, 2364. This does fit a bit better, but makes even more of a hash of the statements in TNG “Data’s Day”.

Wednesday 25th March, 2364: S.D. 408a2

On S.D. 40812, a Terellian freighter crashes on an uninhabited planet, with a single survivor. It’s from TNG “Liaisons”.

Saturday 25th July, 2364: S.D. 411a4

On S.D. 41124, Captain Picard is confirmed in command of Enterprise, according to TNG “The Drumhead”.

Wednesday 29th July, 2364: S.D. 411a8

On S.D. 41148, Captain Picard assumes command of Enterprise, according to TNG “All Good Things…” It’s important to note that this is the “transfer of command.” Picard gets his first sight of his new ship at the start of TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”.
Comment: Not to mention some fancy footwork by me in relation to stardate “time zones”.

Season One of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

The reality is that there is as little rhyme or reason to the order of shows in this season as there were in original 60s “Star Trek”. Stardate order, production order and broadcast order all present their various problems. I’ve sort of used the broadcast order, but ignored it here and there. The end result isn’t very pretty, but it starts and ends at the right times, and Tasha Yar dies on the right date. That’ll just have to do.

TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”

Monday 3rd to Monday 24th August, 2364: S.D. 411b3 to 411d4

Estimated duration: 22 days
Chronology: The first day , in both TNG “Encounter at Farpoint” and TNG “All Good Things…” is S.D. 41153 (41153.7). Picard gets his first sight of Enterprise, and they set off for Deneb IV. The second day is S.D. 41154, according to TNG “Remember Me”. Doctor Crusher reports on board at 14:03 (S.D. 41154.5, the stardate calculated according to my system). According to TNG “The First Duty”, Wesley turns up on the bridge on the very day he first arrived on the ship, so that must be today, as indeed we see. Riker and Troi meet, for the first time in two years, according to TNG “Second Chances”. This is most of the story, given Q’s 24-hour deadline, with the space jellyfish being reunited today, notwithstanding a rather confusing log entry for S.D. 41153.8 that seems to fit nowhere. There must be quite a lot of clearing up afterwards and negotiations to construct a more conventional starbase, because the final stardate is S.D. 41174.2.
Continuity: Leonard McCoy is 137 years old, putting his date of birth between August 2226 and July 2227. Nine years before DS9 “Rules of Engagement” (February 2373) O’Brien and Worf first get to know each other. Seven years before TNG “Attached” (October 2370), Picard doesn’t want Beverly Crusher to serve on Enterprise, because of the lurking passions it might unleash. William Riker is a Lieutenant Commander when Picard asks for him as his first officer on Enterprise, according to TNG “The Best of Both Worlds, Part I”. BUT in TNG “The Arsenal of Freedom” Riker admits he turned down command of the USS Drake to serve on Enterprise. It’s six years before TNG “Second Chances” (May 2370). It’s also three years before TNG “Final Mission” (October 2367). This is the first meeting of Riker and Picard, as mentioned in TNG “The Pegasus”. He says it’s 15 years before in “Star Trek: Nemesis”, but I make it 16, since I place the film in March 2380. Picard’s obviously rounding the number. Sometime during this mission, Geordi tells Commander Riker a joke on the bridge. Data finds it enormously funny, but not until “Star Trek: Generations”.

August 2364: S.D. 411b1 to 412a1

Mark Jameson gets the medical examination done that he gives the report from to Doctor Crusher two months later in TNG “Too Short a Season” (October 2364).

TNG “The Naked Now”

Tuesday 8th September, 2364: S.D. 412a9

Estimated duration: 1 day
Chronology: The stardate is S.D. 41209, with log entries at 41209.2 and 41209.3.
Continuity: This story closely resembles TOS “The Naked Time”, as the characters themselves point out.

Early September 2364

Immediately before TNG “Code of Honor”, Anchilles Fever causes millions of deaths on Styris IV.

TNG “Code of Honor”

Monday 14th to Friday 18th September, 2364: S.D. 412b5 to 412b9

Actual stardate: Monday 14th September, 2364: S.D. 412b5

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: The stardates seem to have been calculated on a totally different system to all the others used in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, running from S.D. 41235.25 to S.D. 41235.6. From the internal evidence, the story takes at least three days. I’ve been generous and given it five.
Continuity: Enterprise delivers the vaccine to Styris IV.
Comment: Jonathan Frakes has described this story as “that horrible racist episode.” I’m not disagreeing.

TNG “Where No One Has Gone Before”

Tuesday 22nd September, 2364: S.D. 412c3

Estimated duration: A day
Chronology: The date is given as S.D. 41263, with entries at 41263.1, 41263.2, 41263.3 and 41263.4.
Continuity: Wesley Crusher is made an acting ensign in a log entry dated S.D. 41263.4. Wesley’s mysterious friend will return in TNG “Remember Me”.
Comment: Data says a message back from another galaxy will take “fifty-one years, ten months, nine weeks, sixteen days…” Why not just say 52 years and 18 days? Also, this is the third story with a 412XX stardate, and there’s still another two left to go. What’s the big appeal?

TNG “Justice”

Wednesday 24th September, 2364: S.D. 412c5

Estimated duration: 1 day
Chronology: There is a stardate, S.D. 41255, and the events do all seem to take place over the course of a single day, with log entries at 41255.6 and 41255.9.
Continuity: Enterprise is supposed to be taking a break from taking settlers to a new colony in the Strnad system, but there’s not a lot of time for that to happen. Sorry.

TNG “Lonely Among Us”

Monday 28th to Sunday 30th September, 2364: S.D. 412c9 to 412d1

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There are dates for the first day, S.D. 41249 (41249.3 and 41249.4), but they don’t match up with events. Engineer Singh dies between 18:00 and 07:00, and yet the stardate hasn’t moved on.
Continuity: Captain Picard rather foolishly draws Sherlock Holmes to the attention of Data.

TNG “Haven”

Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th October, 2364: S.D. 412d4 to 412d5

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are dates for the first day, S.D. 41294, 41294.5 annd 41294.6.
Continuity: This is the first time we meet Deanna’s mother, Lwaxana Troi.

TNG “The Big Goodbye”

Tuesday 6th to Wednesday 7th October, 2364: S.D. 412d7 to 412d8

Actual stardates: Sunday 13th to Monday 14th June, 2365: S.D. 419d7 to 419d8

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: The stardate for the first day, S.D. 41997.7 is far too late. I’ve completely ignored it.
Continuity: TNG “11001001” makes specific reference to problems with the holodeck. Data makes several Sherlock Holmes references. He also mentions the London Kings breaking Joe DiMaggio’s batting record in 2026, something that will be explored in considerably more detail in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”.

TNG “Datalore”

Sunday 11th to Tuesday 13th October, 2364: S.D. 413x2 to 413x4

Actual stardate: Friday 11th September, 2364: S.D. 412b2

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There is a date, S.D. 41242 but it falls very early on, and in a particularly “crowded” sequence of stardates. I’ve ignored it. It also has the problem that unless events move very rapidly, the same date seems to apply to two days. There are log entries for 41242.5 and then mysteriously it goes back to 41242.45; then a LOT happens, but Lore’s report on the colonists is mentioned in another log entry at 41242.5, when it seems to me it should be at least the next day.
Continuity: Enterprise is overdue for a computer refit, so I’ve squeezed it in before TNG “11001001”, rather than after. This is the first time we find out about Data’s “big brother”, Lore. It’s 26 years since USS Tripoli discovered and reactivated Data, which works whether you use the stardate as given, or my substitute. The mysterious Crystalline Entity will be destroyed in TNG “Silicon Avatar”.

Friday 16th October, 2364: S.D. 413x7

The Federation ambassador to Mordan IV is taken hostage, two days before TNG “Too Short a Season”.

TNG “Too Short a Season”

Sunday 18th to Wednesday 21st October, 2364: S.D. 413x9 to 413y2

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the first day, S.D. 41309.5.
Continuity: Enterprise leaves Mordan IV and heads for Isis III.

Friday 23rd October, 2364; 12th ta’Krat, 8985 V.E.: S.D. 413b4

T’Pau is admitted to the Qualor II surplus depot on S.D. 41344.2, 07:12 local time, according to TNG “Unification I”. This is the information from the remastered version of the episode. Originally, the stardate looked like 43144.7, and there was no indication of the local time.

TNG “The Last Outpost”

Sunday 25th to Monday 26th October, 2364: S.D. 413y6 to 413y7

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the first day, S.D. 41386.4.
Continuity: Somewhat surprisingly, this is the first time that a Starfleet crew has actually met a Ferengi face to face.

Tuesday 27th October to Monday 2nd November, 2364: S.D. 413y8 to 413z4

Enterprise is delayed for a week at Omicron Pascal, just before TNG “11001001”.

TNG “11001001”

Tuesday 3rd to Wednesday 4th November, 2364: S.D. 413c5 to 413c6

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: The first day is S.D. 41365.9.
Continuity: Minuet will return in TNG “Future Imperfect”. Two days later Enterprise is due at Pelleus V. I make that Friday 6th November, 2364: S.D. 41369.

TNG “The Battle”

Monday 9th to Friday 13th November, 2364: S.D. 414a1 to 414a5

Actual stardates: Saturday 27th February to Wednesday 3rd March, 2365: S.D. 417x1 to 417x5

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There is a stardate on what I think is the fourth day, S.D. 41723.9. Since Tasha’s not dead and it has to be before TNG “Coming of Age”, it can’t be that late, so I’ve ignored it. It does have to be after TNG “The Last Outpost”, which made everything a bit of a tight squeeze.
Continuity: It’s six years before TNG “Bloodlines”, which I have in April 2371, so I’ll be the first to admit it works better with the “unmeddled-with” stardate, although that doesn’t fit in with the other elements of continuity, so I’ve stuck with it being six years and five months earlier, which I suppose is sort of okay. DaiMon Bok is sent to Rog Prison, after trying to kill Picard. The USS Stargazer is recovered.

TNG “Coming of Age”

Thursday 19th to Monday 23rd November, 2364: S.D. 414b1 to 414b5

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 41461.2.
Continuity: Wesley will be 16 next month, and I made sure he is. He fails the Academy entrance exam, and we find out that Picard failed first time, too. Admiral Quinn and Dexter Remmick visit Enterprise before being seen again in TNG “Conspiracy”. Remmick’s “interviews” with the crew recall events in TNG “The Naked Now”, TNG “Where No One Has Gone Before”, TNG “Justice” and TNG “The Battle”; that means all of these stories have to be before this one, regardless of stardate. Enterprise then goes to Algeron IV.

Twomonth 9391 B.E.; December 2364

It is around this time that Quark arrives on the Terok Nor space station and establishes a bar and holosuites. He spends at least a month in a relationship with Natima Lang. Morn is one of his first customers, according to DS9 “Who Mourns for Morn?” Once again, things aren’t entirely straightforward, since it’s supposed to be four years before DS9 “Emissary” which I put in October 2369 (so 2365), but seven years before DS9 “Profit and Loss” which I have only about sixteen months later in February 2371. My best guess is it’s a long four years and a short seven, putting Quark’s arrival in late 2364, confirming the date in DS9 “Who Mourns for Morn?” (November 2374) as less than ten years, although only just. It doesn’t really match the less than “11 or 12 years” Quark gives in DS9 “The Magnificent Ferengi,” (also November 2374) since that would be 2362 or 2363, but the fact that these dates are all over the place isn’t all the fault of my attempts to calculate stardates.

Late November or early December 2364

A rather nasty space-cold is brought onto Enterprise, just before TNG “Angel One”. The date’s been adjusted by me, otherwise it would be early February 2365.

TNG “Angel One”

Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th December, 2364: S.D. 414c5 to 414c8

Actual stardates: Thursday 11th February to Sunday 14th February, 2365: S.D. 416c5 to 416c8

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for what I think is the second day, S.D. 41636.9. It’s too late to fit the continuity of the stories, so I’ve ignored it.
Continuity: Enterprise is due at the Neutral Zone, but they don’t seem to get there before TNG “Heart of Glory”.

Mid-December 2364

A mapping survey of the Pleiades star cluster begins just before TNG “Home Soil”.

TNG “Home Soil”

Friday 11th to Saturday 12th December, 2364: S.D. 414d3 to 414d4

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 41463.9 and the second S.D. 41464, with log entries for 41464.3 and 41464.8.

TNG “The Arsenal of Freedom”

Wednesday 16th to Thursday 17th December, 2364: S.D. (1)414d8 to (1)414d9

Actual stardates: Friday 26th to Saturday 27th March, 2365: S.D. 417z8 to 417z9

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the first day, S.D. 41798.2. Once again, it’s far too late to fit in with Tasha’s death.

TNG “Heart of Glory”

Monday 21st to Tuesday 22nd December, 2364; 40th to 41st jo’voS, 993 Q.B.: S.D. 415x3 to 415x4

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 41503.7. Amazingly, I’m not ignoring it.
Continuity: Enterprise is near the Neutral Zone. It’s the first time anyone from the Federation has heard the Klingon Death Howl.
Comment: Oddly enough, it’s just about the last time we hear the Death Howl, too.

TNG “When the Bough Breaks”

Sunday 27th December, 2364 to Saturday 2nd January, 2365: S.D. 415a9 to 415b6

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 41509.1 and the fourth, S.D. 41512.4. Unfortunately, it all goes wrong. They’re supposed to take 20 hours to get back to the planet. I calculate that as S.D. 41513.2, but the date used is S.D. 41512.9, still the previous day.
Comment: By my calculations, Happy New Year!

2365: S.D. 415y4 to 425y8

Three years before TNG “Half a Life” (March 2368), the people of Kaelon II contact the Federation for help in finding a suitable star to test the methods they’d like to use to save their own sun. It’ll take the Federation three years to come up with a candidate.

Eight years before DS9 “To the Death” (April 2373, with the stardate being for the following month), Virak’Kara the Jem’hadar is born.

Odo becomes a security investigator on Terok Nor. His first case involves a resistance fighter, Kira Nerys, as seen in DS9 “Necessary Evil” (October 2370), set five years later, which is why I have it here in 2365. This is a “best guess” since the length of time Odo’s been in charge isn’t at all clear. DS9 “The Ascent” (October 2373) suggests ten years, putting it in 2363 by my calculations. Then there’s the statement in DS9 “The Wire”, that Odo worked for the Cardassians for five years, implying 2365-2369. Unfortunately, there’s no right answer. His first case does have to be after Quark’s arrival (which I’ve decided was probably in December 2364), but how long he was on the station prior to being appointed to his formal post by the Cardassians is anyone’s guess. I think it’ll be 9391 or 9392 B.E.

The Lissepian Mother’s Day Heist happens sometime this year, nine years before DS9 “Who Mourns for Morn?” (November 2374) It’s tempting to try and infer something from the statute of limitations, but I’ve no idea how long a Lissepian year might be, other than it’s probably different from an Earth one.

A Ferengi trader assembles a huge amount of material about the early space age of the Federation, eleven years before VOY “11:59” (April 2376). 7of9 finds it a useful source of information.

Early January 2365

Deanna Troi leaves the ship at Starbase G6 for a visit to Betazed, shortly before TNG “Hide and Q”.

TNG “Hide and Q”

Thursday 7th to Friday 8th January 2365: S.D. 415z0 to 415z1

Estimated duration; 2 days
Chronology: There are stardates for both days, S.D. 41590.5and S.D. 41591.4.
Continuity: Q makes his second appearance, after TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”.

TNG “Symbiosis”

Monday 11th to Tuesday 12th January, 2365: S.D. 415z4 to 415z5

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are no dates at all in this story.
Continuity: It has to be before TNG “Skin of Evil”.

TNG “Skin of Evil”

Monday 18th to Tuesday 19th January, 2365: S.D. 416a1 to 416a2

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are stardates for both days, S.D. 41601.3 and S.D. 41602.1.
Continuity: Tasha Yar dies. I particularly wanted to get this date right, so there are a lot of stories crammed in before it, and not many after. I’m guessing the martial arts contest scheduled for Thursday 21st January, 2365: S.D. 41604 was cancelled.

TNG “We’ll Always Have Paris”

Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th February, 2365: S.D. 416d7 to 416d8

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate on the first day, S.D. 41697.9.
Continuity: We meet Picard’s ex-girlfriend, Jenice Mannheim. He ditched her 22 years before. Enterprise goes to Sarona VII for rest and relaxation.

TNG “Conspiracy”

Saturday 13th to Thursday 18th March, 2365: S.D. 417y5 to 417z0

Estimated duration: 6 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 41775.5, the second day S.D. 41776.1 and the sixth day, S.D. 41780.2
Continuity: Admiral Quinn and Dexter Remmick both return, having appeared in TNG “Coming of Age”. It’s three years before TNG “The Drumhead” (March 2368, although the month and year aren’t affected).

April 2365: S.D. 418a4 to 418d3

According to TNG “Allegiance,” Captain Picard is due for his annual physical.

Benzan and Yanar begin their relationship, six months before TNG “The Outrageous Okona” (October 2365, the date has been adjusted by me; going strictly by stardates, it would be a month later, in May 2365).

Monday 10th May, 2365: S.D. 419a3

Contact is lost with Federation bases near the Romulan Neutral Zone in Sector 31 on S.D. 41903.2, according to TNG “The Neutral Zone”.

Mid-May 2365

Shortly before TNG “The Neutral Zone” Captain Picard goes to an emergency conference at Starbase 718.

TNG “The Neutral Zone”

Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th June, 2365: S.D. 419c6 to 419c9

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 41986.0.
Continuity: Data quite specifically says it’s the year 2364. I disagree, since stardates only started to make any sense at all when I completely ignored this suggestion. This is the first appearance by the Romulans since TOS “The Enterprise Incident”. USS Charleston will take the newly-awakened people from the past back to Earth.

June to early July 2365

Geordi La Forge is promoted to full lieutenant and assigned as chief engineer. Worf becomes permanent chief of security. Beverly Crusher takes the post of chief of Starfleet Medical, and Guinan joins the ship. It’s the gap between the first and second seasons of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, with the changes explained in TNG “The Child”. William Riker spends the time growing a beard.

Friday 18th June, 2365: S.D. 420a2

10 years, 2 months and 5 days before DS9 “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” (August 2375), Solok and Sisko last meet.

TNG “The Child”

Sunday 18th to Thursday 22nd July, 2365: S.D. 420d2 to 420d6

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the second day, S.D. 42073.1.
Continuity: Kate Pulaski arrives on Repulse on the first day. A Betazed pregnancy usually lasts ten months. Wesley decides to stay on the ship, rather than join his mother on Earth. The ship sets course for the Morgana Quadrant.

TNG “Where Silence Has Lease”

Wednesday 18th to Thursday 19th August, 2365: S.D. 421z3 to 421z4

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are log entries for both days, S.D. 42193.6 and S.D. 42194.7.
Continuity: Enterprise is still travelling to the unexplored Morgana Quadrant.

Week of Monday 30th August to Sunday 5th September, 2365: S.D. 422a5 to 422b1

Eight weeks before TNG “Unnatural Selection” (October 2365, adjusted from stardates in December 2365), the crew of USS Lantree all get a medical at the start of their duty cycle. The stardates would place it in the week of Monday 11th to Sunday 17th October, 2365: S.D. 423x7 to 423y3, but I’ve changed it.
Comment: The stardates in the second season of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” are inconveniently grouped, especially when TNG “Pen Pals” has to be accommodated. I have actually tried keeping the start of TNG “Pen Pals” at the right place. There just isn’t the space after it to fit in the remaining stories. Even with so many dates “adjusted” and some cheating, this is the best solution I could get within the number of days available. I haven’t just gone stardate-changing crazy. At least, I don’t think I have.

Tuesday 7th September, 2365: S.D. 422b3

According to my calculations, this is when Data last uses his sexual programming; eight years, seven months and sixteen days before “Star Trek: First Contact”. We’re supposed to assume that Tasha is Data’s one and only human girl, but TNG “The Naked Now” would be nine years, seven months and fifteen days before, by my calculations. I’m left speculating that maybe Doctor Pulaski got a bit curious, and I’m guessing that the trip to the Morgana Quadrant was remarkably dull.

Around Friday 10th September, 2365: S.D. 422b6

Enterprise reaches the Morgana Quadrant, as mentioned in both TNG “The Child” and TNG “Where Silence Has Lease”.

TNG “Elementary, Dear Data”

Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd September, 2365: S.D. 422c6 to 422d0

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the first day, S.D. 42286.3. USS Victory arrives on schedule, three days later.
Continuity: It’s four years before TNG “Ship in a Bottle” (I have that in November 2369, so it works). After TNG “Lonely Among Us” and TNG “11001001”, Data returns to his Sherlock Holmes hobby.

TNG “The Outrageous Okona”

Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th October, 2365: S.D. 423x2 to 423x4

Actual stardates: Friday 5th to Sunday 7th November, 2365:S.D. 424a2 to 424a4

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There is a stardate for the first day, S.D. 42402.7. I’ve ignored it.
Continuity: Data decides to explore the concept of humour.

TNG “The Schizoid Man”

Monday 11th to friday 15th October, 2365: S.D. 423x7 to 423y1

Actual stardates: Saturday 20th to Wednesday 24th November, 2365: S.D. 424b7 to 424c1

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There is a date for the first day, S.D. 42437, with entries at 42437.5 and 42437.7. I’ve ignored them, mainly because of TNG “Pen Pals”.

TNG “Loud as a Whisper”

Thursday 21st to Monday 25th October, 2365: S.D. 423y7 to 423y9

Actual stardates: Tuesday 30th November to Thursday 2nd December, 2365: S.D. 424c7 to 424c9

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 42477.2 and the third day, S.D. 42479.3. I’ve not used them.

Saturday 23rd October, 2365: S.D. 423y9

Lantree’s first officer gets ’flu, five days before TNG “Unnatural Selection” (October 2365, adjusted from stardates in December 2365). I’ve adjusted the date. Using the stardates, it would be Thursday 2nd December, 2365: S.D. 424c9.

Monday 25th October, 2365: S.D. 423z1

Lantree visits Gagarin IV, three days before TNG “Unnatural Selection” (October 2365, adjusted from stardates in December 2365). By stardate, it would be Saturday 4th December, 2365: S.D. 424d1.

Wednesday 27th October, 2365: S.D. 423z3

Lantree tries to reach a Federation outpost, since most of the crew are dead, the day before TNG “Unnatural Selection” (October 2365, adjusted from stardates in December 2365). Using the stardate in the log entry, the date would be Monday 6th December, 2365: S.D. 42493.1.

TNG “Unnatural Selection”

Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st October, 2365: S.D. 423z4 to 423z6

Actual stardates: Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th December, 2365: S.D. 424d4 to 424d6

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There is a log entry for the first day, S.D. 42494.8. I’ve not used it.
Comment: Where were the Federation’s incredibly strict laws about genetic enhancement of humans this week?

TNG “A Matter of Honor”

Monday 8th to Wednesday 10th November, 2365: S.D. 424a5 to 424a7; 1st to 3rd tlha’laH, 993 Q.B.

Actual stardates: Saturday 18th to Monday 20th December, 2365: S.D. 425x5 to 425x7

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the second day, S.D. 42506.5 and the third day, S.D. 42507.8. As is becoming usual, unfortunately, I’ve ignored them.
Continuity: Commander Riker is the first Starfleet officer to serve aboard a Klingon ship.

TNG “The Measure of a Man”

Friday 26th to Tuesday 30th November, 2365: S.D. 424c3 to 424c7

Actual stardates: Sunday 26th to Thursday 30th December, 2365: S.D. 425y3 to 425y7

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 42523.7 and the fifth day, S.D. 42527.4. I’ve ignored them.
Continuity: Commander Bruce Maddox opposed Data’s entry to the Academy. He’ll also be the person Data compiles his report for in TNG “Data’s Day”.
Comment: I originally assumed this story lasted six days, but the information in Jean Lorrah's novel “Metamorphosis” has led me to revise that.

17:24 on Sunday 5th to 00:14 on Wednesday 22nd December, 2365: S.D. 424d2.72 to 425x9.01

USS Yamato investigates Iconia, according to the dates in Donald Varley’s personal log, immediately before TNG “Contagion” (##red|December 2365, with the stardate being in January 2366). The actual stardates used would place events at 17:24 on Tuesday 4th to 00:14 on Friday 21st January, 2366: S.D. 42592.72 to 42609.01
Comment: The dates don’t bear too close an inspection even if I wasn’t changing them, since several dates seem to be duplicated, and they’re not in order. Of course, it could be that the computer virus has distorted everything.

TNG “The Dauphin”

Friday 10th to Sunday 12th December, 2365: S.D. 424d7 to 424d9

Actual stardates: Sunday 9th to Tuesday 11th January, 2366: S.D. 425z7 to 426z9

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There’s a stardate for the second day, S.D. 42568.8. As you may well have already guessed, I’ve ignored it.

TNG “The Royale”

Saturday 18th December, 2365: S.D. 425x5

Actual stardate: Thursday 27th January, 2366: S.D. 426b5

Estimated duration: A day
Chronology: There is a stardate, S.D. 42625.4. I’ve ignored it.
Continuity: The show that made a huge deal of Fermat’s Last Theorem, and how nobody had been able to offer a solution for 800 years. Rather unsportingly, a possible solution was subsequently proposed in 1995. Geordi also makes a scientific howler when he says the temperature of Theta VIII is -291°C. Absolute zero is -273°C, and you can’t get lower than that. However, Geordi is reading a “mean surface temperature” directly off a display screen. Doubtless the very low temperatures from the initial sensor scans have been automatically extrapolated by the computer into an impossibly low “planetary average”.

TNG “Contagion”

Wednesday 22nd December, 2365: S.D. 425x9

Actual stardate: Friday 21st January, 2366: S.D. 426a9

Estimated duration: A day
Chronology: There is a stardate, S.D. 42609.1. I’ve ignored it.
Continuity: I’ve flipped this story with TNG “The Royale” to try and save some time. USS Yamato is lost with all hands. Enterprise returns to the Neutral Zone, and discovers the homeworld of the Iconians.

Friday 24th December, 2365: S.D. 425y1

Data receives his first transmission from Sarjenka, a fortnight before TNG “Pen Pals” (January 2366, with the stardates indivating an impossibly late start in February 2366). Applying the actually used stardates would place it at Wednesday 2nd February, 2366: S.D. (1)426c1.

TNG “The Icarus Factor”

Wednesday 29th December, 2365; 1st do’qat, 993 Q.B.: S.D. 425y6

Actual stardate: Monday 7th February, 2366: S.D. 426c6

Estimated duration: A day
Chronology: Everything happens over twelve hours, and there’s a stardate, S.D. 42686.4. As usual at this point, I’ve ignored it.
Continuity: We get to meet Commander Riker’s dad. It’s the 10th anniversary of Worf’s Rite of Ascension (I’ve made it in Klingon years, and placed it in June 2350). Riker turns down command of USS Aries. The ship sets off for Beta Kupsic.

2356 to 2363
2366 to 2367

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