2356 to 2363

2356: S.D. 325y6 to 335y1

Surmak Ren is arrested several times, but released. The year is given in a display in DS9 “Babel”. I make it Bajoran year 9381 or 9382.

Threemonth or Fourmonth 9381 B.E.; January or February 2356

Fourteen and a half years before DS9 “The Circle” (July 2370), Kira Nerys starts breaking the rules, according to Odo. It’s possibly that mysterious point when she’s thirteen and joins the resistance, as said in DS9 “The Darkness and the Light”? If so, that'll fix an awful lot of other stuff, like: Kira Nerys joins a group of Bajoran freedom fighters, led by Shakaar Edon, established in DS9 “The Circle”, DS9 “Shakaar” and DS9 “Crossfire”.

2356 or possibly 2357

The Federation outpost on Galen IV is wiped out, three years and nine months after the birth of Jeremiah Rossa. The Federation is fighting a war with the Talarians. It’s all part of the plot in TNG “Suddenly Human”.

Approximately 2356

Whilst at Starfleet Academy, William Riker discovers a “blind spot” in Tholian sensors and uses it to conceal his ship from the enemy in a battle simulation, according to TNG “Peak Performance”.

Before 2357

The Haakonians conquer Talax after destroying Rinax with the Metreon Cascade. 300,000 Talaxians die in the attack, including Neelix’s entire family, fifteen years before VOY “Jetrel”, although Jetrel seems to be approximating.
Continuity: In VOY “Mortal Coil”, Neelix says that it's “eleven years” ago (2363 by my calculations). That’s probably a mistake, but it could suggest that Talaxian years are considerably longer than Earth years.

2357: S.D. 335y2 to 345y6

Four survivors of the freighter Odin arrive on the planet Angel I after the ship is damaged by asteroids (and they’ve spent five months in an escape pod), seven years before TNG “Angel One” (December 2364, with stardates in February 2365 that raise continuity problems). By strict stardate, I’d place this the following year.

Surmak Ren is arrested, convicted and sent to the Velos VII Internment Camp. The year is provided in a display seen in DS9 “Babel”. I make it Bajoran year 9382 or 9383.

12 years before DS9 “Q-Less” (December 2369), Vash last visits Earth.

Sometime between February and December 2357?

Fifteen year-old Jules Bashir decides his name is going to be Julian from now on, as mentioned in TNG “Doctor Bashir, I Presume”.

2357 to April 2361

Worf attends Starfleet Academy. The dates are from material prepared for TNG “Conundrum”, but not used. His stepbrother Nikolai Rozhenko starts the Academy course at the same time, but drops out after a year, as explained in TNG “Homeward”.

April 2357: S.D. 338a2 to 338d1

William Riker and Geordi La Forge graduate from Starfleet Academy. Riker is eighth in his class. Assuming that both men take a four year course, as Geordi’s service record indicates, then they would both have entered the Academy in 2353, as Geordi’s file says he did. The superintendent of the Academy at this time is Vulcan, and has memorised the personnel file of every single cadet. All this information was gleaned from TNG “The First Duty”, TNG “Chain of Command, Part I” and TNG “Cause and Effect”.

The future Captain Paul Rice of the USS Drake also attends the Academy with Riker, according to TNG “The Arsenal of Freedom”.

Donald Kaplan attends the Academy with Geordi, as mentioned in TNG “Force of Nature”.

April or May 2357

William Riker is assigned to USS Pegasus straight out of the Academy, according to TNG “The Pegasus”. Jellico also specifically identifies Riker as “class of ’57.”

November 2357: S.D. 343z6 to 344c5

Based on the graduation month in TNG “The First Duty”, it’s seven months since Riker graduated, and therefore USS Pegasus is lost, twelve years before TNG “The Pegasus”. I calculate that TNG “The Pegasus” is in November 2370, so I’m a year early. This time, I think anyone else would be too.

Approximately 2357

Kathryn Janeway and Tuvok first meet, approximately twenty years before VOY “Fury” (March 2377). I’ve speculated elsewhere that I think Janeway’s still a cadet, and it’s while Tuvok is an instructor at the Academy. Both assumptions could be completely wrong, especially since VOY “Revulsion” (August 2374) provides the details, and suggests that it was only nine years before, putting it in 2365 by my figures, quite a bit later on.

2358: S.D. 345y7 to 355y1

T’Jon takes command of the Omaran freighter Sanction, seven years before TNG “Symbiosis” (January 2365).

Gallitep labour camp is liberated by Bajoran freedom fighters, including Kira Nerys, twelve years before DS9 “Duet” (May 2370).

Nikolai Rozhenko leaves Starfleet Academy and returns to the planet Gault,as explained in TNG “Homeward” and TNG “Heart of Glory”.

Ro Laren enters Starfleet Academy, according to the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum”.

Harry Kim has the Mendakan Pox when he’s nine, according to VOY “Favourite Son”.

2358, before December

Admiral Janeway, Kathryn’s father, drowns under the icecap of Tau Ceti Prime, over fifteen years before VOY “Coda” (December 2373). A less than authoritative biography of Captain Janeway in VOY “The Killing Game, Part I” specifies the year as 2358, as does a novel, “Mosaic” by Jeri Taylor.

Approximately 2358

Although it involves some assumptions about Cardassian years that may not be justified, if Rugal is separated from his father and adopted by a Bajoran family eight years before DS9 “Cardassians” (August 2370), and he’s just past his fourth birthday at the time, then I think he’ll have been born around now.

Tanis is born, 14 years before VOY “Cold Fire” (August 2372).

2359: S.D. 355y2 to 365y6

Five years before TNG “Too Short a Season” (October 2364), the civil wars on Mordan IV end, and Karnas becomes head of the planetary government.

12 years before DS9 “Whispers” (January 2371), the Parada civil war starts.

12 years before TNG “Bloodlines” (April 2371), Jason and Miranda Vigo leave Earth to live on Camor V.

15 years before DS9 “In the Cards” (May 2374), Doctor Giger starts working on his immortality machine.

The last new recruit to the “Think Tank,” seventeen years before VOY “Think Tank” (February 2376).

April 2359: S.D. 358a2 to 358d1

Deanna Troi graduates from Starfleet Academy; the year is from the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum”, month guessed from TNG “The First Duty”.

Approximately 2359

Ben Sisko and Curzon Dax attend the Rujian Steeplechase. According to DS9 “A Man Alone”, Sisko was about Bashir’s age, which I calculate to be 27. I think he must have been younger, since he meets his wife straight after leaving the Academy, and starts a family. Surely the seven-foot-tall twins weren’t an extra-marital dalliance?

Piri the Akritirian is born, fourteen years before VOY “The Chute” (August 2373).

2360: S.D. 365y7 to 375y2

Four years before TNG “Too Short a Season” (October 2364), Iverson’s disease confines Mark Jameson to a support chair.
Continuity: Obviously he never met Dax, who’d not seen a wheelchair for hundreds of years before DS9 “Aquiel”.

Six years before TNG “The Emissary” (May 2366), Worf and K’Ehleyr last met.

Nine years before DS9 “Babel” (November 2369), Dekon Elig is last heard of, in the Velos VII Internment Camp.

Sarina is sent to the Institute, fifteen years before DS9 “Chrysalis” September 2375).

Tuesday 8th March, 2360: S.D. 367y4

The date of the Judge Advocate General’s report into a possible mutiny aboard Pegasus is given as S.D. 36764, in TNG “The Pegasus”.

Approximately 2360

About 10 years before TNG “The Chase” (February 2370), Professor Galen drops out of sight.

10 years before TNG “Second Chances” (May 2370), Riker starts trying to play “Night Bird”, and failing on the solo.

10 years before DS9 “The Homecoming” (July 2370), Li Nalas and his companions are captured and imprisoned by the Cardassians.

10 years before DS9 “The Siege” (August 2370), The Bajoran Resistance manage to conceal some sub-impulse raiders underground at the Lunar Five base.

Twelve years before VOY “Resistance” (September 2372), Caylem’s wife dies in a Mokra Order prison, although he refuses to believe it.

Before 2361

Over 10 years before DS9 “Paradise” (January 2371), the settlers bound for Gemulon V end up on Orellious Minor.

2361: S.D. 375y3 to 385y7

Assuming Tasha Yar’s career follows a similar path in this universe as the one in the TNG “Yesterday’s Enterprise” alternate timeline, Tasha should be joining Starfleet Academy sometime this year, since she is assigned to Enterprise straight after graduating.

Five years before TNG “The Survivors” (August 2366), Kevin and Rishon Uxbridge settle on Delta Rana IV.

Jeremy Aster’s father dies, five years before TNG “The Bonding” (August 2366).

Six years before TNG “Remember Me” (August 2367), Doctor Dalen Quaice takes up his post on Starbase 113. He’s accompanied by his wife, Patricia.

USS Potemkin makes the last visit by a Starfleet ship to the colony on Turkana IV. The crew are warned that they will be killed if they travel to the surface. It’s six years before TNG “Legacy” (September 2367).

Nine years before DS9 “The Storyteller” (March 2370), Hovath begins studying to be the village storyteller.

Vreenak becomes a key member of the Romulan Senate, fourteen years before DS9 “In the Pale Moonlight” (February 2375).

Assuming the EMH’s hallucinations are based on accurate data from Voyager’s memory banks, Lewis Zimmerman is assigned to the holoprogramming center at Jupiter Station. The year is on a display seen during VOY “Projections”.

Bajoran Winter, 9387-88? B.E.; Mid-2361?

Ten years before DS9 “Second Skin” (September 2371), Kira spends the winter hiding in the Dahkur Hills being hungry. She remembers it well and never spent seven days in Elemspur Detention Centre. It was also the time that Legate Tekeny Ghemor’s daughter Iliana went undercover as a Cardassian agent on Bajor.
Continuity: Precisely when it’s winter on Bajor isn’t clear. As I point out at Bajoran Calendar, it also depends on whether you’re in the northern or southern hemisphere of the planet. There’s also the question of whether we’re considering ten Bajoran years (which would place things about a year later in both calendars) or an Earth equivalent. I’m using Earth years, otherwise I’ll just get too confused.

Approximately 2361

Nine years before DS9 “Rivals” (November 2370), Roana and her husband open a shop on the Promenade of Terok Nor.

It’s around this time that Rom leaves home, after his failed marriage to Prinadora, unless Ferengi (in this particular case, Nog) mature very, very quickly. A guess based on DS9 “Family Business” and DS9 “Doctor Bashir, I Presume?”

Before 2362

It’s more than seven years since the last Klingon raid on the Federation in TNG “Aquiel” (December 2369).

Over 8 years before DS9 “Cardassians” (August 2370), Kotan Pa’Dar is exarch of a Cardassian settlement in Tozhat Province on Bajor. He has a son that he believes is later killed in a terrorist attack.

Lidell moves into the home she’s living in, over ten years beforeVOY “Ex Post Facto” (January 2372).

Over ten years before DS9 “Crossfire” (December 2372), Kira first gets to know Shakaar. My guesses make it quite a while before, around 2356. Although since she’s only thirteen when she first joins his resistance group, maybe “gets to know” is some sort of euphemism?

2362: S.D. 385y8 to 395y2

Five years before TNG “Captain’s Holiday” (March 2367, although the month and year aren’t affected), Vash begins working as Professor Samuel Estragon’s assistant in his search for the Tox Uthat.

At around this time, William Riker is stationed on the planet Betazed, and accepts a new posting, on Potemkin. Before leaving, Riker and Deanna Troi arrange to meet six weeks later on Risa. In the interval, Riker and Potemkin are involved in evacuating scientists from Nervala IV. Riker doesn’t keep his date on Risa, and Deanna decides she’s gone off him. It’s eight years before TNG “Second Chances” (May 2370). Although no-one but the duplicate knows about it at the time, William Riker is duplicated on Nervala IV in a freak transporter accident. It’s supposed to be nine years before DS9 “Defiant” (November 2371), so I’m just about on target.

Eight years before DS9 “Cardassians” (August 2370), Rugal goes missing, just after his 4th birthday. Gul Dukat is the commander of Terok Nor.

Eight years before DS9 “Melora” (September 2370), Quark and Fallit Kot last see each other. Fallit Kot was caught hijacking Romulan Ale and went to prison. Quark was involved, of course.

Ro Laren graduates from Starfleet Academy. The display screen shown in TNG “Conundrum” said the date was 2364, but TNG “The Next Phase” featured a “corrected” version of her personnel file, so I’ve gone with that.

Sometime this year USS Tombaugh, under the command of Captain Blackwood, is assimilated by the Borg. The stardate of S.D. 52188.7: Thursday 21st August, 2375 used to refer to this time really doesn’t fit, whatever system you use. It’s 13 years before VOY “Infinite Regress” (October 2375). It also coincidentally adds to the number of times the Borg crop up before they’re “discovered” for absolutely the first time in TNG “Q Who?”, which I place in March 2366.
Comment: Continuity? What’s that?

Saturday 19th May, 2362: S.D. 389b6

Jean Luc Picard is awarded the Grankite Order of Tactics (Class of Excellence), on S.D. 38946.2 for his strategy at the Battle of Maxia, according to set dressing prepared for “Star Trek: Generations”.
Continuity: I’ve dated the Battle of Maxia to September 2355, so they didn’t make their minds up very quickly. Perhaps that’s not surprising, considering he faced charges over it to start off with.

Sevenday 19th Leaponemonth, 9389 B.E.; Thursday 25th October, 2362: S.D. 393y5

Dekon Elig is killed on S.D. 39355 whilst trying to escape from the Velos VII Internment Camp, according to the Bajoran Archives. The display screen appears in DS9 “Babel”.

Approximately 2362

Whilst on Potemkin, William Riker fooled an opponent’s sensors by shutting down power on the ship and using a planet’s magnetic poles as camouflage, according to TNG “Peak Performance”.

Almost ten years before DS9 “Shadowplay” (January 2371), Colyus becomes protector.

Ten years before DS9 “Little Green Men” (September 2372), Quark loans Gaila the money to go into the arms business.

It all starts to go wrong for Tom Paris, ten years before VOY “Threshold” (October 2372).

2363: S.D. 395y3 to 405y7

Two years before the flashback sequence in DS9 “Necessary Evil”, Odo first meets Dukat when the Bajoran Academy of Science shows him off. He does the neck trick. It’s also allegedly when Vaatrik Pallra gets married to her husband. I make it 9389 or 9390 B.E..

Six years before TNG “The Quality of Life” (September 2369, with the stardates placing it in the following month), Doctor Farallon starts working on the particle fountain.

Beverly Crusher decides to try and qualify as a commander, around eight years before TNG “Thine Own Self” (January 2371).

It’s the year the Setlik III massacre happens, eight years before DS9 “Tribunal”, which I have in May 2371.
Continuity: G2K’s ST-v-SW.Net has an analysis of what happened at Setlik III (and when) here: http://www.st-v-sw.net/archive/TAsetlik3.html, if you want the details. It’s not at all straightforward, and it’s pointless for me to try and repeat all that work in my own way. I’m not going to just rip it off, either.
Comment: It’s a point where I diverge mightily from the “Star Trek Chronology”, since it places the massacre in 2347 and uses it to date the start of the Federation-Cardassian war. That completely ignores the timescale set up in DS9 “Tribunal”. It seems to be the result of a decision that the reference to the “field transporter” that O’Brien uses at the time of the massacre is his first experience of operating one (which isn’t exactly what was said). Obviously, since the events that took place at Setlik III tend to vary, and O’Brien’s back story is a little vague, there’s no way of saying for certain that it didn’t happen much earlier.

Pallra and Vaatrik get married, seven years before DS9 “Necessary Evil” (October 2370).

Wednesday 26th June, 2363: S.D. (1)400b2

Enterprise-D’s dilithium crystal chamber is designed at outpost Seran T-1 on S.D. 40052, according to TNG “Booby Trap”.

Wednesday 3rd July, 2363: S.D. 400b6

S.D. 40056 is the date of Leah Brahms’ Starfleet personality profile analysis, used in TNG “Booby Trap”.

Sunday 28th July, 2363: S.D. 401x1

1,549 days before TNG “Data’s Day”, the commissioning date of Enterprise. That story is supposed to be on Diwali 2367, Monday 23rd October; and in that case the day in question would be Saturday 27th July, 2363: S.D. 40170. I had a really agonising near miss, and place the story the day after, on Tuesday 24th October, 2367.From the way Data phrases it, I’m assuming that the commissioning was on day one, and it’s actually 1,549 days later, rather than the 1,550 he mentions. It’s my timeline, so I get to say.
Continuity: The “Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual” puts the commissioning date at Friday 4th October, 2363. I calculate the stardate to be S.D. 40239, but this doesn’t work terribly well, since the 1,550th day would then be Sunday 31st December, 2367: S.D. 44588. Definitely a festival, but not the right one.

August 2363: S.D. 401x5 to 402a5

Sometime during the construction of Enterprise, Lieutenant Walter Pierce commits a double murder and then kills himself, as seen in TNG “Eye of the Beholder”. The stardate S.D. 40937.2: Tuesday 19th May, 2364 seems to be just one of a whole host of dodgy stardates fantasised by Deanna Troi, since it’s supposed to be eight years before the story, which I have in February 2371. The only “true” date is for the death of three Starfleet officers, shown very blurrily at the end of the story. I've squinted at it ’till I got a headache, but can’t say much other than it ends in “.4”. Walter Pierce, Marla Finn and William Hodges all died at that time, though. Memory Alpha leads me to think it was S.D. 40999.4: Wednesday 10th June, 2364, and that’s not a lot of help either.

17:29:45 to 17:30:17 on Saturday 10th August, 2363: S.D. 401y4

Geordi LaForge is part of an away team from Victory to Tarchannen III on S.D. 40164.7. TNG “Identity Crisis” is five years later, which I calculate happens in February 2368, so I’ve got that right. Later sensor logs suggest that the landing party stayed until at least 22:15, but this would be S.D. 40164.9, not S.D. 40164.7 as shown on the display.

Tuesday 20th August, 2363: S.D. 401z4

Geordi recreates Drafting Room 5 of the Utopia Planitia Yards as it was on S.D. 40174 on the holodeck during TNG “Booby Trap”.

Thursday 5th September, 2363: S.D. 402b0

S.D. 40250.5, launch date of Phoenix, according to TNG “The Wounded”.

Thursday 26th September, 2363: S.D. 402d1

S.D. 40291.7, the commissioning date of Tsiolkovsky, as seen on a dedication plaque in TNG “The Naked Now”. It was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, USSR, Earth. It’s therefore one of several references that suggest that the USSR is reconstituted at some point.

Approximately 2363

Silaran Prin is horribly disfigured in a Bajoran resistance attack, ten years before DS9 “The Darkness and the Light” (November 2373).

2301 to 2355
2364 to 2365

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