2301 to 2355
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“The turn of the century”

Bajoran colonists arrive on Golana, according to DS9 “Time’s Orphan”.

“The 24th century”

Around the beginning of the century, “high frequency bands” come into use for subspace communications, replacing the lower band frequencies used in the past, according to TNG “The Masterpiece Society”.

2301; 952 Q.B.: S.D. (7)71a6 to (7)81x0

The vintage of a bottle of bloodwine O’Brien shares with Worf in DS9 “Image in the Sand”.

Approximately 2302

Future Federation president Jaresh-Inyo goes into politics, 70 years before DS9 “Paradise Lost” (October 2372, but the year wouldn’t change even if I could get the stardates to work better).

2303: S.D. (7)91a6 to (8)01a0

The last Federation contact with Angel I, 62 years before TNG “Angel One” (December 2364, the stardates would place this story in February 2365, but that raises problems with continuity).

The vintage of the Château Cleon champagne drunk to celebrate Benjamin Sisko’s promotion to captain in DS9 “The Adversary”.

2304; 8933 V.E.: S.D. (8)01a1 to (8)11a6

Sometime this year, six years into his Vulcan meditations, Tuvok goes into pon farr and marries T’Pel, as explained in VOY “Flashback”. VOY “Alice” places this event in 2304. VOY “Ex Post Facto” (January 2372) says Tuvok’s only been married once, and it’s been for 67 years, fortunately for me also supporting the year 2304. VOY “Elogium” (May 2372) establishes that he has 4 living children in 2372, 3 sons and 1 daughter. His daughter’s name is Asil, according to VOY “Unimatrix Zero”.
Comment: I originally assumed that this would allow all kinds of detailed assumptions about the length of Vulcan years and pon farr cycles to be derived. Further research has convinced me I can’t.

Thursday 13th July, 2305: S.D. (8)16c0

Jean-Luc Picard is born to Maurice and Yvette Picard in La Barre, France, according to the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum”.
Comment: I doubt I’m the first to have pointed this out, but there is no obvious “La Barre” the Picards could live in. Château Picard is supposed to be in the Bordeaux region of France, which confines it to quite a specific area, where there isn’t anywhere called La Barre or even close.

Approximately 2308

Timicin is born on Kaelon II, assuming their years are similar in length to ours, or there’s been some converting to Earth years going on. He’s due to die in TNG “Half a Life” (March 2368), because he’s 60.

2309; 957 Q.B.: S.D. (8)51a8 to (8)61x2

Transporter psychosis is first diagnosed. The year is specified in TNG “Realm of Fear”.

The vintage of the barrel of bloodwine Martok cracks open on the surface of Cardassia Prime in DS9 “What You Leave Behind”. Also probably the vintage Gowron serves up when he arrives on Deep Space 9 in DS9 “When It Rains…” It’s positively the vintage when Worf and Kor share a drink in DS9 “Once More Unto the Breach”. It’s also the vintage of the 16 cases Martok ends up with when the dust settles in DS9 “Treachery, Faith and the Great River”.

Approximately 2309

The Cardassian Union extends an offer of assistance to Bajor, sixty years before DS9 “Emissary” (October 2369, but the year is correct). DS9 “Things Past”, puts it around 2316, fifty years before the flashback sequence, which I place in 2366.

Approximately 2310

Nearly 60 years before TNG “The Chase” (February 2370), the Federation first identifies the Indri system.

2311; 9333 B.E.: S.D. (8)71a8 to (8)81x2

The Treaty of Algeron. The Neutral Zone between the Federation and Romulans is adjusted, and Starfleet is forbidden to use or even develop cloaking devices, as explained in TNG “The Defector”, TNG “The Pegasus” and TNG “These Are the Voyages…”

Jillur Gueta is born in Rakantha Province, Bajor, 55 years before the flashback in DS9 “Things Past”, which I place in 2366.

Sunday 15th October, 2311: S.D. (8)79a5

53 years, 7 months and 18 days before TNG “The Neutral Zone” (June 2365, although Data says it is the year 2364); the last direct contact between the Federation and the Romulans. The Tomed Incident is obviously prior to this, and it actually seems to match up with the Treaty of Algeron, above.

2313: S.D. (8)91a9 to (9)01x3

An alien life form posing as Kevin Uxbridge marries Rishon, possibly in the New Martim Vaz aquatic city on Earth. It’s 53 years before TNG “The Survivors” (August 2366).

53 years before TNG “The Vengeance Factor” (November 2366), the Gatherer Penthor-Mul of Clan Lornak is captured by the Acamarians. He dies mysteriously.

Week of Monday 26th October to Sunday 1st November, 2314: S.D. (9)09c2 to (9)09c8

Mark and Anne Jameson are married, a week less than 50 years before TNG “Too Short a Season” (October 2364).

Around Friday 22nd October, 2315: S.D. (9)19b3

Sara Kingsley is born, based on her 50th birthday being a week before TNG “Unnatural Selection”. The exact date could be a few days earlier or later.

Before 2319

Over 50 years before TNG “Realm of Fear”, the last case of transporter psychosis is diagnosed, before the introduction of multiplex pattern buffers.

2319; 9341 B.E.: S.D. (9)51b0 to (9)61x4

45 years before TNG “Too Short a Season” (October 2364), Mark Jameson is involved in hostage negotiations on Mordan IV. A long civil war on the planet also starts about now. We discover that Karnas took 63 people on a starliner hostage, after the murder of his father. Mark Jameson supplied weapons to get the hostages free, and then gave the same weapons to all the other factions, sparking 40 years of conflict.

Birth of Surmak Ren, the date is taken from a display screen shown in DS9 “Babel”. The Earth year; the Bajoran year is one I’m guessing at.

2320; 9342 B.E.: S.D. (9)61x5 to (9)71b0

Assuming the EMH’s hallucinations are based on accurate data from Voyager’s memory banks, Lewis Zimmerman is born to Gregory Zimmerman and Sandra Fritz. There’s a display screen shown in VOY “Projections”.

Timor Landi is born in Rakantha Province, Bajor, 46 years before the flashbacks in DS9 “Things Past”, which I place in 2366.

Fiveday 42nd Threemonth, 9342 B.E.; Friday 9th April, 2320: S.D. (9)64a4

Kira Nerys’ mother Kira Meru is born. DS9 “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night” specifies the time of what would have been her 60th birthday, and I’m using my Bajoran Calendar to go back exactly sixty Bajoran years. It’s 54.8 Earth years ago.

Approximately 2320

Lisa Cusak is born, based on an estimated age of 51 years at her death, three years and two months before DS9 “The Sound of Her Voice”, which I have as being in May 2375.

Approximately 2321

About 50 years before TNG “Bloodlines” (April 2371), Miranda Vigo is born on New Gaul.

2322: S.D. (9)81x6 to (9)91b0

According to TNG “Coming of Age”, Picard fails the Academy entrance exam the first time he takes it. I’m assuming that he gets in the following year.

2323: S.D. (9)91b1 to 005y7

Picard starts at the Academy, according to the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum”. One of Picard’s instructors is a woman who was confined to a wheelchair from birth, as he tries to recount to Deanna Troi in TNG “The Loss”. According to “Star Trek: Nemesis”, Picard is the first of his family to travel beyond the Solar System. During Picard’s time at the Academy, the superintendent is a full Betazoid, according to TNG “The First Duty”.

00:00:00 (UTC) on Sunday 17th June, 2323; J.D. 2569684.5: S.D. 000a0.0

Zero date for the “five-figure” stardates used in the 24th century. Since the link between Earth years and “1,000” stardate units appears to be so close, and that the base unit of stardates is an Earth day, it seems unlikely that there wouldn’t be a close link between the two timekeeping systems. I’ve made sure that they keep roughly synchronised by including an extra “long” year every 40 years. There will still be a divergence, but it won’t be noticeable for several centuries.

April 2324: S.D. 008a9 to 008d8

According to a set dressing certificate in Picard’s ready room in “Star Trek: First Contact”, Cadet Picard won the 41st Starfleet Academy marathon on Danula II. In TNG “The Best of Both Worlds, Part II”, Admiral J.P. Hanson reminisces about how Picard was the only freshman ever to win the Academy marathon:

“I watched a freshman cadet pass four upper classman on the last hill of the forty kilometre run on Danula II. The damndest thing I ever saw. The only freshman to ever win the Academy marathon.”

After April 2324

In TNG “The First Duty”, Picard and Boothby reminisce about the unexpected Academy victory over Minsk in the parrises squares tournament of ’24. According to Picard in TNG “Tapestry”, he has a run-in with a couple of Nausicaans on Morikin VII in his sophomore year at the Academy, although the dates are a bit SNAFU in that story.

Monday 13th October, 2324: S.D. 012d4

Beverley Howard is born to Paul and Isabel Howard at Copernicus City on the Moon, according to the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum”.

2325: S.D. 015x4 to 025x8

41 years before TNG “The Price” (October 2366), Devinoni Ral is born in Brussels, European Alliance, on Earth.

Approximately 2325

The last time the Academy training ship USS Republic left the Solar System, if the guess at fifty years in DS9 “Valiant” is at all accurate.

“Half a century” before “Star Trek: Insurrection”, the So’na conquer two races, the Tarlac and the Ellora, to use as a labour class.

2327: S.D. 035x4 to 045x8

The vintage of the kanar Damar celebrates with in DS9 “Behind the Lines”, assuming “the ’27” refers to 2327.

Wednesday 20th April, 2327: S.D. 038b3

Jean-Luc Picard graduates from Starfleet Academy in 2327, according to the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum”. The more precise date is taken from materials prepared for “Star Trek: First Contact” but not seen on screen, although TNG “The First Duty” (March 2369) suggests that graduation is going to be in March or April, if you use my dates. He’s class valedictorian, according to TNG “The First Duty” and TNG “Family”. He's also 21, according to TNG “Tapestry”; he is, and won’t be 22 until July. Picard does identify himself as “Class of ’27” in TNG “The First Duty”.

May to June 2327: S.D. 038c4 to 040a4

Almost immediately after his graduation, and certainly before his 22nd birthday on Wednesday 13th July, 2327: S.D. 04037, Picard is stabbed by a Nausicaan, and requires a cybernetic heart. The basic story is recounted in TNG “Samaritan Snare” and then in considerably more detail in TNG “Tapestry”. Picard rather strangely says that the events happened thirty years before. It has to be more than forty, since I have the story in December 2369.

2328; 9351 B.E.: S.D. 045x9 to 055x4

Birth of Ishan Chaye from Rakantha Province, 38 years before the flashback in DS9 “Things Past”, that I have in 2366.

43 years before DS9 “The Maquis, Part I” (April 2371), William Patrick Samuels is born in Bergen, Norway, Earth.

Noonian Soong and Juliana O’Donnell are married, the year is shown on a computer display in TNG “Inheritance”.

Approximately 2328

The Cardassians formally annex Bajor, 40 years before TNG “Ensign Ro”.

40 years before TNG “Half a Life”, Timicin starts work on trying to revitalise his sun.

About a year before Kendra Troi’s birth, Ian and Lwaxana Troi get married, according to TNG “Dark Page”.
Continuity: The stardate assigned to the marriage is the thoroughly implausible S.D. 30620.1: Monday 25th January, 2354 or (at a real stretch) Thursday 20th July, 2254. This stardate seems to have been used purely to avoid an “old-style” four-figure date, since the “leading zero” five-figure stardate is not something that’s been seen in “Star Trek”, at least up to this point. The best theory I can come up with is that the dates were automatically converted from Betazed ones. This would mean that there is some sort of calendar cycle, rather like the Chinese “year of the monkey” cycle of year names, which repeats every 26 Earth years or so on Betazed. That would mean that the same date would have occurred in 2328, then again in 2354, but would not recur until 2380, well after TNG “Dark Page” (October 2370).

2329: S.D. 055x5 to 065x9

Birth of Chakotay. The year is on his tombstone in VOY “Endgame”.

Wednesday 30th October, 2329: S.D. 063y7

Exactly 38 years before the start of TNG “The Loss”, Marc Brooks is born, the date being based on my calculations.

Approximately 2329

About 40 years before TNG “Relics”, isolinear chips repace duotronic enhancers.

Seven years before Deanna’s born, Kendra Troi is born, according to TNG “Dark Page”.

Approximately 2330

40 years before DS9 “Progress”, Mullibok settles on Jeraddo.

When Picard’s a lieutenant, he attends the wedding of Sarek’s son, according to TNG “Sarek”.

June 2331: S.D. 079b6 to 080a5

Joseph Sisko first meets Sarah in Jackson Square, New Orleans. The month and the year are given in DS9 “Image in the Sand”.

August 2331: S.D. 080d7 to 081z7

Joseph Sisko and Sarah get married, two months after they’d met, according to DS9 “Image in the Sand”.

2332: S.D. 085y0 to 095x5

34 years before TNG “The Emissary” (May 2366), a Federation outpost is established on Boradis III.

The engines of Chakotay’s Maquis ship are first manufactured, 39 years before VOY “Caretaker” (October 2371).

No earlier than March 2332

Birth of Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, based on the date of the first meeting of his parents, given in DS9 “Image in the Sand”.

Wednesday 7th September, 2332: S.D. 092a0

Birth of Miles O’Brien, based on his 22 years in Starfleet in DS9 “Rules of Engagement” (February 2373) and O’Brien’s statement that he joined at 17 in DS9 “Shadowplay”. O’Brien specifically says that his birthday’s in September in DS9 “Whispers”, and I’m strangely pleased that despite all the other problems with my interpretation of stardates I could make this work. His birthday is on the first day of DS9 “The Assignment”, which is why it’s here.
The “Star Trek Chronology” places his birth in 2328. I think they’re assuming he spends four years at the Academy (and it does match Colm Meaney’s real age better). I think that O’Brien’s an enlisted man and went straight into service after basic training. Your opinion may be different, and the “Chronology-friendly” date would be Friday 7th September, 2328: S.D. 05199.

Approximately 2333

Sarah Sisko leaves two days after Benjamin Sisko’s first birthday, according to DS9 “Image in the Sand”.

Approximately 2334

Quark’s cousin Gaila goes into the arms trade, 40 years before DS9 “Business as Usual”.

Mabus born. According to VOY “Alliances”, he’s 8 when the Kazon are revolting over thirty years before that story, but VOY “Initiations” says it is 26 years since the revolt, placing that in 2346, and Mabus’ birth would be in 2338. I’ve used the earlier date, and I think the revolt might have lasted a few years.

Saturday 16th February, 2335: S.D. 116c2

Geordi La Forge is born in Mogadishu, African Confederation. Geordi’s file appears not very clearly in TNG “Cause and Effect”. The remastered version is much clearer (naturally) and adds the specific city to the place of birth. VOY “Inside Man” suggests that Geordi is born just before the missed datastream, which I can’t even come close to making work.

Monday 30th September, 2335: Sometime around S.D. 122c8

William T. Riker is born in Valdez, Alaska. The Alaska time zone means that Riker definitely celebrates his birth on the 30th but the stardate when he was born could easily have been for the next day. The birthday is from TNG “Future Imperfect” (September 2367) and the age is based on Riker being 32 in that episode and 30 in TNG “The Icarus Factor” (December 2365, the “strict” stardate would place the story in February 2366, so it would still work).

Approximately 2335

L.I. Telaka, the late captain of the USS Lantree in TNG “Unnatural Selection” is about the same age as Commander Riker. So this is his approximate time of birth.

2336: S.D. 125y1 to 135x6

Noonien Soong’s wife Juliana is killed by the crystalline entity. He replaces her with an android replica, according to TNG “Inheritance”.

Sunday 29th March, 2336: S.D. 127z9

Deanna Troi is born on Betazed to Alex, rather than Ian, and Lwaxana Troi, according to the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum” (this was corrected in the remastered version). TNG “The Child” is quite clear that Deanna’s daddy was called Ian Andrew Troi. In TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”, Troi says her Dad was a Starfleet officer.

Wednesday 20th May, 2336: S.D. 129b1

My guess at the birthdate of Kathryn Janeway. The whole question is completely fraught. A lot of ink has been spilled about VOY “Future’s End, Part I”, where she says she’s not played tennis for nineteen years. She also mentions being in her high school team, but doesn’t anywhere say that she’s not played at all since then. In VOY “Deadlock” she reminisces about a game of tennis she plays at the age of twelve, making the latest she can have been born is 2342 (using my dates). This rules out the only date given on screen; a doubtless falsified biography left for the Hirogen in VOY “The Killing Game, Part I”: Monday 5th June, 2344: S.D. 209c9. The other point to bear in mind is that Tuvok and Janeway first met about twenty years before VOY “Fury”. That gives me a date around 2357 (there’s a bit of leeway in “approximately”). This was expanded on in VOY “Revulsion” when Janeway says “The first time I met Tuvok he dressed me down in front of three Starfleet admirals for failing to observe proper tactical procedures during my first command. My human ego took a little bruising, but, of course, he was right.” (Thanks to Chrissie's Transcripts Site.) This could mean that Janeway is already in command of a ship, but Tuvok says he was an instructor at Starfleet Academy for sixteen years (it’s in VOY “Learning Curve” and no, it needn’t be all in one go). Taking into account the other references to Tuvok’s career, I’m going to guess that Janeway was a cadet when she first met Tuvok, probably towards the end of her Academy training. If I take all that to mean she was about twenty in about 2357, then she was born even more vaguely about 2337. Matching Kate Mulgrew’s real age would put Kathryn Janeway’s birth about 2332. That doesn’t really fit with my line of argument. If Janeway graduates in 2357, then it will have taken her 14 years to rise to the command of Voyager, which doesn’t seem impossible. So, based on the wobbly foundation of Kathryn Janeway attending Starfleet Academy between 2354 and 2357, and being 18 when she started, then 2336 must be the year of her birth. Her birthday is given as the 20th May in VOY “Year of Hell, Part I”, and I’ve gone with that, despite all the problems that story causes me.

Wednesday 18th November, 2336: S.D. 134a3

My best guess at when Qatai begins hunting the bioplasmic creature, thirty-nine years, two weeks and four days before VOY “Bliss” (December 2375. I had to manipulate the date to fit everything in, so although the “strict” stardates would still place this story in December, everything would be ten days later, making this date Saturday 28th November, 2336: S.D. 13413).

Late 2336

The death of Kendra Troi, and Lwaxana’s decision to delete part of her diary. TNG “Dark Page” says it’s “almost thirty years ago”, but that would be no earlier than 2240, making Deanna a toddler rather than a baby a few months old. All the other evidence says it’s within a few months of Deanna being born. I’ll just have to say that as well as a cycle of year names, the Betazed year is a little longer than an Earth one, too.

Approximately 2336

Sarah dies in a hovercraft accident in Australia, the month before Joseph Sisko tracks her down, as he explains in DS9 “Image in the Sand”. It’s three years after she vanished.

2337: S.D. 135x7 to 145y1

A previously unknown type of life-form is reported in the Denorios Belt of the Bajoran system. It later identifies itself by the name “Odo”. DS9 “Emissary” gives the place of discovery. The date is based on a line in the script, saying the discovery was 32 years before, so it’s open to some doubt.

Between October 2337 and September 2338

William Riker’s mother dies when he is two, according to TNG “The Icarus Factor”.

Approximately 2337

Tasha Yar is born, based on statements in TNG “The Naked Now” (that she was fifteen when she left Turkana IV) and TNG “Legacy” (when Ishara says it was fifteen years before September 2367).

Almost 30 years before TNG “Legacy”, things start going wrong on Turkana IV. A civil war destroys most of the above-ground city.

2338: S.D. 145y2 to 155x6

Greta Vanderweg is born on Alpha Centauri, according to her file in DS9 “Field of Fire”.

Wednesday 2nd February, 2338: S.D. 146b4

Data’s activation date on Omicron Theta, according to the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum”. Data says he was discovered by the USS Tripoli 26 years before TNG “Datalore” (October 2364; the “strict” stardate would fall in the month before; there’d still be problems with the dates in the story but it doesn’t affect this calculation), and this confirms it. It also shows that the year “2238” shown in the remastered version of TNG “Conundrum” is a mistake, not a correction.

Approximately 2338

Odan resolves a dispute between the populations of two moons of Peliar Zel, thirty years before TNG “The Host” (April 2368).

2339 or 2340

Geordi La Forge is caught in a fire when he’s about five years old, but before he gets his first VISOR. He’s not hurt, but badly scared. Geordi mentions it in TNG “Hero Worship”.

Approximately 2339

About 30 years before TNG “Man of the People” (July 2369), Sev Maylor is born. She’s an old woman who dies suddenly on Enterprise after being sucked dry by Mediator Alkar. Alkar claimed she was his mother, and 93 years old.

Jean-Luc Picard begins serving on starships, according to TNG “Rascals” (August 2369). I think that the “thirty years” he mentions must be a rounded-down figure by quite a long way, or else there was an extended “shore” assignment in the 2230’s. The main problem is that he seems to have gone on starship duty pretty soon after graduating, and that was 11 years earlier. Unless, of course, his artificial heart precluded him from starship service for a long while. In TNG “Samaritan Snare” (March 2366) and TNG “Tapestry” (December 2369), Picard again refers somewhat oddly to it being thirty years since he was stabbed. It most certainly isn’t.

30 years before DS9 “Dax”, Curzon Dax was responsible for the death of General Ardelon Tandro when he was on Klaestron IV as a Federation mediator during their civil war. I’ve put this story in December 2369, but the stardate implies it would be in May 2370 and that raises problems of its own.

Before 2340

Jean-Luc Picard meets Professor Galen for the last time before TNG “The Chase” (February 2370), over thirty years earlier.

Wednesday 17th January, 2340; Threeday 25th Twomonth, 9364 B.E.: S.D. 165z8

Birth of Ro Laren to Talia and Gale on Bajor (given as “Bajora” in the original file, but corrected in the remastered version) according to the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum”.

51st mer’utlhIj, 977 Q.B.; Tuesday 29th October, 2340: S.D. 173y4

Worf is born, assuming that he celebrates his birthdays according to Human years. The birthday is from TNG “Parallels” and the year comes from material prepared but not used on screen. Worf’s unseen (fortunately!) personnel file was to have placed his birthday on 40th batlh, 977 Q.B.; Monday 9th December, 2340: S.D. 17445.

Between February 2340 and February 2341

Geordi La Forge gets his first VISOR at the age of five. Geordi mentions it in TNG “Hero Worship”.

Approximately 2340

30 years before DS9 “Melora” (September 2370), Nathaniel Teros does work with low-gravity species involving Neuromuscular adaptation.

30 years before DS9 “Rivals” (November 2370), Alsia’s father does a full spectrum mineral analysis of the Vlugta asteroid belt.

2341: S.D. 175x8 to 185y2

Birth of Jadzia. Her father’s name is Kela. The year is based on Jadzia being 28 in DS9 “Emissary” (October 2369, although the problems are with the internal chronology of the story, not the overall placement) and a very blurry screen of information in DS9 “Equilibrium”. My best guess is that it actually reads “2341, S.D. 23134.1”. Alas, the stardate is no help at all since it corresponds to late July or August 2346. Dad’s name is from DS9 “You Are Cordially Invited…”

2341 to April 2345

Data attends Starfleet Academy, according to the file seen in TNG “Conundrum”. This doesn’t fit with Data’s reference to “the class of ’78” in TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”. If Jean-Luc Picard uses the system correctly in TNG “The First Duty”, then Data should identify himself as “class of ’45.” These dates do jibe roughly with the reference to twenty-six years of Starfleet service in TNG “Redemption II”. His application to the Academy is evaluated by a committee which recommends his acceptance. There is a single dissenting vote from Bruce Maddox. (TNG “The Measure of a Man”.) If Data enters the Academy after June 2341, then he will have been a Starfleet officer for 26 years by TNG “Redemption” (which I have in June 2368).

Approximately 2341

Lwaxana nicknames Deanna Troi “Little One” around now, when she’s five. Deanna’s getting tired of it by TNG “Ménage à Troi”.

Before 2342

Mila became Enabran Tain’s housekeeper, over 30 years before DS9 “Improbable Cause”.

The Kazon revolt against the Trabe, over thirty years before VOY “Alliances”. They’re united by a leader called Jal Sankur, according to VOY “Maneuvers”. It’s 26 years ago in VOY “Initiations” (June 2372), which would make the year 2346. I’ve gone with the earlier date.

2342; 978 Q.B.: S.D. 185y3 to 195x8

Beverley Howard enters Starfleet Academy, according to the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum”.

Surmak Ren graduates as a medical doctor from the University of Bajor, according to a file seen in DS9 “Babel”. I make it sometime in Bajoran years 9366 to 9367.

Assuming the EMH’s hallucinations are based on accurate data from Voyager’s memory banks, Lewis Zimmerman graduates from Starfleet Academy, based on a personnel file he imagines in DS9 “Projections”.

Klingon Parrises Squares player M’Kota R’Cho strangles the referee following a disputed penalty decision in the finals. He’s the only Klingon ever to have played the game, according to VOY “Year of Hell, Part I”.

Thursday 15th January, 2342: S.D. 185z7

Jules Subotai Bashir born, based on DS9 “Distant Voices”.

Between May 2342 and May 2343

By my guess Katherine Janeway is six. A tree in her grandfather’s yard is hit by lightning, she learns the dance of the dying swan in beginning ballet class and she manages to flood Flotter’s forest and unleash Stinger the giant mosquito. All these vital facts come from VOY “Fair Haven”, VOY “Coda” and VOY “Once Upon a Time”.

15:00 (Paris time) on Thursday 9th April, 2342: S.D. 188c1.5

Jean-Luc Picard doesn’t meet Jenice Manheim at the Café des Artistes, as explained 22 years later in TNG “We’ll Always Have Paris”.
Continuity: I’ve dated TNG “We’ll Always Have Paris” to February 2365. It could be that it’s just under 22 years, and April 2343, but I’ve chosen to put the date in 2342, since that will more conveniently reflect the “traditional” placement of TNG “We’ll Always Have Paris” in 2364 (based on Data’s statement in TNG “The Neutral Zone”), without cheating too outrageously.

Approximately 2342

According to Tasha in TNG “The Naked Now”, she was abandoned at the age of 5. Combining what she says in TNG “The Naked Now” and information in TNG “Legacy”, I think it should be now. This must also be the time Ishara was born, and their parents died shortly after.

The Dominion conquers Yadera Prime. The single escapee creates an elaborate holographic representation of a Yaderan village, nearly thirty years before DS9 “Shadowplay” (January 2371).

2343; 9367 B.E.: S.D. 195x8 to 205y2

Ian Troi dies; Deanna’s seven, according to TNG “Dark Page”.

Geordi LaForge gets his first pet, a Circassian cat. According to TNG “Violations”, it happens when he’s eight.

In DS9 “The Maquis, Part I”, Kira says she lived under the Cardassian Occupation for 26 years (2369-26=2343; I’m assuming the years have been converted). So this is when she was born? (I’m sure you’re wondering how old Kira Meru is according to my timeline at this point: she’s 23.)

2343 or 2344

William Riker and his father begin having anbo-jitsu matches when Will’s eight. By the time Will’s twelve, four years later, Kyle Riker is only able to keep winning by cheating. It’s explained in TNG “The Icarus Factor”.

After 2343

Tuvok rejoins Starfleet more than 50 years after the past events in VOY “Flashback”. His first assignment in space is on Wyoming. VOY “Alice” implies that it was in 2343. VOY “Learning Curve” means he has to fit in 16 years as an Academy instructor somewhere, so it can’t be any later than 2355.

2344: S.D. 205y3 to 215x8

At the age of 19, Devinoni Ral relocates from Earth to Hurkos III, according to TNG “The Price”.

26 years before DS9 “Rivals” (November 2370), Roana and her husband first open a shop on Bajor.

Wednesday 18th October, 2344: S.D. 213x4

Narendra Incident and the loss of the Enterprise-C, based on a line in the script which says that the ship was last seen in the vicinity of Narendra exactly 22 years, 3 months and 4 days before TNG “Yesterday’s Enterprise” (January 2367). TNG “Redemption II” (June 2368) places the events twenty-three years earlier once, and twenty-four twice. Sela says twenty-four, but I make it about twenty-three years and seven months. Several Human captives, including “alternate-timeline Tasha” are taken by the Romulans.

Approximately 2344

20 years before TNG “The Big Goodbye” (October 2364, the “strict” stardate would be in June 2365, which raises a lot of continuity problems), the Jarada go off in a huff because someone gets their language wrong.

May 2345 to May 2346

By my guess, Kathryn Janeway is nine. She hikes the northern rim of the Grand Canyon with her father, according to VOY “Imperfection”.

Summer? 2345

At the age of nine William Riker hooks a fish. His father grabs the rod and lands the fish. Riker mentions it in TNG “The Icarus Factor”.

Thursday 27th December, 2345: S.D. 225x9

Launch date of the Brattain/Brittain, on S.D. 22519.5, according to set dressing in TNG “Night Terrors”.

Approximately 2345

Around a year after her capture and interrogation, Tasha Yar has a child by the Romulan general she’s selflessly given herself to so she can save her comrades’ lives, according to TNG “Redemption II”.

Chakotay’s father Kolopak takes him from their home on a planet near the Cardassian border on an expedition to Central America, on Earth. Chakotay tells him that he’s decided to enter Starfleet Academy, and that Captain Sulu is sponsoring him, as seen in VOY “Tattoo”. Chakotay's age is referred to as 15, which would set the story in 2344, but entry to the Academy is usually later, at 17 or 18 years old, placing the story in 2346. I’ve split the difference, since the actor playing Young Chakotay is obviously meant to be quite young, and evidently he hasn’t taken the entrance exams yet. There’s either more confusion about year lengths on Earth and elsewhere, or Chakotay is rapidly approaching his 16th birthday. I prefer the latter explanation.

Birth of Worf’s brother Kurn, about a year before the rest of the family leave for Khitomer. Based on TNG “Sins of the Father”.

Before 2346

A little over thirty years before DS9 “Chimera” (February 2376), Odo first assumes humanoid form.

2346; 9371 B.E.: S.D. 225y4 to 235x8

The Cardassians construct an orbital facility at Bajor, called Terok Nor. DS9 “Babel” (November 2369) suggests a date of 2351, 18 years before the story, but DS9 “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night” says that the station is nearing completion now.

At the age of three, Kira, along with her father Taban, mother Meru and brothers Reon and Pohl are at the Singha Refugee Center, as seen in DS9 “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night”.

Kira Nerys believes that her mother dies, as she says in DS9 “Second Skin”. It is later revealed in DS9 “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night” that Kira Meru didn’t die at the camp, but was taken to Terok Nor. Until she travels in time, Kira Nerys never sees her mother again or even knows she was alive after this.

Sometime between July 2346 and June 2347

Picard and Miranda Vigo have a dalliance that could include the conception of Jason Vigo, about 24 years before TNG “Bloodlines” (April 2371).

Approximately 2346

20 years before TNG “Evolution” (July 2366), Doctor Paul Stubbs starts constructing an Egg to study a particular binary system in the Kavis Alpha sector.

Dahar Master Kor turns down Martok for an officer’s commission, effectively throwing him out of the Klingon armed forces. He takes a job as a steward, almost 30 years before DS9 “Once More Unto the Breach” (September 2375).

At the age of five, Worf and his family (except for Kurn) move to Khitomer, according to TNG “Sins of the Father”. It might happen in late 2345.

Zek begins his run of unbroken victories in the Global Tongo Championships on Ferenginar. The 27th is the one before DS9 “Ferengi Love Songs”. Assuming, of course, that Ferengi years aren’t massively different to Earth ones.

2347: S.D. 235x9 to 245y3

At the age of five, Jules Bashir sews the leg back onto his teddy, Kukalaka. The bear remains a prized and much-mended companion for many years afterwards. Bashir tells us about it in DS9 “The Quickening”. Although Leeta keeps the bear as a souvenir of her relationship with the doctor, he gets it back in DS9 “In the Cards”.

22 years before TNG “Realm of Fear” (July 2369), O’Brien starts operating transporters. He’s obviously an early starter: I think he’s 15!

23 years before TNG “Birthright, Part II” (January 2370), L’Kor gives his word to Tokath, presumably that the Klingons will stay on Carraya and behave.

The Picards drink Chateau Picard wine of this vintage in TNG “Family”. Jean-Luc mistakes it for the ’46.

At the age of seven, Ro Laren witnesses the torture and death of her father, according to TNG “Ensign Ro”. My calculations make it about 9371 B.E.

Sometime between April 2347 to March 2348

Jason Vigo is born, since he’s 23 in TNG “Bloodlines” (April 2371).

40th tlha’laH, 981 Q.B.; Monday 21st April, 2347: S.D. 238b9

Khitomer Massacre, on S.D. 23859.7. The Federation starship Intrepid makes a full sensor sweep of the system at 22:31:06, S.D. 23859.9. A Klingon civilian distress call is picked up at 22:57:41, S.D. 23859.9. The information is given in TNG “Sins of the Father”.
Continuity: The “hours:minutes:seconds” times are obviously worked out on the basis that the decimal point in a stardate is based on a 24-hour day. It was trying to get this to work that convinced me to try this latest iteration of stardates.

Wednesday 21st April, 2347; 41st tlha’laH, 981 Q.B.: S.D. 238c0.0

The Federation starship Intrepid arrives in orbit around Khitomer, on S.D. 23860.0 at 01:37:02. The time and stardate were given in a display seen in TNG “Sins of the Father”.

Thursday 24th April, 2347; 43rd tlha’laH, 981 Q.B.: S.D. 238c2

Kahlest transported onto Intrepid on S.D. 23862.9, according to a display in TNG “Sins of the Father”. It must be around now that Worf is discovered, since Kahlest is his nurse.

Thursday 8th May, 2347; 6th do’qat, 981 Q.B.: S.D. 238d6

Kahlest is transferred to Starbase 24 (or Starbase 23 on the readout) on S.D. 23876.2, according to TNG “Sins of the Father”.

May to August 2347

The Romulans capture a number of Klingons at Khitomer, and transport them to a prison camp. They are interrogated for three months. It’s revealed in TNG “Birthright, Part I”.

Approximately 2347

Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Howard first meet, at least twenty years before TNG “Attached” (so 2350), but less than twenty-seven (my figures fudge this slightly, since I put the story in October 2370, meaning the reasonable lower limit is 2344). 2347 is about half-way.

Almost a quarter of a century before DS9 “Blood Oath” (March 2371), the Albino starts hiding on Secarus IV.

2348: S.D. 245y4 to 255x9

The last attempt by the Acamarians to offer an amnesty to the Gatherers, 18 years before TNG “The Vengeance Factor” (November 2366).

The weather control has been working perfectly for 22 years before TNG “Sub Rosa” (December 2370), although it’s not clear whether it simply indicates when Maturin arrived to notice, or if there was a problem around now.

25 years before DS9 “For the Uniform” (December 2373), Sisko’s service career starts. For this to work, Sisko has to be approximating, and he’s counting from starting at the Academy, possibly at the minimum age of 17, since I don’t think he’s going to be more than 16 at this point.

Between May 2348 and May 2349

By my guess Kathryn Janeway is twelve. She walks home more than seven kilometres in a thunderstorm because she lost at tennis, according to VOY “Deadlock”.

Tuesday 20th July, 2348: S.D. 250d5

Jack and Beverley Crusher get married, according to set dressing prepared for “Star Trek: Generations”.

December 2348: S.D. 254b9 to 255x9

Wesley Crusher is born, according to TNG “Coming of Age”. In that story, Wesley will have his 16th birthday the following month, and I place it in November 2364. This fits well with TNG “Evolution” (June 2366, when he’s 17), but not TNG “Hollow Pursuits”(April 2367, when he’s still supposed to be 17). Wesley’s age in TNG “Hollow Pursuits” is a guess by Reg Broccoli Barclay, who obviously is slightly out. Since Wesley’s birthday is never seen, I’d rather arbitrarily guess that it might be on Tuesday 14th December, 2348: S.D. 25492.
Comment: Readers paying attention will have noticed that it’s less than nine months since the marriage in this timeline. That may be incorrect; since I’m not sure the wedding invitation was ever very visible.

Tuesday 21st December, 2348: S.D. 254d9

Birth of Annika Hansen, according to VOY “The Raven”, where she’s assimilated at the age of six, nearly twenty years before the story. (I have the story in July 2374, and put the assimilation in December 2354). The stardate is quoted in VOY “The Gift”, S.D. 25479. Incidentally, it’s Annika’s sixth birthday in VOY “The Raven”, because there are six candles on the cake, and another one is going to be put on “to grow on,” but just then the Borg interrupt.

Approximately 2348

When Sela is 4 years old, “alternate timeline” Tasha tries to escape with her daughter. Sela screams for help, and Tasha is arrested and executed, according to TNG “Redemption II”.

Worf moves to the planet Gault with his human parents at the age of seven. He’s also involved in a fight with five teenagers, and doesn’t lose. Based on information from DS9 “Let He Who is Without Sin” and TNG “Family”. This doesn’t entirely fit in with Worf’s summary in TNG “Heart of Glory”:

“The Romulans attacked the Khitomer outpost. Everyone was killed. I was buried under the rubble and left for dead. A human Starfleet officer found me. He took me to his home on Gault and told his wife to raise me as his son.”

Almost 20 years before TNG “Family” (June 2367), Picard last visits the family château.

According to TNG “Redemption II” (June 2368), the Romulans have been trying to destabilize the Federation-Klingon alliance for 20 years.

Almost 15 years before he split up from her, Raymond Boone marries his wife, according to the biographical details in DS9 “Tribunal”.

The Haakonians and Talaxians begin their war. In VOY “Jetrel” (March 2372) Neelix says that the war lasts the better part of a decade, and the Haakonians conquered Talax more than 15 years before the story.

2349: S.D. 255y0 to 265y4

Soon after her birth and the death of her parents, Salia is taken by a Federation ship from Daled IV to be raised on Klavdia III, 16 years before TNG “The Dauphin” (December 2365, adjusted from a date in January 2366; I’ve gone for 2349 as being appropriate for both options).

Harry Kim is born, if the estimate of his age as 22 in VOY “Eye of the Needle” (December 2371) is accurate.

Early January 2349

Jules Bashir undergoes genetic enhancement just before his seventh birthday, even though it’s illegal. (It could be December 2348, but that would make the time intervals work even less well.)
Continuity: DS9 “Doctor Bashir, I Presume” says it’s almost 25 years before. I make it just about exactly 25 years, with the story set in January 2374. DS9 “Inquisition” puts the number up to thirty years, and that’s a very generous estimate, since I have it in February 2375, not much over a year later.

Mid-February 2349

Around ten weeks after Wesley’s born, Jack Crusher makes a holorecording. Wesley eventually gets to see it in TNG “Family”.

Between 2349 and 2351

18 to 20 years before DS9 “Dax” (December 2369, but the stardate implies it would be in May 2370; that raises several problems of its own), Curzon Dax and Benjamin Sisko meet for the first time, on Pelios Station. Sisko also has a girlfriend there, according to DS9 “Invasive Procedures” and DS9 “Facets”. My calculations put Sisko’s age at between 17 and 19, so it’s before he graduated from the Academy and met Jennifer.

Approximately 2349

About 20 years before TNG “Face of the Enemy” (December 2369), Ensign DeSeve defects to the Romulans.

Enabran Tain becomes head of the Obsidian Order. He’s named in DS9 “The Die is Cast”, when he says he retired three years earlier; I have that story in February 2372 so it could plausibly be either 2369 or 2368. DS9 “In Purgatory’s Shadow” suggests he was head of the Order for around twenty years, up to his retirement.

The Romulan science vessel Talvath departs on its mission, according to VOY “Eye of the Needle”, over a year before contact is established through the wormhole in 2351 (so it could just as easily have been in 2350, depending on when contact was made).

Sometime in the 2350s?

Tuvok’s 11th pon farr? Tuvok’s daughter Asil is born after this, and Janeway meets her at some point when she achieves kolinahr, according to VOY “Fury”. Since precise guesses at pon farr cycles are impossible, all I can say is that I doubt she’ll be out of her teens in Earth years when Voyager goes missing. That seems a bit young, unless Tuvok has a lot of pon farrs in his youth. Maybe Captain Janeway is getting confused between “kolinahr” and “kahs-wan.” It's easily done…

2350 to April 2354

Benjamin Sisko attends Starfleet Academy. 22 years before DS9 “Apocalypse Rising” (June 2373), Sisko is captain of the Academy wrestling team (I make that 2351). He’s also at the Academy with a Benzite called Laporin according to the same story. In DS9 “The Maquis, Part II”, he graduates with Calvin Hudson, his best friend, also mentioned in DS9 “Emissary”. He’s also at the Academy with Solok the wrestling Vulcan, according to DS9 “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”.
Continuity: Sisko can’t join the Academy until he’s 17, so the earliest possible date is 2349, by my calculations. DS9 “Emissary” (October 2369, although the problems are with the internal chronology of the story, not the month and year) places Sisko’s first meeting with Jennifer “almost fifteen years ago”, so that has to be in 2354? I make it slightly over fifteen years since their first meeting, since it has to be “soon” after Sisko graduated, and no later than September 2354 because I don’t think Jake can be born any later than June 2355.

April 2350: S.D. 268a5 to 268d4

Beverley Howard graduates from Starfleet Academy; the year is from the TNG “Conundrum” personnel file, the month guessed at from TNG “The First Duty”. She’s done medical school, and at least one of her lectures was delivered by Terence Epstein, as mentioned in TNG “11001001”.

1st do’qat, 983 Q.B.; Monday 12th June, 2350: S.D. 269d7

Worf performs the Rite of Ascension, according to TNG “The Icarus Factor”. It’s exactly ten years later in that story (December 2365; I had to adjust the stardate from one in February 2366), and I’ve made them Klingon years. That means Worf is nine Earth years old, and six in Klingon ones. I think this can only possibly work if Worf ages as rapidly as Alexander does. Using the actual stardate, this would be 40th do’qat, 983 Q.B.; Friday 21st July, 2350: S.D. 27046.

Approximately 2350

15 years before TNG “We’ll Always Have Paris” (February 2365), Doctor Paul Mannheim began experiments on non-linear time.

Ty Kajada has been tracking Rao Vantika for 20 years by DS9 “The Passenger” (January 2370).

About 20 years before TNG “Attached” (October 2370), Picard finds himself in a hopeless love triangle with Beverly and Jack Crusher.

Stargazer is attacked by the Cardassians, according to TNG “The Wounded”. No date is given, but it has to be before the loss of the ship in 2255.

2351: S.D. 275y0 to 285y4

22 years before DS9 “Rules of Engagement” (February 2373), O’Brien joins Starfleet. According to DS9 “Shadowplay”, he’s 17 and it was two days before he was to leave for the Aldebaran Music Academy, where he had a scholarship to learn the cello. If this sounds hugely unlikely (all right, it did sound odd to me) O’Brien plays the cello at a concert in Ten Forward at the beginning of TNG “The Ensigns of Command”.

A Romulan science vessel, Talvath makes contact with Voyager, and the year 2371, through a very small wormhole. Both years are directly stated in VOY “Eye of the Needle”.

Approximately 2351

Kyle Riker leaves his son, and the pair don’t speak again until TNG “The Icarus Factor” (December 2365, with the stardate in February 2366), 15 years later.

18 years before TNG “True-Q” (August 2369), Amanda Rogers is born. She thinks she’s human, except for being able to do magic.

About 20 years before TNG “Journey’s End” (March 2371), some First Nations Americans settle on Dorvan V.

Future Romulan Praetor Neral’s family is killed in a Klingon raid, approximately 25 years before DS9 “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges” (February 2376).

Martok gets a battlefield commission on board General ShiVang’s flagship resisting a Romulan boarding party. According to DS9 “Once More Unto the Breach”, it was around five years after Martok had been refused a commission. I make it around 984 Q.B.

2352: S.D. 285y5 to 295y0

18 years before DS9 “Progress” (April 2370), Mullibok’s two companions Baltrim and Keena, run from the Cardassians and hide on Jeraddo.

The Hansens are sent by the Federation to study the Borg on S.D. 32611.4. It’s a very late date, and it doesn’t really fit in with the remarkably unlikely stardates that follow in VOY “Dark Frontier”. This particular date is repeated in VOY “The Voyager Conspiracy”. The stardate itself refers to the second half of January 2356, so I really can’t use it. Whatever the stardates say, the story is quite clear: Annika Hansen is assimilated on her sixth birthday, after three years on Raven. Since I have that in December 2354, then Raven should set off in early 2352.

When Bashir is 10, according to DS9 “Melora”:

“My father was a Federation diplomat on Invernia II. One day, when we were out on a remote part of the planet, we were hit by a massive ionic storm. While we were waiting it out, we found an Invernian girl about my age who was sick. After the storm cleared, my father went for help, but it was too late. I sat there and watched her die. The next day when he returned, his guide told us that we could have treated her with a simple herb that was growing all around. I could have saved her life.”

Twoday 25th Twomonth, 9378 B.E.; Monday 17th November, 2352: S.D. 294a6

According to my guess, Ro Laren’s fourteenth birthday, and her ih’tanu ceremony. Based on the date of birth given in TNG “Conundrum”, DS9 “Accession” and my own guesses about the Bajoran calendar.

Approximately 2352

Paul Manheim’s team finds the perfect site for their experiments on Vandor, 13 years before TNG “We’ll Always Have Paris” (February 2365).

15 years before TNG “Remember Me” (August 2367), Doctor Crusher first gets to know Dalen Quaice. She interned with him on Delos IV, quite possibly at this time.

Almost 15 years before TNG “Legacy” (September 2367), Turkana IV severs relations with the Federation. Ishara says it’s 15 years since Tasha left, so that must happen around now too. In TNG “The Naked Now”, Tasha says she was abandoned between the ages of 5 and 15.

Quark reaches the Age of Ascension, leaves home on Ferenginar and doesn’t return for twenty years, until DS9 “Family Business” (March 2372).

A new era of peace between the Federation and the Klingons begins, around two decades before DS9 “Way of the Warrior” (June 2372).

2353: S.D. 295y1 to 305y5

Kira Meru dies in hospital, seven years after becoming Gul Dukat’s mistress, according to DS9 “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night”. Presumably Dukat’s moved on, since 19 years before DS9 “Indiscretion” (August 2372), Gul Dukat and Tora Naprem’s daughter Tora Ziyal is born, which I also think is this year. My Bajoran calendar says it’s about 9379 B.E.

A class M planet in the Delta Quadrant suffers a very sudden Ice Age as the result of a massive solar flare ninerteen years before VOY “The Thaw” (I have that in January 2373).

Sometime between September 2353 and August 2354

Birth of Jeremy Aster. He’s twelve in TNG “The Bonding” (August 2366).

Sometime between December 2353 and November 2354

Jack Crusher dies when Wesley’s five, according to TNG “True-Q”. Sometime before his death, he teaches Wesley the rudiments of baseball, according to TNG “Evolution”. Since Wesley’s only five, it’s unlikely the baseball lessons will have been very many years before, so I’m mentioning them here.
Comment: The novel Q-Squared begins on the anniversary of Jack Crusher’s death. My speculations about when Wesley is born and when the novel might take place suggest that Jack Crusher died on Tuesday 7th December, 2354: S.D. 31496. This will be very shortly before Wesley’s sixth birthday by my assumptions, but it’s all no more than guesswork, to be honest.

Approximately 2353

14 years before TNG “The Most Toys” (April 2367), Kivas Fajo first meets Varria.

14 years before TNG “Suddenly Human” (August 2367), Jeremiah Rossa is born on Galen IV, to Connor and Moira Rossa.

Hector Ilario is also born around now, since he’s 22 in DS9 “Field of Fire” (January 2376). It might be 2354, but since he graduated from the Academy in 2372, this year is more likely. He has to be a really early entrant at 16, though.

2354: S.D. 305y6 to 315y0

Kathryn Janeway gives up tennis sometime this year. It’s “nineteen years” since she last played in VOY “Future’s End, Part I” (October 2373).

April 2354: S.D. 308a6 to 308d5

“Almost” 15 Years before DS9 “Emissary” (October 2369, although the month and the year aren’t affected) Sisko graduates from Starfleet Academy. He meets Jennifer Sisko on Gilgo Beach soon after, before he gets his first assignment. As you can plainly see, I have this happening just over fifteen years before, and I don’t see how Jake can be born soon enough if I assume Ben and Jennifer don’t meet until after October 2354.

Sunday 18th April, 2354: S.D. 308c3

The Hansens find the Borg, as seen in VOY “Dark Frontier”. The stardate given, S.D. 32623.5 applies to January or early February 2356, so I’ve taken the “eight months” before Annika’s assimilation referred to as a guide.

Tuesday 21st December, 2354: S.D. 315x0

Annika Hansen is assimilated by the Borg. She’s six years old, and the dialogue in VOY “The Raven” seems to mean that she was assimilated right on her sixth birthday, and has been chasing the Borg on the USS Raven with her parents for three years, since early 2352. The stardate assigned to the time of her assimilation is completely impossible, S.D. 40840.211: 05:04 on Thursday 2nd April, 2364. A reinterpretation of information in VOY “Scorpion, Part II” and VOY “Dark Frontier”.

Approximately 2354

Worf accidentally kills one of his school friends, Mikel. In DS9 “Let He who is Without Sin…” Worf says that he’s 13. If that’s a “translation” meaning he just looked thirteen, judging by Alexander, his actual age could have been seven to nine Earth years, placing the event in the first two or three years after he arrived on Gault. This would also mean that the accident predates his Rite of Ascension. I’ve taken the statement at face value, but again using Alexander as an example, Worf is likely to have been a very big thirteen year old.

12 years before TNG “The Icarus Factor”(December 2365, the “strict” stardate would place the story in February 2366, so it would still work): “Kyle Riker was a civilian strategist advising Starfleet in its conflict with the Tholians. The starbase that he was operating from was attacked. None of the base crew was expected to live, and they all died. All except your father,” Dr Pulaski tells Will Riker. That’s when Kyle and Kate fell in love, but didn’t do anything about it.

2355: S.D. 315y1 to 325y5

8 years before TNG “Haven” (October 2364), the last Tarellian ship known to the Federation was destroyed by the Alcyones.

12 years before TNG “Allegiance” (March 2367), Picard visits the planet Chalna, whilst he’s the commander of Stargazer.

By TNG “Suspicions” (March 2370), Dr. T’Pan has been the director of the Vulcan Science Academy for 15 years.

2355 to April 2359

Deanna Troi attends Starfleet Academy, according to the personnel file in TNG “Conundrum”. There are also references to her being a clinical psychologist on Betazed when Riker dropped by, and also to Tam Elbrun being at the university on Betazed when Troi studied psychology there, in TNG “Tin Man”. Elbrun was a patient. Was Deanna a cadet at the time?

Sometime between February and June 2355? S.D. 316b2 to 320b1

Birth of Jake Sisko. It has to be at least nine months after Ben and Jennifer first meet, an event I’m guessing took place no earlier than April 2354. Jake’s fourteen in DS9 “Move Along Home” and DS9 “The Nagus” (both January 2370). He’s fifteen in DS9 “Shadowplay” (January 2371), and sixteen in DS9 “The Abandoned” (October 2371) and DS9 “Fascination” (November 2371). Jake himself claims to be eighteen in DS9 “The Visitor” July 2372), but he can’t be. I think he’s still seventeen. He’s eighteen in DS9 “Nor the Battle to the Strong” (July 2373) and DS9 “Rapture” (October 2373).

Sunday 4th September, 2355: S.D. 322a7

The Battle of Maxia. Stargazer is presumed destroyed by an unidentified enemy, but most of the crew escape in lifeboats, nine years before TNG “The Battle” (November 2364; the stardates would place it in March 2365 but Tasha’s presence would be a really big continuity problem). The stardate assigned to the event, S.D. 40217.3 applies to the first half of September 2363, and had to be completely ignored. Jean-Luc Picard subsequently faces a court-martial for the loss of the ship, but it has to be assumed he’s exonerated. Phillipa Louvois prosecutes the case enthusiastically, and resigns from Starfleet shortly after, ten years before TNG “The Measure of a Man” (November 2365, with the stardate in December of the same year), so also around 2355.

Approximately 2355

15 years before TNG “Gambit, Part II” (August 2370), Riker starts getting his Starfleet technical knowledge. If he graduates in ’57, this is just about right for starting at the Academy in 2354. Riker is at the Academy with Paul Rice, who goes on to command the USS Drake, as seen in TNG “The Arsenal of Freedom”.

In DS9 “Duet”, Kira says she began fighting at the age of twelve, although she doesn’t seem to have joined the formal Resistance until she was thirteen, as she explains in DS9 “The Darkness and the Light”. I’m assuming that her Bajoran age has been “translated” into Earth years, since I make it 9381 B.E. so Kira’s fourteen in Bajoran years, by my calculations.

15 years before DS9 “Rivals” (November 2370), O’Brien claims he’s playing raquetball every day for 5 hours.

2271 to 2300
2356 to 2363

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