2269 to 2270
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Before 2269

The “Kolvoord Starburst” is banned from Starfleet Academy flying displays following a fatal training accident, over 100 years before TNG “The First Duty”.

Over 100 years before TNG “The Perfect Mate”, the last empathic metamorph before Kamala is born on Krios.

TOS “The Empath”

Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th January, 2269: S.D. (4)51b1 to (4)51b5

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: There is a log entry for the first day, S.D. 5121.5. After that, there are 74.1 hours of solar storm, extended by a further 17 hours. Based on that, I calculate that we’re into the fifth day before the ship gets back. The Vians really enjoy torturing people.
Continuity: The star Minara goes nova, sometime later.

Monday 5th April, 2269; 11th T’lakht, 8903 V.E.: S.D. (4)53y3

This is where TAS “Yesteryear” would fall by stardate, S.D. 5373.4.
Continuity: I’ve not included the animated “Star Trek”: the stardates really don’t fit into my system. In the story, Spock says that the events of TAS “Yesteryear” don’t play out the way he remembers them. In particular, I-Chaya didn’t die at that time. Although it can be (and has been) argued that TAS “Yesteryear” has to happen for Spock’s life to make sense, I disagree.

TOS “Spectre of the Gun”

Wednesday 7th April, 2269: S.D. (4)53y5

Actual stardate: Thursday 2nd April, 2268: S.D. (4)43y5

Estimated duration: A day
Chronology: I’ve ignored the given stardate as too early, S.D. 4385.3. Events take only a few hours, overall.
Continuity: The Melkot recreate Tombstone, Arizona on Wednesday 26th October, 1881. It’s based on Captain Kirk’s imagination, rather than reality, though.

TOS “Elaan of Troyius”

Wednesday 14th to Tuesday 20th April, 2269; 46th mer’utlhIj to 1st batlh, 931 Q.B.: S.D. (4)53z2 to (4)53z8

Actual stardate: Thursday 9th to Wednesday 15th April, 2268: S.D. (4)43z2 to (4)43z8

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: Here too, the stardate was far too early for my purposes, S.D. 4372.5, so I’ve changed it. I’ve guessed at a week, based on how long Doctor McCoy thinks Ambassador Petri will have to spend in Sickbay.

TOS “Spock’s Brain”

Sunday 2nd to Tuesday 4th May, 2269: S.D. (4)54b0 to (4)54b2

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: The initial part of the story is very closely dated to 24 hours, but Doctor McCoy’s operation must take ages. The first full day is S.D. 5431 (with entries at S.D. 5431.4 and 5431.5) and the second is S.D. 5432.3. I’ve calculated that the story begins on S.D. 5430.8, with Mister Spock being operated on in the nick of time a day later, on S.D. 5431.8. The operation must therefore take around twelve hours, by my system of stardates.

TOS “The Mark of Gideon”

Saturday 15th May, 2269: S.D. (4)54c3

Estimated duration: A day
Chronology: Everything happens in less than 24 hours, S.D. 5423, with log entries at 5423.4 and 5423.8.

TOS “For the World is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky”

Friday 29th May, 2269: S.D. (4)54d6

Estimated duration: One day
Chronology: The stardates indicate only one day, S.D. 5476, with log entries at 5476.3 and 5476.4.
Continuity: Yonada will arrive at its destination in around 390 days. I make that Wednesday 22nd June, 2270: S.D. 6556.

TOS “Day of the Dove”

Sunday 4th to Saturday 10th July, 2269; 24th to 30th tlha’laH, 931 Q.B.: S.D. ARMAGEDDON! (or (4)56a3 to (4)56a9)

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: The events we see take only a day or at most two, but the ship has to be repaired and the Klingons dropped off somewhere.
Continuity: The Organian Peace has been operating for three years, I make that since TOS “Errand of Mercy” in February 2267, so it’s a bit short but not absolutely wrong, since it’s definitely more than two years. Interestingly, Doctor McCoy says that incidents on the Klingon border have continued even after TOS “Errand of Mercy”.

Around Tuesday 13th July, 2269: S.D. (4)56b2

Three weeks before TOS “The Tholian Web”, Defiant goes missing.

TOS “Is There in Truth No Beauty?”

Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd July, 2269: S.D. (4)56c0 to (4)56c2

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: All the log entries are on the first day, S.D. 5630, at 5630.7 and 5630.8. Everything could be finished the next day, but I’ve made it three days, just to be on the safe side.
Continuity: At some point before TOS “Is There in Truth No Beauty?” Mr Spock is offered the assignment of accompanying Medusan Ambassador Kollos. He refuses. Larry Marvick is one of the designers of Enterprise. Doctor Jones spent four years on Vulcan, and I’d take a guess at 2265 to 2268.

TOS “The Tholian Web”

Tuesday 3rd August, 2269: S.D. (4)56d3

Estimated duration: Six hours
Chronology: It can only be around six hours from start to finish, based on the air capacity of Kirk’s space-suit. There is a log entry, S.D. 5693.2.
Continuity: Defiant and the Tholians are seen again in ENT “In a Mirror, Darkly”. Kirk thinks that no-one ever watched his video of “what to do if I’m dead,” intended for Spock and McCoy.

Around Friday 6th August, 2269: S.D. (4)56d6

A fortnight before TOS “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”, Lokai steals a shuttlecraft from Starbase 4.

TOS “Wink of an Eye”

Tuesday 10th August, 2269: S.D. (4)57x0

Estimated duration: An afternoon
Chronology: The log entries are for S.D. 5710, at 5710.5 and 5710.9.
Comment: This is not the most highly regarded story, but it caught my attention when I realised that Deela can’t dodge a phaser beam if it’s moving at the speed of light, unless she’s going at warp speed. Logically (if that applies here) the phaser beam must move quite considerably slower than light, especially when you consider that the Scalosians’ conversation is still at the upper edge of human hearing, which makes the warp speed option even more unlikely.

TOS “That Which Survives”

Saturday 14th to Sunday 15th August, 2269: S.D. (4)57x4 to (4)57x5

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: The internal chronology of this show is a huge headache. There’s no food and water, so the landing party can’t be stranded for very long, but the ship is thrown 990.7 light-years away. For it to be obvious from the star patterns, the ship really must be thrown a long way, yet the faster warp 8.4 is, the less simple it becomes to strand Voyager on the other side of the Galaxy. There’s no easy answer, so just enjoy the show.

TOS “Whom Gods Destroy”

Wednesday 18th to Thursday 19th August, 2269: S.D. (4)57x8 to (4)57x9

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There is a log entry on the first day, S.D. 5718.3.
Continuity: There are references to Axanar, also mentioned in TOS “Court Martial”. The Axanar themselves appeared in “Star Trek: Enterprise”, most notably in ENT “Fight or Flight”. Spock and Kirk also talk about the defeat of a Romulan ship near Tau Ceti. It could be a reference to TOS “Balance of Terror”, but the details don’t really match, especially since Tau Ceti is a real star, much closer to the Sun than the Romulan Neutral Zone appears to be.

TOS “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”

Friday 20th to Saturday 21st August, 2269: S.D. (4)57y0 to (4)57y1

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are log entries for one day, S.D. 5730, 5730.2, 5730.7, then back to 5730.6! I’ve extended it because of the distances they’re supposed to have gone, and to accommodate a possibility that S.D. 5730.6 is really supposed to be 5731.6, taking it into the afternoon of Saturday, by my calculations.
Continuity: The ship’s self-destruct sequence will be reprised in “Star Trek III: The Search For Spock”.
Comment: The Coal Sack is a real astronomical object, and it’s not terribly close by.

TOS “The Lights of Zetar”

Wednesday 25th to Tuesday 31st August, 2269: S.D. (4)57y5 to (4)57z1

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: There are log entries for the first day S.D. 5725, 5725.3 and 5725.6. Everything we see seems to happen in the first three days, but they’ll have to sort out Memory Alpha afterwards.

TOS “Plato’s Stepchildren”

Friday 3rd to Saturday 4th September, 2269: S.D. (4)57z4 to (4)57z5

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are log entries for the first day, S.D. 5784, 5784.2 and 5784.3.
Continuity: Alexander leaves on Enterprise. He’s obviously dropped off somewhere suitable soon after.

Mid-September 2269

Just before TOS “The Cloud-minders” a botanic plague breaks out on Merak II.

TOS “The Cloud-minders”

Friday 17th to Saturday 18th September, 2269: S.D. (4)58a8 to (4)58a9

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are log entries for both days, S.D. 5818.4 and S.D. 5819, for 5819.0 and 5819.3.
Continuity: I think Enterprise needs to get to Merak II in five and a half hours after the story finishes.

TOS “The Way to Eden”

Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd October, 2269: S.D. (4)58c2 to (4)58c4

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: We see the first day, S.D. 5832, 5832.3, 5832.5 and 5832.6. I’ve placed the short postscript as they arrive at the starbase a couple of days later.
Continuity: We get to meet Irina Galliulin, Chekov’s ex-girlfriend from the Academy.

Early October 2269

Just before TOS “Requiem for Methuselah” there is an outbreak of Rigellian fever on Enterprise.

TOS “Requiem for Methuselah”

Tuesday 12th to Wednesday 13th October, 2269: S.D. (4)58d3 to (4)58d4

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are log entries on the first day, S.D. 5843, 5843.7, 5843.75 and 5843.8. The main story can’t take longer than four hours, because of the epidemic on the ship.
Continuity: The claims of Flint are tackled in Flint: Immortal Genius, or Completely Barking Mad?

TOS “The Savage Curtain”

Monday 25th October, 2269: S.D. (4)59a6

Estimated duration: Less than six hours
Chronology: There are log entries for S.D. 5906, 5906.4 and 5906.5.
Continuity: Although the characters seen here are projections of Kirk and Spock’s minds, Surak will later appear in “Star Trek: Enterprise”. A very different Kahless will feature as a clone of the original in TNG “Rightful Heir” and the real Colonel Green will be seen in ENT “Demons”, although only in a recording.

TOS “All Our Yesterdays”

Monday 1st November, 2269: S.D. (4)59b3

Estimated duration: Less than 4 hours
Chronology: There are log entries for S.D. 5943, 5943.7 and 5943.9; and there are only three and a half hours left before the nova at the start of the story. The stardates do actually work.

TOS “Turnabout Intruder”

Tuesday 16th to Thursday 18th November, 2269: S.D. (4)59c8 to (4)59d0

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There are log entries for the first, S.D. 5928.5 and third days, S.D. 5930.3.

Around Thursday 25th November, 2269: S.D. (4)59d7

Enterprise finally reaches Beta Aurigæ and a rendezvous with Potemkin. (Since it takes more than 72 hours, and they’ve gone out of their way, I’ve assumed about a week after the end of TOS “Turnabout Intruder”.)

December 2269: S.D. (4)60a3 to (4)60d3

Based on my own tampering, Keiko’s mother is born around now, in the same year as Renora, according to DS9 “Dax”. Going strictly by the (unlikely) stardate, it would be May 2270.
Comment: How exactly the Bajoran judge Renora is “the same age” as Keiko’s mum is open to question, considering Bajoran years are (at least when I’m working them out) shorter than Earth years. I’m assuming that the judge is savvy enough to convert her age to Earth years before making the claim, otherwise she’ll be younger by about eight and a half (Earth) years.

“Star Trek” (The Animated Series)

Many other people, including the Okudas in the “Star Trek Chronology” omit the “cartoons” altogether too. It’s a decision based on some comments made by Gene Roddenberry, and by people speaking on his behalf. For years, the series hovered in some sort of limbo. I find the idea that you can say some bits of “Star Trek” “aren’t real” extremely odd, since manifestly none of it is. I originally omitted the cartoons due to time constraints; I now think I’ve managed to beat that problem. I haven’t reached a conclusion about whether I’ll reinstate them, though. The stardates are a nightmare! In the meantime, I’ve put together a provisional listing of the dates.

2270: S.D. (4)60d4 to (4)70d8

Possibly James Kirk defies the Prime Directive once again to save the Pelosians, although this unrecorded mission might not necessarily be right at the end of the of the five-year mission; that mission definitely finishes in 2270. Both the Prime Directive violation and the date at the end of the original mission are established in VOY “Q2”.
Comment: It’s this specific deadline that creates such problems that I ended up placing “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” as late as 2281.

Approximately Wednesday 22nd June, 2270: S.D. (4)65z6

Around 390 days after TOS “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”, Yonada arrives at a new planet. Gene Roddenberry’s “book of the film” for “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” suggests that Doctor McCoy returns to Yonada when he resigns from Starfleet. I’m assuming that Enterprise is present.

Approximately 2270

100 years before TNG “Sub Rosa”, Beverly Crusher’s grandmother Felisa Howard is born. Doctor Crusher says she’s 100, but I’m not sure how exact that’s meant to be.

2267 to 2268
2271 to 2300

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