2265 to 2266
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2265: S.D. (4)10d8 to (4)20d3

Ingraham B is invaded by flying parasites, two years before TOS “Operation: Annihilate!”

Birth of April Wade, 106 years before DS9 “Prophet Motive”.

Sometime between Gary Mitchell leaving the Academy and TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, Mitchell visits Deneb IV where he is able to communicate telepathically with the inhabitants, becoming romantically involved with one of them. He is also seriously injured on the primitive planet Dimorus. Mitchell is specifically requested by Kirk for his first command, which must presumably come after he’s left the Academy as an instructor. All of this is established in Gary Mitchell’s personnel file and dialogue in TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.
Comment: Undoubtedly his many talents and valour account for Gary Mitchell’s meteoric rise through the ranks to lieutenant commander and chief navigator in such a short time.

A bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne of this vintage is used at the launch of the NCC 1701-B in “Star Trek: Generations”. The year was picked deliberately, so I really didn’t want to start the “five-year mission” any earlier. Perhaps unwisely, I’m assuming that Kirk takes command of the ship no earlier than the start of 2265.

Monday 9th January, 2265: S.D. (4)11a6.4

Harcourt Fenton Mudd’s spaceship master’s licence was revoked on S.D. 1116.4, as seen in TOS “Mudd’s Women”.

March 2265: S.D. (4)12b7 to (4)13x7

Immediately before TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before” Enterprise visits the Aldebaran Colony and Elizabeth Dehner joins the ship. Doctor Dehner was visiting Aldebaran as part of the work on her thesis on beings with extra-sensory perception, to be published by the College of Medical Sciences of the Tri-Planetary Academy, as established in her personnel file.

TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

Sunday 26th March to Thursday 6th April, 2265: S.D. (4)13x2 to (4)13y3

Estimated duration: 12 days
Chronology: There are stardates for S.D. 1312.4, 1312.9, 1313.1, 1313.3 and 1313.8. According to a strict interpretation of the stardates, all the action from first to last takes at the very most 1 day, 11 hours and 40 minutes. Even using the flexible interpretation of stardates to the full, it’s difficult to see exactly how the various log entry dates would spread across events. They’d all be on the first and last days! My own impression is that a longer timescale is involved, although certainly well under a month. It’s possible that the original intent was that the number after the decimal point was supposed to represent days, in which case the events would take just over two weeks: First Day, the Enterprise reaches the Galactic Edge; Sixth Day, the ship’s heading back into the Galaxy on impulse; Eighth Day, they arrive at Delta Vega; Tenth Day, repairs are almost completed; Fifteenth Day, the final log entry. Where that leaves any system of stardates is not very clear, but that’s the beauty of trying to get consistency out of something so fundamentally random.
Continuity: Taken with the (in)famous “James R. Kirk” tombstone dates (C 1277.1 to 1313.8; that’s a gap of 36.7 units, implying that one unit is supposed to be about the same as a year), it’s a strong hint that the stardates used in “Star Trek” (the 2009 film) are deliberately intended to reflect “early” stardates as they actually appeared to operate, and weren’t simply added to annoy the old folks.

TOS “Mudd’s Women”

Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th April, 2265: S.D. (4)13y8 to (4)13z1

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: The first stardate is 1329.8. I’ve followed the Memory Alpha website in assuming it should be “S.D. 1328.8” given the other stardates, and is just a mistake. Further stardates show that the second day of the story is S.D. 1329, with log entries for 1329.1 and 1329.2, and there is a log entry for S.D. 1330.1. It’ll take Enterprise another 14 hours to get to Rigel XII, putting the arrival time at around S.D. 1330.7 by my system. This would then make the “wild party” the evening of the third day, with the end of the story happening on the fourth day. Judging by the tight limits on power, and the fact that they’ve been searching for Eve for 7 hours and 31 minutes, I’d guess it’s still the morning.

Friday 2nd June, 2265: S.D. (4)15x0

Two days before TOS “The Corbomite Maneuver”, Enterprise begins star-mapping.

TOS “The Corbomite Maneuver”

Sunday 4th to Tuesday 6th June, 2265: S.D. (4)15x2 to (4)15x4

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There are stardates for the first day, S.D. 1512.2 and the second day, S.D. 1513.8. Unfortunately, the log entry this refers to says they’ve been waiting at the space buoy for 18 hours. I make it around 38 hours between the two dates. The last day is S.D. 1514, with log entries at 1514.0 and 1514.1.
Continuity: Officer Dave Bailey stays behind with Balok of the powerful First Federation. That is the last we hear about either of them, or the First Federation.

TOS “The Man Trap”

Thursday 15th to Friday 16th June, 2265: S.D. (4)15y3 to (4)15y4

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: The first day is S.D. 1513. There are log entries for 1513.1, 1513.4 and 1513.8.
Continuity: Doctor McCoy knew the real Nancy Crater.

TOS “Charlie X”

Sunday 25th to Thursday 29th June, 2265: S.D. (4)15z3 to (4)15z7

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: The first day is S.D. 1533, with entries for 1533.6 and 1533.7. The third day is S.D. 1535.8. This is the day Charlie destroys Antares, because this is the log entry where Captain Kirk says he’s informed UESPA of the loss.
Continuity: Captain Kirk tells Charlie that it’s Thanksgiving Day on Earth during this story. That suggests that it ought to be Thursday 23rd November, 2265: S.D. 1944. Alas, the relevant day using my system is Tuesday 27th June, 2265: S.D. 1535.
Comment: If you think this is bad, wait until I get to DS9 “Blaze of Glory” and that Thanksgiving!

TOS “The Enemy Within”

Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th July, 2265: S.D. (4)16c2 to (4)16c4

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: The first day has log entries for S.D. 1672, specifically 1672.1 and 1672.9, whilst the second day is S.D. 1673, with entries for 1673.1 and 1673.5. Unfortunately, the third day returns to S.D. 1673.1. I’ve assumed that it’s a mistake for S.D. 1674.1.
Continuity: There has to be time afterwards for Sulu and the landing party to recover from exposure. The dating of the captain’s log is called into question by Kirk saying “unknown to us at this time”. When does he make the recordings? At the specified date, or sometime later?

Saturday 12th August, 2265: S.D. (4)17x1

The end of TOS “The Naked Time”, 71 hours earlier.

TOS “The Naked Time”

Tuesday 15th August, 2265: S.D. (4)17x4

Estimated duration: 1 day, but with a 3-day “bonus”
Chronology: There are log entries for S.D. 1704, 1704.2 and 1704.4. The remastered version’s stardate 1704.8 is too early to be 22:35:53 ship time (as shown on the remastered Bridge chronometer) by my system, it should be S.D. 1704.9.
Continuity: Rather than just make it a random event, I’m suggesting that this impromptu time journey is what triggers the Guardian of Forever to start signalling, as seen at the beginning of TOS “The City on the Edge of Forever”.

TOS “Balance of Terror”

Sunday 20th to Monday 21st August, 2265: S.D. (4)17x9 to (4)17y0

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: Stardates are given for the first day,S.D. 1709, specifically 1709.2 and 1709.6. 9 hours and 47 minutes after S.D. 1709.6 takes me to S.D. 1710.0.
Continuity: This is the first appearance of many by the Romulans in “Star Trek”. Allegedly, it is the first time any Human has seen a Romulan face to face and lived to tell the tale.

Wednesday 23rd August, 2265: S.D. (4)17y2

The time distortions that draw Enterprise to the Guardian of Forever start, six days before TOS “The City on the Edge of Forever”.

TOS “The City on the Edge of Forever”

Tuesday 29th August, 2265: S.D. (4)17y8

Estimated duration: 1 day in the “present”
Chronology: Kirk, Spock and McCoy return only a few moments after they departed, meaning that everything happens in less than a day in the 23rd century. There is no stardate mentioned in the aired version of the story at all, although one was found in a draft script and quoted in “The Star Trek Concordance”; I chose not to use it. The main events happen in 1932. Yes, 1932.
Continuity: Placing the story here doesn’t reflect the production or broadcast order of the shows, but the link to the events of TOS “The Naked Time” works for me.

Around Monday 25th December, 2265: S.D. (4)20c6

The chemistry lab Christmas party where James Kirk meets Helen Noel. It’ll all become very important in TOS “Dagger of the Mind”.

TOS “The Squire of Gothos”

Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th January, 2266: S.D. (4)21y4 to (4)21y6

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: The first day has a log entry for S.D. 2124.5, and the second and third are S.D. 2125.7 and S.D. 2126 (with entries for 2126.1 and 2126.3).
Continuity: Gothos is stated to be 900 light years from Earth. Trelane’s surroundings, costume and references are all “what someone looking through a powerful telescope would see.” In other words, it’s 900 years out of date. Since Trelane presents himself as an English country squire of about 1800, then “Star Trek” would have to be set in the 28th century. Strangely enough, I’m ignoring that suggestion.

Thursday 1st February, 2266: S.D. (4)21z4

Enterprise arrives at Beta III, eight days after the main action in TOS “The Squire of Gothos”.

Around February 2266

Doctor Simon Van Gelder is assigned to the Tantalus Penal Colony, six months before TOS “Dagger of the Mind” (August 2266).

Before March 2266

The last contact with Deneva, over a year before TOS “Operation: Annihilate!”
Comment: It certainly took a while for somebody to drop by.

Between February and July 2266?

We see a recording of Doctor McCoy’s “few months” on Capella IV in TOS “Friday’s Child”, where he’s wearing a “series-style” uniform, not a “pilot-shows-style” one. It’s possible that the visit was in early 2265, just before he was assigned to Enterprise, but that doesn’t answer the question: what are they doing for the best part of six months between TOS “The Squire of Gothos” and TOS “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” When you also have to account for Captain Kirk managing to avoid Helen Noel for nine months, then the possibility that something major happened during this time, rather than a few “unrecorded missions” seems possible. What would make McCoy spend a few months on a planet, and keep Kirk out of contact with at least one other member of the crew? Your guess is as good as mine, if not better.

July 2266: S.D. (4)26a4 to (4)26d4

Eight months before TOS “Operation: Annihilate!” (March 2267), a ship from Ingraham B arrives at Deneva with Horrible Things on board.

A killer called Beratis murders a number of women on Rigel IV, a year before TOS “Wolf in the Fold” (July 2267).

TOS “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”

Wednesday 8th to Thursday 9th August, 2266: S.D. (4)27x2 to (4)27x3

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: there is a log entry for the first day, S.D. 2712.4.
Continuity: Roger Korby was Christine Chapel’s ex. Captain Kirk’s brother “Sam” Kirk is mentioned. He’ll die in TOS “Operation: Annihilate!” The details of his family are inconsistent, since “Sam” has three children, and yet we only see Peter Kirk later on.

TOS “Dagger of the Mind”

Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th August, 2266: S.D. (4)27x5 to (4)27x6

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: There are log entries for the first day S.D. 2715, 2715.1 and 2715.2.
Continuity: This story follows TOS “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” rather quickly, but that’s the best I can do with the available stardates. This is the first time Spock has mind-melded with a Human, and it is the first time we ever see this process. Captain Kirk met Helen Noel at the chemistry lab Christmas party.
Comment: If you think it’s a bit of a long time since Christmas, all I can say is that Captain Kirk must have been quite busy up to now; and that I completely agree with you; it is a very long time.

TOS “Miri”

Sunday 19th to Monday 27th August, 2266: S.D. (4)27y3 to (4)27z1

Estimated duration: 9 days
Chronology: There are log entries on the first day, S.D. 2713 (2713.5 and 2713.6), and another on the fifth, S.D. 2717.3, when Kirk very accurately estimates they have three days and seven hours left. Doctor McCoy’s “beaker full of death” cures everyone in the nick of time on the eighth day, and the story ends on the ninth day as the ship departs, leaving the children under the care of a medical team.
Comment: This is the first time (but by no means the last) that Enterprise discovers a “parallel Earth”, indistinguishable from our own, but where events have taken a different course. It seems that the idea was driven more by the need to save money than anything else. Strictly speaking, it has been theorised that in an infinite universe, there will be infinite planets exactly like Earth, with an infinite number of individuals on them exactly like you, or me, or William Shatner. As a theory, there’s nothing wrong with the idea, but all these Earths can only exist if they can’t exchange information, and find out that they’re the same. That means that the nearest parallel Earth isn’t “hundreds of light years” away, as in this story, but billions. There’s no way Enterprise could reach even one, let alone several. What these “other Earths” in “Star Trek” might be is open to debate. Maybe they’re something to do with the Preservers, or “lost colonies” of Earth, where the ships went through a time vortex or something. Perhaps it’s the Q continuum, or some weird thing to do with mirror universes. There aren’t enough clues for me to guess at explanations, so I’ve not tried.

Early September 2266

In TOS “Shore Leave” (December 2266), Spock says that the previous three months have left the crew in need of rest. I’m only guessing, but this might be a good time for some shore leave, if only to provide a basis for Spock’s comment.

TOS “The Conscience of the King”

Wednesday 12th to Thursday 20th September, 2266: S.D. (4)28a7 to (4)28b5

Estimated duration: 9 days, but only the first 3 are shown
Chronology: There is a log entry on the first day, S.D. 2817.6. On the second day, the log entry is for S.D. 2818.9, and the estimated time of arrival at Benecia is calculated, S.D. 2825.3, at 15:00 Benecia time. I make that the morning of Thursday 20th September, 2266. There is another log entry on S.D. 2819.1, which I make very early on the third day. The third day is the one where I think Lenore is unmasked as the killer, and Karidian dies.
Continuity: Captain Kirk and Kevin Riley are the last two people who can identify the remarkably camera-shy mass-murderer Kodos “the Executioner.” I’m assuming that the rest of the Karidian Players are taken to Benecia as planned: “the show must go on!”

Late September 2266

Just before TOS “The Galileo Seven”, Enterprise picks up vital medical supplies and Commissioner Ferris.

TOS “The Galileo Seven”

Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th September, 2266: S.D. (4)28c1 to (4)28c3

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: The first day is S.D. 2821 (log entries for 2821.5 and 2821.7), with an entry for the Thursday morning at S.D. 2822.3. The third day has an entry for S.D. 2823.1. Enterprise has to leave by S.D. 2823.8 (I have that late on Friday) to avoid being late, and I calculate that it’s less than an hour after that departure time when the Galileo crew are rescued.
Continuity: Although he has to have been in Starfleet for at least thirteen years, according to TOS “The Menagerie”, and for sixteen if the statement in TOS “The Enterprise Incident” is accurate, this is Spock’s very first independent command.

Monday 1st October: S.D. (4)28c6

Enterprise has a vital rendezvous at Makus III, five days after the start of TOS “The Galileo Seven”.

November 2266: S.D. (4)29b7 to (4)30a6

A new mining level is opened on Janus VI, three months before TOS “The Devil in the Dark” (February 2267).

Friday 9th November, 2266: S.D. (4)29c5

On S.D. 2945.7, Enterprise gets caught in an ion storm, just before TOS “Court Martial”.

TOS “Court Martial”

Sunday 11th to Wednesday 14th November, 2266: S.D. (4)29c7 to (4)29d0

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: The first day has a log entry S.D. 2947.3. The second day is S.D. 2948 (entries for 2948.5 and 2948.9), and the third day, S.D. 2949.9. The fourth day is S.D. 2950.1.
Continuity: Kirk and Finney met at Starfleet Academy, and Finney named his daughter after James Kirk. According to “The Making of Star Trek”, Kirk was an early entrant to the Academy, at the age of 17. 2233+17=2250, so Jamie (aka “Jaime”) Finney cannot possibly be older than 16 when we see her here, and is probably supposed to be even younger. It’s four years, seven months and an odd number of days since Kirk last met Areel Shaw.

TOS “The Menagerie” (Parts 1 & 2)

Wednesday 21st to Tuesday 27th November, 2266: S.D. (4)29d7 to (4)30a3

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: Based on Spock’s assertion that he can get Pike from Starbase 11 to Talos IV in six days, I’m guessing that it’s the sixth day on S.D. 3012 (with log entries for 3012.4 and 3012.6), and the seventh on S.D. 3013 (entries for 3013.1 and 3013.2). This means that the chase in the shuttlecraft is a long one, but the idea that a shuttle could operate for only a few hours wouldn’t make sense in other stories.
Continuity: Spock served under Christopher Pike for eleven years, four months and five days. Enterprise makes a very rapid return to Starbase 11 after being there in TOS “Court Martial”, but Commodore Stone has apparently been replaced by Commodore Mendez in the interval.

Sunday 2nd December, 2266: S.D. (4)30a8

TOS “Catspaw”, by stardate.
Continuity: If Mister Chekhov must be on the ship before TOS “Space Seed” for Khan to recognise him in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” it’s not impossible that this story happens out of sequence. I’ve sidestepped the whole issue by positing a much later date for the film, and a second meeting between Kirk and Khan in the 2270s.

TOS “Shore Leave”

Sunday 9th to Tuesday 11th December, 2266: S.D. (4)30b5 to (4)30b7

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: There are log entries on the first day, S.D. 3025 for 3025.3 and 3025.8. I’ve assumed that they only stay for an extra day, but it could be two, or even more.
Continuity: The “Angela” who was about to be married in TOS “Balance of Terror” returns in this story, but it’s not entirely clear that she’s meant to be the same woman, even though she has the same first name and is played by the same actress.

Tuesday 18th December, 2266: S.D. (4)30c4

The Federation outpost on Cestus III is massacred, the day before TOS “Arena”.

TOS “Arena”

Wednesday 19th to Thursday 20th December, 2266: S.D. (4)30c5 to (4)30c6

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology:There are log entries on both days, S.D. 3045.6 and S.D. 3046.2.
Continuity: Enterprise returns to Cestus III afterwards, to collect the medical team left on the surface.
Comment: Getting thrown 500 parsecs is a very long way, and incompatible with the “Star Trek Star Charts”, which are based as far as possible on real star references.

TOS “The Alternative Factor”

Monday 31st December, 2266 to Wednesday 2nd January, 2267: S.D. (4)30d7 to (4)30d9

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: The first two days have log entries, S.D. 3087.6 and S.D. 3088, with entries for 3088.3 and 3088.7.
Comment: My calculations make it Hogmanay.

Approximately 2266

A century before TNG “Q Who?”, the Borg destroy Guinan’s home planet and scatter her people. Guinan specifically says she wasn’t there at the time. There are shiploads of El-Aurian refugees at the start of “Star Trek: Generations” (November 2293), so these events could be later by quite a few years.

2251 to 2264
2267 to 2268

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