2251 to 2264

2251: S.D. (2)70c4 to (2)80b8

The spaceship crash that strands Charlie Evans on Thasus, fourteen years before TOS “Charlie X”.

Approximately 2251

About 15 years before TOS “Shore Leave”, Kirk last sees Ruth.

Sometime between 2251 and 2253

Before James Kirk becomes a lieutenant, he spots the mistake that sends Ben Finney to the bottom of the promotion list. He’s serving on the USS Republic, but it’s not at all clear whether his commander is Captain Garrovick, or even if Kirk has graduated at all at this time. It’s part of the story in TOS “Court Martial”.

2253: S.D. (2)90c5 to (3)00b9

Leonard “Plum” McCoy last sees Nancy Crater, twelve years before TOS “The Man Trap”.

Leonard McCoy also develops a technique for the creation of axonal pathways, according to VOY “Lifesigns”.

Two weeks before TOS “The Menagerie”

Enterprise visits Rigel VII.

TOS “The Menagerie”


Estimated duration: 2 days
Continuity: These events take place thirteen years before the “contemporary” events of TOS “The Menagerie”, which I place in November 2266. Spock serves under Captain Pike for 11 years, 4 months and 5 days. That means:

Late November 2253

The absolute latest Spock can start serving with Captain Pike, given that I have TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before” starting on Sunday 26th March, 2365.

2254: S.D. (3)00c0 to (3)10c4

Eleven years before TOS “The Corbomite Maneuver”, McCoy thinks Kirk was a lot like Lieutenant Dave Bailey.

2255: S.D. (3)10c5 to (3)20b9

Lt. Kirk conducts his first planet survey on Neural. He recommends no interference in the planet’s natural development. It’s 13 years before TOS “A Private Little War”. I place that story in February 2268, so it might be 2254.

Last contact with the Sheliak Corporate, 111 years before TNG “The Ensigns of Command” (August 2366). At some point before this, the Federation and the Sheliak Corporate negotiate the Treaty of Armens.

2256: S.D. (3)20c0 to (3)30c5

The USS Farragut is attacked by a cloud creature. Many of the crew are killed, including Captain Garrovick, Kirk’s commander since leaving the Academy. It’s eleven years before TOS “Obsession”.

2257: S.D. (3)30c6 to (3)40c0

The Karidian Players begin touring for the Galactic Cultural Exchange, nine years before TOS “Conscience of the King”.

2259 to 2262

Gary Mitchell would attend Starfleet Academy, if my assumptions about the file shown in TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before” are correct. Lieutenant James Kirk is acting as an instructor at the Academy for at least some of this time, and almost marries a blonde “lab technician” Mitchell sets him up with. If it’s anyone we see later, I think it must be Janet Wallace from TOS “The Deadly Years”. Since I’ve placed “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” in January 2292, I don’t think it’s likely to be Carol Marcus this early on.

Summer or Autumn 2260

The Craters arrive on planet M113, almost five years before TOS “The Man Trap”, which I have in June 2265.

December 2260 or January 2261

James Kirk and Janet Wallace break up, six years, four months and an odd number of days before TOS “The Deadly Years” (Sunday 21st May, 2267).
Comment: James Kirk’s exes have a creepy habit of counting up exactly how many years and months it is since they were dumped, but not the days. See below.

2261: S.D. (3)70c7 to (3)80c1

Spock and Leila Kalomi meet on Earth, six years before TOS “This Side of Paradise”.

Roger Korby’s expedition sends its last report from Exo III, five years before TOS “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”

The SS Beagle is listed as missing, six years before TOS “Bread and Circuses”.

Cyrano Jones takes up life as a trader, seven years before TOS “The Trouble with Tribbles”.

2262 S.D. (3)80c2 to (3)90c6

Elias Sandoval’s colonisation party leaves Earth, four years before TOS “This Side of Paradise”.

Early 2262

“Merikus” becomes Lord of the Games, and First Citizen shortly after, just under six years before TOS “Bread and Circuses”. I have that story in December 2267.

March or early April 2262

James Kirk and Areel Shaw meet for the last time before TOS “Court Martial”. It’s definitely four years and seven months before, but more precision depends on exactly how many an “odd number” of days are, since I have the story starting on Sunday 11th November, 2266.

Shortly after April 2262

Three dilithium miners are stationed on Rigel XII, almost three years before TOS “Mudd’s Women” (April 2265).

29th D’ruh, 8898 V.E.; Wednesday 10th September, 2262: S.D. 87z4 or 387z4

Birth of Tuvok, by my best guess. I can’t make him 29 r’tas old at the time of “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” (I make him 26 r’tas old); or even 29 in Earth years. Tuvok’s precise age and date of birth are very difficult to pin down. He’s 30 Earth years old at the time of the film by this guess, and I’m assuming either another handy “translation error” or a mistake due to his fevered imagination in VOY “Flashback”. Other episodes of “Star Trek: Voyager” seem to suggest he’s a bit younger. The stardate is given in VOY “Unimatrix Zero, Part I” is S.D. 38774 and that matches no system of “screen used” stardates at all, although following a comment by Timo Saloniemi on the TrekBBS, I’ve sort of assumed that Tuvok is including the extra digit on the front of stardates as they roll over from 99d9 to 00a0. This would make it the fourth cycle of dates, and it’s the logical thing to do. The fact that it’s likely to be his 98th Vulcan birthday in VOY “Fury” is based on the dialogue in that story, although it’s a guess by me.

2263; 8898 V.E.: S.D. (3)90c7 to (4)00c1

Spock pays a visit to Sarek and Amanda on Vulcan, four years before TOS “Journey to Babel”. It’s the last time he sees them before that story.

2264: S.D. (4)00c2 to (4)10d7

Sandoval’s party arrives at Omicron Ceti III, three years before TOS “This Side of Paradise”.

Around June 2264

The “salt vampire” kills Nancy Crater. Robert buries her body, and there’s a marked drop in the amount of work the expedition does. It’s about a year before TOS “The Man Trap” (June 2265). Crater’s unsure whether it was one year or two, but the drop in productivity was definitely the year before, according to Mister Spock.

2201 to 2250
2265 to 2266

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