2251 to 2264
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2251: S.D. (2)58d0 to (2)68d4

The spaceship crash that strands Charlie Evans on Thasus, fourteen years before TOS “Charlie X”.

Approximately 2251

About 15 years before TOS “Shore Leave”, Kirk last sees Ruth.

Sometime between 2251 and 2253

Before James Kirk becomes a lieutenant, he spots the mistake that sends Ben Finney to the bottom of the promotion list. He’s serving on the USS Republic, but it’s not at all clear whether his commander is Captain Garrovick, or even if Kirk has graduated at all at this time. It’s part of the story in TOS “Court Martial”.

2253: S.D. (2)78d1 to (2)88d5

Leonard “Plum” McCoy last sees Nancy Crater, twelve years before TOS “The Man Trap”.

Leonard McCoy also develops a technique for the creation of axonal pathways, according to VOY “Lifesigns”.

Two weeks before TOS “The Menagerie”

Enterprise visits Rigel VII.

TOS “The Menagerie”


Estimated duration: 2 days
Continuity: These events take place thirteen years before the “contemporary” events of TOS “The Menagerie”, which I place in November 2266. Spock serves under Captain Pike for 11 years, 4 months and 5 days. That means:

Late November 2253

The absolute latest Spock can start serving with Captain Pike, given that I have TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before” starting on Sunday 26th March, 2265.

2254: S.D. (2)88d6 to (2)98d0

Eleven years before TOS “The Corbomite Maneuver”, McCoy thinks Kirk was a lot like Lieutenant Dave Bailey.

2255: S.D. (2)98d1 to (3)08d5

Lt. Kirk conducts his first planet survey on Neural. He recommends no interference in the planet’s natural development. It’s 13 years before TOS “A Private Little War”. I place that story in February 2268, so it might be 2254.

Last contact with the Sheliak Corporate, 111 years before TNG “The Ensigns of Command” (August 2366). At some point before this, the Federation and the Sheliak Corporate negotiate the Treaty of Armens.

Monday 3rd December, 2255: S.D. (3)08a7

According to my calculations and manipulated stardates, this is when Gabriel Lorca finds himself stranded, “one year, two hundred and twelve days” before DCY “What’s Past is Prologue”.

2256: S.D. (3)08d6 to (3)18d1

The USS Farragut is attacked by a cloud creature. Many of the crew are killed, including Captain Garrovick, Kirk’s commander since leaving the Academy. It’s eleven years before TOS “Obsession”.

“Star Trek: Discovery”

This show is sticking closely to established “canon” by making the stardates impossible to understand. What follows is a very rough-and-ready look at the first season of the show. I may well be revisiting this information several times, as new information becomes available. For the moment, I’ve summarised my approach as Discovery and Stardates.

DCY “The Vulcan Hello”

Sunday 4th to Sunday 11th May, 2256: S.D. (3)12a0 to (3)12a7

Estimated duration: Eight days?
Chronology: There is a single stardate, S.D. 1207.3. Conveniently but extremely confusingly, it is specifically matched to Sunday 11th May, 2256. I’ve completely arbitrarily decided that the opening scenes happen a week before the log entry, and the end of this episode is on the same day.
Continuity: Michael Burnham is the adopted daughter of Sarek, first seen in TOS “Journey to Babel”. The log entry seems to mark the day the Federation-Klingon War broke out. It’s “almost a hundred years” since anyone’s seen a Klingon, so that must be later than ENT “Divergence” which I have ending in early December 2154.

Lieutenant Ash Tyler is captured by the Klingons at the Battle at the Binary Stars.

DCY “Battle at the Binary Stars”

Sunday 11th May to Sunday 1st June, 2256: S.D. (3)12a7 to (3)12c8

Estimated duration: Three weeks?
Chronology: The story picks straight up from the previous episode. I’ve completely arbitrarily decided that the end of the story takes place about three weeks after the start. It might be longer, although it has to be about six months before DCY “Context is for Kings”. It could be quite a bit less than three weeks.

Around June 2256

About a month after the start of the war, Buran is destroyed in a Klingon attack. The sole survivor is the captain, Gabriel Lorca. Harry Mudd explains it in DCY “Choose Your Pain”.

DCY “Context is for Kings”

Friday 28th November to Monday 1st December, 2256: S.D. (3)17z8 to (3)18a1

Estimated duration: Four days.
Chronology: The damage to the prison shuttle will take three days to repair. Since it’s ready on the last day, the story must last four days.
Continuity: According to a caption, it’s six months after DCY “Battle at the Binary Stars”. Michael Burnham is travelling to the dilithium mines on Tellun, the dilithium-rich star system in TOS “Elaan of Troyius”. 1,186 Starfleet officers died in the Battle with the Klingons in the last episode. Burnham joins the crew of Discovery, and also reminisces about curling up with Little Spock while Amanda read “Alice in Wonderland” to them both. A space monster very similar to a giant tardigrade is beamed over from Glenn.
Comment: This is where we find out that the space-time continuum has a nasty fungal infestation. Captain Lorca has a pet tribble. It makes me wonder why nobody knew anything at all about them in TOS “The Trouble with Tribbles”.

DCY “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”

Tuesday 2nd to Wednesday 3rd December, 2256: S.D. (3)18a2 to (3)18a3

Estimated duration: Two days.
Chronology: The story picks up the day after the prison shuttle left, and seems to finish the next day.

DCY “Choose Your Pain”

Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th December, 2256: S.D. (3)18c2 to (3)18c4

Estimated duration: Three days.
Chronology: It’s just under three weeks since the last story. If Lorca is captured on the first day, then I think they escape by the third. Lt. Ash Tyler says he was captured at the Battle of the Binary Stars. Lorca says that was seven months before, and in DCY “Into the Forest I Go”, Tyler specifies that he was held captive by the Klingons for 227 days. According to my sums, that means that the last day of the story is Wednesday 24th December, 2256: S.D. 1834; Christmas Eve.
Continuity: Harcourt Fenton Mudd, first seen in TOS “Mudd’s Women”, appears. Paul Stamets injects himself with space monster DNA, so that he can control the fungus drive, too.

DCY “Lethe”

Monday 29th to Tuesday 30th December, 2256: S.D. (3)18c9 to (3)18d0

Estimated duration: Two days.
Chronology: It’s less than a week after the previous story.
Continuity: Ash Tyler is appointed chief of security on Discovery, and Burnham becomes a science specialist. Admiral Cornwell is captured by the Klingons.
Comment: “Logic extremists!”

2257: S.D. (3)18d2 to (3)28d6

The Karidian Players begin touring for the Galactic Cultural Exchange, nine years before TOS “Conscience of the King”.

DCY “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”

Thursday 15th to Friday 16th January, 2257: S.D. (3)19a6 to (3)19a7

Actual stardates: Wednesday 15th to Thursday 16th April, 2257: S.D. (3)21y6 to (3)21y7

Estimated duration: Two days.
Chronology: There are stardates for both days, S.D. 2136.8 and S.D. 2137.2. Ive had to ignore them, because they move things too far into the next year, and will be contradicted later anyway. Of course, the endless time loops makes guessing how long the story takes a bit complicated.
Continuity: It’s a while after the previous story. Later events strongly suggest that the stardates are not accurate. Maybe Harry’s repeated attempts to get what he wants have advanced his own “personal time” forward by several months. I think I’m clutching at straws, though. Harry Mudd returns, having escaped from the Klingons. We also get to see the real-life Stella, Harry’s wife who appeared as a robot reconstruction in TOS “I, Mudd”.
Comment: The transformation of the stone-cold killer Harry Mudd in this story into the fairly lovable and non-violent character he’ll be later says a lot for Federation rehabilitation. I’m not sure if it’s been on purpose, but there have been some strong hints that Vulcan katras, psychic powers in general and a handy ability to spot when time’s being tampered with are all linked to the living network of Space-Fungus that permeates the “Star Trek” universe. Perhaps Guinan wore hats that made her look like a mushroom on purpose? And finally: a dowry?

DCY “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”

Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th February, 2257: S.D. (3)20a8 to (3)20b0

Actual stardates: Saturday 21st to Monday 23rd June, 2256: S.D. (3)13x8 to (3)13y0

Estimated duration: Three days.
Chronology: There is a stardate for the first day, S.D. 1308.9. My conversion system would make that Saturday 21st June, 2256, quite impossible, so I’ve bumped it forward a bit, perhaps by too much. The landing party has been on Pahvo for 18 hours, suggesting they arrived around S.D. 1308.2 (or 2008.2 by my calculations). If the pick-up by Discovery is on schedule, the end of the story will be two days later.

DCY “Into the Forest I Go”

Monday 23rd February to Friday 6th March, 2257: S.D. (3)20b0 to (3)20b6

Estimated duration: a week.
Chronology: The story seems to carry straight on, on the same day. How long events take after that is a bit difficult to work out. I’ve rather arbitrarily assumed a week so that there’s time for Admiral Cornwell to reach a starbase for medical treatment, and for the war to turn in the Federation’s favour. It could be less, or possibly more, than that.
Continuity: The Federation discovers a way to render cloaking devices useless. Apparently, it’s all going to be explained later.

DCY “Despite Yourself”

Friday 6th to Monday 9th March, 2257: S.D. (3)20b6 to (3)20b9

Estimated duration: at least a day, maybe four days?
Chronology: The story picks straight up from DCY “Into the Forest I Go”. How much longer it lasts is anyone’s guess. They have to disguise the ship and themselves and find Shenzhou. It all seems to happen quite quickly, so I’ve given them four days.
Continuity: As you’ll have spotted from the colour scheme, we’re back in the Mirror Universe, first popped into in TOS “Mirror, Mirror”. This story must follow on from the events of ENT “In a Mirror Darkly” which was in January 2155. It turns out that Ash Tyler was a Klingon in disguise all along. Doctor Culber finds out, and Tyler kills him. As we find out in DCY “The War Without, the War Within” the Mirror-Discovery swaps places, but is destroyed very quickly by the Klingons.

DCY “The Wolf Inside”

Wednesday 11th March, 2257: S.D. (3)20c1

Estimated duration: one very action-packed day?
Chronology: It seems to be two days since Burnham, Tyler and Lorca arrived on Shenzhou.
Continuity: The Mirror Universe is just stacked with people Michael Burnham knows. Sarek is one of the leaders of the resistance. It turns out that the Klingon resistance leader is Voq, and that Ash Tyler is him, after surgical modifications and brainwashing. The Emperor turns out to be Phillipa Georgiou.

DCY “Vaulting Ambition”

Thursday 12th to Friday 13th March, 2257: S.D. (3)20c2 to (3)20c3

Estimated duration: It could only be one day, but I’ve made it two.
Chronology: The heavily-censored report of events in ENT “In a Mirror, Darkly” is stardated 0141.7. My own calculations of when things happen in “Star Trek: Enterprise” match that date to Tuesday 14th January, 2155. As Quantum Leap put it: “Oh, boy!” Needless to say, none of my systems for calculating stardates goes back that far, and they wouldn’t give that answer. My best guess is that the Mirror Universe was able to adopt stardates a great deal earlier, since Defiant would explain their operation.
Continuity: This is when we find out that Captain Lorca has been Mirror-Lorca, all along. We also “discover” (see what I did there?) that Mirror Universe Humans are more sensitive to light. There are also more details about Ash Tyler and Voq. The person on the ship is definitely Voq, but there was an Ash Tyler captured at the Battle of the Binary Stars. Whether he’s still alive, and where he might be, is unknown. Paul Stamets finds out that Doctor Culber is dead, and wakes up from his coma.
Comment: Once again, biology takes a bit of a bashing: how would that sensitivity to light thing work, when the people are basically identical?

DCY “What’s Past is Prologue”

Wednesday 1st to Thursday 2nd July, 2257: S.D. (3)20c3 to (3)20c4

Estimated duration: It all seems to be one event-packed day. I’ve been guided by the stardate to make it two.
Chronology: There’s a stardate, S.D. 1834.2. I had absolutely no chance of managing to make it work. Gabriel Lorca seems to suggest that it’s “one year, two hundred and twelve days” since the transporter accident that stranded him in the “main” universe. They arrive home nine months later than they expected.
Continuity: Lorca’s transporter accident is just like the one in TOS “Mirror, Mirror”. The naughty Mirror-Stamets is using the Space-Fungus to power Charon, but it’s destroying the network. Discovery destroys Charon and uses the Space-Fungus explosion that results to get home. Gabriel Lorca is killed, maybe.
Comment: Charon is the single most important asset of an evil empire. You can destroy it by switching off the defences in the throne room? If you say so. I’m also a bit intrigued by the Space-Fungus network. It must be infinite in extent. It’d be rough if you were in the middle of a dead patch, but I don’t see how you could kill all of it. If you can, why hasn’t anyone in the myriad multiple universes done it already?

Tuesday 24th November, 2257: S.D. (3)27z9

Klingon vessels launch hypothermic charges at Kelfour VI, according to DCY “The War Without, the War Within”. The actual stardate given is S.D. 4789.6: Thursday 24th November, 2259. I had no realistic option but to cheat.

Sunday 6th December, 2257: S.D. (3)28b1

A cloaked raider tails Saratoga into spacedock at Starbase 22, then ignites its antimatter supply in a suicide mission, according to DCY “The War Without, the War Within”. The actual stardate given is S.D. 4851.5: Tuesday 6th December, 2259. I had no realistic option but to cheat.

DCY “The War Without, the War Within”

Sunday 13th to Tuesday 15th December, 2257: S.D. (3)28b8 to (3)28c0

Estimated duration: Three days?
Chronology: There’s no stardate for the story, but Admiral Cornwell mentions two stardated incidents that must have happened in the last nine months: S.D. 4789.6: Klingon vessels launch hypothermic charges at Kelfour VI. S.D. 4851.5: A cloaked raider tails Saratoga into spacedock at Starbase 22, then ignites its antimatter supply in a suicide mission. The departure for Chronos is set at 21:00, ship time. I’ve completely arbitrarily made it a week after the last incident Admiral Cornwell mentions by stardate, with suitable manipulation to try and get things to fit.
Continuity: The ISS Discovery was destroyed by the Klingons not long after it arrived in the main universe. No Starfleet officer has visited Chronos since captain Archer and Enterprise, nearly 100 years before. This doesn’t seem to be a reference to ENT “Broken Bow” since that was more than a century before.

DCY “Will You Take My Hand?”

Wednesday 16th to Friday 25th December, 2257: S.D. (3)28c1 to (3)28d0

Estimated duration:
Chronology: The story picks straight up from the previous episode, although since they’re twelve light years from Chronos and set off at 21:00 ship time, I’ve made it the next day. How long events take is anyone’s guess. A lot happens. I’ve suggested ten days, because Burnham’s comment that DCY “Battle at the Binary Stars” was “a year ago” can’t be anything other than very approximate, but it does suggest to me that it should still be 2257 at the end of the story, for it to make sense. Of course, she’s “lost” nine months, so the amount of time that's passed for her will seem much closer to a year, allowing it to perhaps be as late as early February 2258. I decided not to take things that far, so I could make the “surprise” ending a Christmas present, because why not?
Continuity: The Klingon homeworld is given an aspect not seen before. Emperor Pip escapes, doubtless to cause trouble later on. Molor, Kahless’ foe as explained in TNG “Firstborn” is mentioned. The Orions appear, I’m sure you’ll remember TOS “The Menagerie” where an Orion features in one of Captain Pike’s more lurid imaginings. Talking of Captain Pike, Enterprise makes a sudden appearance, right at the end.
Comment: Oh no! I’ve spoiled the surprise ending!

2259 to 2262

Gary Mitchell would attend Starfleet Academy, if my assumptions about the file shown in TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before” are correct. Lieutenant James Kirk is acting as an instructor at the Academy for at least some of this time, and almost marries a blonde “lab technician” Mitchell sets him up with. If it’s anyone we see later, I think it must be Janet Wallace from TOS “The Deadly Years”. Since I’ve placed “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” in January 2292, I don’t think it’s likely to be Carol Marcus this early on.

Summer or Autumn 2260

The Craters arrive on planet M113, almost five years before TOS “The Man Trap”, which I have in June 2265.

December 2260 or January 2261

James Kirk and Janet Wallace break up, six years, four months and an odd number of days before TOS “The Deadly Years” (Sunday 21st May, 2267).
Comment: James Kirk’s exes have a creepy habit of counting up exactly how many years and months it is since they were dumped, but not the days. See below.

2261: S.D. (3)58d3 to (3)68d7

Spock and Leila Kalomi meet on Earth, six years before TOS “This Side of Paradise”.

Roger Korby’s expedition sends its last report from Exo III, five years before TOS “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”

The SS Beagle is listed as missing, six years before TOS “Bread and Circuses”.

Cyrano Jones takes up life as a trader, seven years before TOS “The Trouble with Tribbles”.

2262 S.D. (3)68d8 to (3)78d1

Elias Sandoval’s colonisation party leaves Earth, four years before TOS “This Side of Paradise”.

Early 2262

“Merikus” becomes Lord of the Games, and First Citizen shortly after, just under six years before TOS “Bread and Circuses”. I have that story in December 2267.

March or early April 2262

James Kirk and Areel Shaw meet for the last time before TOS “Court Martial”. It’s definitely four years and seven months before, but more precision depends on exactly how many an “odd number” of days are, since I have the story starting on Sunday 11th November, 2266.

Shortly after April 2262

Three dilithium miners are stationed on Rigel XII, almost three years before TOS “Mudd’s Women” (April 2265).

2263; 8898 V.E.: S.D. (3)78d3 to (4)00d2

Spock pays a visit to Sarek and Amanda on Vulcan, four years before TOS “Journey to Babel”. It’s the last time he sees them before that story.

26th D’ruh, 8899 V.E.; Sunday 8th November, 2263: S.D. (3)87y4 or 387y4

Birth of Tuvok, by my best guess. I can’t make him 29 r’tas old at the time of “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” (I make him 25 r’tas old); but thanks to “Star Trek: Discovery”’s manipulation of stardates, he will now be 29 Earth years old. Tuvok’s precise age and date of birth are very difficult to pin down. Other episodes of “Star Trek: Voyager” seem to suggest he’s a bit younger. The stardate is given in VOY “Unimatrix Zero, Part I” is S.D. 38774 and that matches no system of “screen used” stardates at all, although following a comment by Timo Saloniemi on the TrekBBS, I’ve sort of assumed that Tuvok is including the extra digit on the front of stardates as they roll over from 99d9 to 00a0. This would make it the fourth cycle of dates, and it’s the logical thing to do. The fact that it’s likely to be his 97th Vulcan birthday in VOY “Fury” is based on the dialogue in that story, although it’s a guess by me.

00:00:00 (UTC) on Monday 30th November, 2263; J.D. 2547936.5: S.D. (4)00a0.0

Stardates are reset to zero. I have no idea why, but they have to be, otherwise the most clear reference to how stardates match up to conventional dates in “Star Trek: Discovery” is wrong. Alternatively, almost all the date references in all later “Star Trek” would have to be wrong. Hitting the reset button seemed the least stupid option, especially since the dating in “Star Trek: Discovery” defies explanation, at least by me.

2264: S.D. (4)00d2 to (4)10d7

Sandoval’s party arrives at Omicron Ceti III, three years before TOS “This Side of Paradise”.

Around June 2264

The “salt vampire” kills Nancy Crater. Robert buries her body, and there’s a marked drop in the amount of work the expedition does. It’s about a year before TOS “The Man Trap” (June 2265). Crater’s unsure whether it was one year or two, but the drop in productivity was definitely the year before, according to Mister Spock.

2201 to 2250
2265 to 2266

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