2201 to 2250
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“The 23rd century”

Iresine syndrome is first diagnosed, according to Doctor Crusher in TNG “Violations”.


Birth of James Kirk’s father, George Kirk. His father’s name is Tiberius. The year is based on references to birthdays in ”Star Trek Beyond”, and Jim’s granddad’s name is from the 2009 ”Star Trek” film.
Comment: All this assumes that there is a strict point of divergence between the “Prime Timeline” and what’s being called the “Kelvin Timeline” (I’m sticking with “Nero’s Divergent Timeline” since that’s how I’m treating it). If the “new” universe is only similar to the original version, then all bets are off.


Transporter psychosis is first diagnosed. The date is given in TNG “Realm of Fear”.

Birth of Amanda Grayson, Spock’s mother? According to “The Making of Star Trek” she’s 58 when Sarek is 102. There’s no other more firmly established date, but this will make her 21 when Spock is born.


Harry Kim tells a very tall story about his Uncle Jack and a mission to Beta Capricus that supposedly happened this year, in VOY “11:59”.

Approximately 2210

Since Vina has to have been an adult at the crash of the SS Columbia, she could have been born about now. Given the Talosians expect her to breed, mid-40’s seems reasonable. She doesn’t age well, though. It’s all from TOS “The Menagerie”.


Harry Kim is very taken with this year’s gold medal volleyball team in VOY “Warlord”.

No earlier than 2216

The planet Selcundi Drema V disintegrates into an asteroid belt, sometime in the 150 years before TNG “Pen Pals”.

Before 2217

Mining begins on Janus VI, over fifty years before TOS “The Devil in the Dark”.

Approximately 2217

Fifty years before TOS “A Taste of Armageddon”, the USS Valiant makes first contact with the Eminians, and is listed as missing after failing to return from its mission. It turns out that it was a casualty of the war between Eminiar and Vendikar. The display seen briefly in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II” specified 2217, and the Eminians say it was fifty years ago; Spock says it was more than fifty years before, so I’d personally go for 2214 or ’15, rather than 2217.

Approximately 2218

Richard Daystrom born, based on him being about fifty in TOS “The Ultimate Computer”.

Approximately 2220

Almost half a century before TOS “Patterns of Force”, the Zeons first visit Ekos and try to make friends with the Ekosians.

2222 (probably before July)

Montgomery Scott born, in Aberdeen or Linlithgow, Scotland, since he’s 147 in TNG “Relics” (July 2369). The uncertainty over the location of his birthplace stems from references to Aberdeen in TOS “Wolf in the Fold” that are not conclusive, and a suggestion in the novel ”Vulcan’s Glory” by D.C. Fontana that Scotty was born in Linlithgow.

The evening of Tuesday 24th September, 2222

Pralor robot 3947 is first activated, 1,314,807 hours and thirty three minutes before he’s asked about it in VOY “Prototype”, based on my guess that the question is asked on the morning of Thursday 21st September, 2372.

Approximately 2224; about 902 Q.B.

Relations between the Federation and the Klingons get very much worse, almost seventy years before ”Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”.

00:00:00 (UTC) on Saturday 26th February, 2225; J.D. 2533780.5: S.D. (0)00a0.0

The zero date for my “Star Trek: Discovery” cycle of stardates, and the earliest conventional date for which I have a stardate. This particular zero date (and the subsequent cycles based on it) fits with the interpretation of Tuvok’s birthdate suggested by Timo Saloniemi, and conveniently assumes that the first digit of stardates is routinely omitted, for reasons unknown. My own theory is that the “missing digit” wasn’t there to start off with, and has been applied retrospectively to try and impose some order.
Continuity: Depending on how much weight you attach to the latest developments, “JJverse”-style stardates are in use from at least the 2230s to sometime in the first half of the 2250s. This doesn’t preclude them being replaced by a revision of stardates that retrospectively converts the entire period of their use to something (in my opinion) less clunky, but this timeline is confusing enough already, so the “new” stardates are confined primarily to the divergent timeline.

Between August 2226 and July 2227: S.D. (0)14b1 to (0)24b5

If Doctor McCoy’s 137 in TNG “Encounter at Farpoint” (which I have in August 2364), then he was born between these approximate dates. Data gives his age, and McCoy doesn’t contradict it.

2228: S.D. (0)28c9 to (0)38c4

Death of Lela Dax, according to DS9 “Equilibrium”. The symbiont is then joined to Tobin, according to DS9 “Facets”. In DS9 “Melora”, Dax says she had a relationship with a colleague in Starfleet whilst the symbiont had a male host, which rules out Lela Dax. Tobin isn’t a much better proposition, but since it happened around 150 years before the story, I’m assuming it must have been around now, the sooner the better.

Approximately 2228

Nancy Crater is born, about 25 years before McCoy and Nancy’s relationship, as explained in TOS “The Man Trap”.

Approximately 2229

The Dax symbiont first tries to solve an Altonian brain teaser. The solution is still proving elusive 140 years later, as seen in DS9 “A Man Alone”.

13th K’riBrax, 8870 V.E.; Wednesday 6th January, 2230: S.D. (0)48d5, S.D. 2230.06

Spock’s birth, based on the stardate 2230.06 that is shown in a display in ”Star Trek Beyond”. I’ve interpreted that stardate as “6th January, 2230” to be consistent with the other references. It also agrees with the date in the Okudas’ “Star Trek Chronology” and the suggested age of Amanda in “The Making of Star Trek”, although she’s still only 20 or 21 at the time.
This date first appeared in a deleted scene from the 2009 ”Star Trek” film.

Approximately 2232

Birth of Kirk’s Academy tormentor, Finnegan, seen as robot replica in TOS “Shore Leave”.

Late 2232 to very early January 2233

USS Kelvin makes a routine trip back to Earth, just in time for the first officer’s wife Winona to get home to Iowa before the birth of her son. This is the point where Nero’s Divergent Timeline comes into existence, according to ”Star Trek” (the 2009 film).

Friday 4th January, 2233: S.D. (0)78c9, S.D. 2233.04

Birth of James Tiberius Kirk. Gary Mitchell guesses at the date Sunday 5th June, 2236: S.D. 1277.1 on the gravestone in TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before” but my system offers a radically different date. James Kirk’s birth date appears as Friday 22nd March, 2233 (which would give a stardate of S.D. 8026 in my system) in a display seen in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II”. This exactly matches the ”Star Trek Chronology” but is contradicted by lots of other evidence; at least as far as my stardating system is concerned. Coincidentally, several other of the dates used in that timeline are open to question. My own guesses are based on the specific references in the 2009 film “Star Trek” and “Star Trek Beyond”.

Approximately 2235

The SS Columbia crashes on Talos IV. Some unspecified time after this, the warp “time barrier” is broken. It’s 18 years before the “flashback” bits of TOS “The Menagerie”, which is set 13 years before the “contemporary” story.

Approximately 2238

Birth of Robert Johnson, who will lead the experimental colony on Gamma Hydræ IV. He’s 29 in TOS “The Deadly Years”.

20th Tasmeen, 8877 V.E.; Monday 4th February, 2239: S.D. (1)39c1, S.D. 2239.35

Spock embarks on his kahs-wan ordeal, as seen in TAS “Yesteryear”. Although I’m not including the animated series, this is the only information there is about it. Spock says in the story that history doesn’t play out the way he remembers it, particularly the fact that I-Chaya didn’t die at that time. My flimsy rationalisation is that Spock only needed to go back and fix things after he’d been in the past at “the same time” as the Guardian was showing the relevant bit of Vulcan history. If that makes any sense at all. Anyway, the kahs-wan is assumed to have happened even if TAS “Yesteryear” didn’t. Because I say so.
Continuity: Spock is seven r’tas old, and (if you’re including the story) his future self would travel back 30.2 Earth years, or 25.8 r’tas by my interpretation of the dates. Surprisingly enough, this does match the dialogue: the researchers are scanning twenty to thirty “Vulcan years” in the past, and Spock only specifies “thirty years” when he asks the Guardian to transport him. The rest of the story would be in 2269, according to my interpretation of stardates.

Between late Tasmeen 8877 and 12th K’riBrax, 8878 V.E.; February to Sunday 12th May, 2239: S.D. (1)39c2 to (1)42a8

Spock is betrothed to T’Pring. It has to be sometime before his (Vulcan) eighth birthday, which by my calculations is 13th K’riBrax, 8878 V.E.; Monday 13th May, 2239: S.D. 4219. All this is based on the betrothal in TOS “Amok Time”, with modifications based on TAS “Yesteryear” and my own speculations, like the idea that Spock isn’t betrothed until after the kahs-wan ordeal. That might not be the case.

Approximately 2239

“Mr Brack” purchases Holberg 917G in the Omega System, 30 years before TOS “Requiem for Methuselah”.

Approximately 2240

Birth of Elaine, who’ll marry Robert Johnson, leader of the colony on Gamma Hydræ IV. She’s 27 in TOS “The Deadly Years”.

Approximately 2241

Montgomery Scott becomes a Starfleet engineer, implying that he either entered the Academy very young, or is including that in the total, or entered Starfleet at an enlisted rank (and never went to the Academy at all). In TNG “Relics”, Scotty says he was a Starfleet engineer for 52 years. He retired three months after “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” in 2293.
Comment: That’s what the dialogue in that film says. Scotty is in uniform throughout the early part of “Star Trek: Generations” and TNG “Relics”, so either he’s impersonating a Starfleet officer, or his retirement was delayed until after he arrived at the Norpin colony and never technically comes into effect.

2242: S.D. (1)68d3 to (1)78c7, S.D. 2242

Birth of Gary Mitchell, in ELDMAN, NEW??? I’ve ignored the proffered date, Sunday 27th March, 2236: S.D. 1087.7. Based on the information given in TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. My choice may seem rather late, but it has to accommodate a file which lists his age as 23. Since his rank is clearly listed as lieutenant commander, it seems unlikely to be years out of date. Of course there are so many fudges and contradictions; it can hardly be taken as a terribly secure guess. See a little further down for Elizabeth Dehner’s birth, and my criticisms of the personnel files.

Friday 23rd September, 2242: S.D. (1)75z8

Death of someone called “Vader” on the colony of Caldos. It’s a gag tombstone in the graveyard in TNG “Sub Rosa”.

Before 2243

Over a quarter of a century before TOS “The Ultimate Computer”, Richard Daystrom made the duotronic breakthrough that won him the Nobel and Zee-Magnes prizes.

2243: S.D. (1)78c8 to (1)88d2

Birth of Elizabeth Dehner, in DELMAN, NEWST??? I’m having to ignore the suggested date of Tuesday 29th March, 2236:S.D. 1089.5. I’m assuming that the file giving her age as 21 might be slightly out of date, but it can’t be by much, because of the reference to the Aldebaran Colony. The information in the personnel files in TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before” leaves a lot to be desired. The addresses seem to be just house numbers. The heights and weights listed are in Imperial rather than metric measurements (although North Americans might not see that as an error). Incidentally, the only “Delman” I've been able to find is Delman Heights, a neighbourhood in San Bernadino, California. That doesn’t mean that Doctor Dehner wasn’t born somewhere off-Earth, though. The rest of the data supports the possibility that Dehner is quite young, although she seems a little more mature than this as portrayed. I have checked, and assuming Dehner is a keen student, 21 is not too young to get a Ph.D., especially if her thesis is done during her 21st year, after the report was filed. I’m guessing that she graduates from secondary school at 17 or (more likely) 18. She then goes straight into something like the contemporary NROTC system, getting a Starfleet commission and a psychiatry degree together. The degree course will last at least three years, and more probably four, including a thesis. That gives 22 as her likely age in TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, assuming she’s just completed the thesis on Aldebaran and has been assigned to Enterprise, as the personnel file strongly suggests.

Approximately 2243

Birth of Arlene Galway, if she’s around ten years younger than James Kirk, based on his guess at her age in TOS “The Deadly Years”.

The Federation and Klingons fight the inconclusive battle of Donatu V, 25 years before TOS “The Trouble With Tribbles”.

2244: S.D. (1)88d3 to (1)98c8

Straal and Stamets start work on the Spore drive, twelve years before DCY “Context is for Kings”.

Between June 2244 and April 2245

Pavel Chekov is born, 22 years before TOS “Who Mourns for Adonais?” (May 2267).
Comment: Yes, that does mean he’s too young to be 17 in “Star Trek” (2009).

2245: S.D. (1)98c9 to (2)08d3

It has been suggested that this is the year when the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was launched, and Jonathan Archer died, but the information wasn’t used on screen. It was part of the library computer files prepared for ENT “In a Glass, Darkly”.

Monday 2nd March, 2246: S.D. (2)10b4

Birth of Joran Belar on S.D. 1024.7, according to DS9 “Equilibrium”. I’ve assumed that he’s born in an earlier stardating cycle than the “Star Trek Chronology” did, because the two actors who played the character simply don’t plausibly look as if they’re only just into their twenties (or teenagers, once I’ve finished tinkering with the dates). The birth might have been on Thursday 28th February, 2256, making him 26 at his death. This isn’t impossible, but given that the ages of the two actors portraying the character were 35 and 43, I’ve made him a decade older.

Between October 2246 and August 2247

Lenore Karidian born, 19 years before TOS “The Conscience of the King” (September 2266).

Approximately 2246

Twenty years before TOS “Dagger of the Mind”, Doctor Adams begins the reforms that completely transform mental hospitals.

There’s a famine on Tarsus IV and Governor Kodos adopts extreme measures. James Kirk, Kevin Riley and Thomas Leighton are all on the planet at the time, twenty years before TOS “Conscience of the King”. It’s also been suggested that Hoshi Sato died on Tarsus at this time, but the information was never used on screen. Again, this comes from the ENT “In a Glass, Darkly” computer files, but not ones that were used in the show.

Between July 2247 and May 2248

Charlie Evans born, 17 years before TOS “Charlie X” (June 2265; based on the story, it should be set in November 2264 or 2265).

Approximately 2247

Twenty years before TOS “The Devil in the Dark”, PXK pergium reactors begin to go out of use, and it’s around now that Mister Scott has last seen one.

Sometime between 200 and 2 years before TOS “Operation: Annihilate!”, Theta Cygni XII is swept by mass insanity. I’ve picked 20 years because it made a nice progression.

Approximately 2248

Contact is lost with the Friendship 1 unmanned space probe, 130 years before VOY “Friendship One”.

2249: S.D. (2)38d0 to (2)48d4; 8886 V.E.

Spock and Sarek fall out and stop speaking to each other as father and son, 18 years before TOS “Journey to Babel” (September 2267).

Perhaps not coincidentally, it is when Michael Burnham first joins the crew of Shenzhou, seven years before DCY “The Vulcan Hello” and as shown in DCY “Battle at the Binary Stars”.

2250: S.D. (2)48d5 to (2)58c9

Spock becomes a Starfleet officer, 18 years before TOS “The Enterprise Incident” (December 2268).

2250 to 2253

James Kirk attends Starfleet Academy. ”The Making of Star Trek” says that he enters the Academy at 17, and certainly he’s a brash young lieutenant by 2254, as mentioned by Doctor McCoy in TOS “The Corbomite Maneuver. Whilst there, he is “hazed” by upperclassman Finnegan, and involved with a young woman called Ruth, events recreated on the TOS “Shore Leave” planet. Crewman Mallory’s father helped him get in, as Kirk recalls in TOS “The Apple”. R.M. Merrick is also at the Academy at the same time as James Kirk, as he says in TOS “Bread and Circuses”. Benjamin Finney is one of Kirk’s instructors at the Academy, and a close friendship develops, to the point where Finney names his daughter after Kirk, as explained in TOS “Court Martial”. John Gill is Kirk’s history instructor at the Academy, but not Spock’s, according to TOS “Patterns of Force”. Garth of Izar is one of Kirk’s heroes, and his exploits are required reading for cadets. Kirk’s first mission as a “new-fledged cadet” is the Axanar peace mission, as is mentioned in TOS “Whom Gods Destroy”.

Approximately 2250

Kirk and Gary Mitchell first meet, fifteen years before TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.
Comment: By my calculations, Kirk’s seventeen, but Mitchell’s only nine!

“Mid-23rd century”

Research on the Elway Theorem is abandoned, mainly because using it as a transporter system killed people. It’s mentioned in TNG “The High Ground”. No wonder McCoy has reservations!

The Hanoli System is destroyed by a subspace rupture, after a Vulcan science vessel detonates a pulse wave torpedo in the rift. Luckily it swells up then vanishes. DS9 “If Wishes Were Horses”, although someone else says the torpedoes have improved in 200 years, which would be around 2169. Who’s right here?

2161 to 2200
2251 to 2264

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