2161 to 2200

Around April 2161

Shran is involved in a “business deal” and then keeps on the move, six months before ENT “These Are the Voyages…”

Thursday 1st October, 2161

Shran’s daughter Talla is kidnapped, a week before ENT “These Are the Voyages…”

ENT “These Are the Voyages…”

Wednesday 7th to Sunday 11th October, 2161

Estimated duration: 5 days
Continuity: I’ve placed Archer’s speech at the end of the story as being made as the Federation comes into being. I can’t claim to have any inside knowledge as to what was or wasn’t intended, but I think it makes dramatic sense to finish like that. Other than it’s 2161, and a little over seven years since ENT “Zero Hour” (which is specifically in February and presumably 2154 despite what T’Pol says, so seven years and eight months by my guess, perhaps stretching the “little” a bit) the precise date isn’t absolutely established.

The United Federation of Planets

Sunday 11th October, 2161; 25th T’lakht, 8811 V.E.

Founding of the United Federation of Planets in San Francisco, Earth.
“Federation Day” is a matter of personal preference. I have used the date suggested in materials prepared for, but not shown in “Star Trek: Generations”. The 8th May is also a popular date, and is taken from the “Star Trek Star Charts”. An argument has also been advanced that Deanna Troi’s suggestion that they play “Federation Day poker” in TNG “The Outcast” is a dating clue. As you’ll have guessed, I’m not convinced.

Week of Monday 12th to Sunday 18th October, 2161

Enterprise NX-01 is retired from service the week after ENT “These Are the Voyages…” The ship’s mothballed, and eventually ends up in a museum.

Late 2161

Starfleet Academy is established in San Francisco, as seen in the Academy logo in TNG “The First Duty”. Dialogue in DS9 “Inquisition” implies that the original Starfleet Charter is contemporaneous with the founding of the UFP, and places the establishment of Section 31 at the same time. Although DS9 “Tacking into the Wind” suggests that Section 31 is older than this. My guess is that the UFP Starfleet is an almost direct continuation of Earth Starfleet, and that Section 31 and “the Service” date back to the middle of the 21st century.

Around Sunday 25th October, 2161

Hoshi returns to her teaching career in Brazil, a couple of weeks after ENT “These Are the Voyages…”

Before 2164

The last time a woman has challenged the right of supercedence on Ligon II, over two centuries before TNG “Code of Honor”.


Jonathan Archer appointed as an honorary member of the Andorian Guard. The date was perhaps established in a display featured in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II”.

The Franklin is lost on a mission investigating the Gagarin Radiation Belt. The year is established in “Star Trek Beyond”.

Before 2165

The only contact between the Federation and the Delos system before TNG “Symbiosis” occurs shortly before the outbreak of the plague on Ornara, over 200 years earlier.


In an alternate universe, the last humans are killed by the Xindi. Fortunately, Archer is able to hit the reset button just before he dies. (ENT “Twilight”.)

25th T’keKhuti, 8811 V.E.; Thursday 16th April, 2165

Birth of Sarek, according to TOS “Journey to Babel” when he gives his age as 102.437 Earth years. This assumes that he gives his age on the evening of Sunday 22nd September, 2267: S.D. 3842.8.

Bajoran Year 9174; Friday 6th December, 2165 to Sunday 2nd November, 2166

The poet Akorem Laan takes a voyage on a light-sail ship. In one timeline, he vanishes without trace, leaving his poem “The Call of the Prophets” unfinished. In another timeline, he is missing for only a short time, before completing the poem. DS9 “Accession” gives the exact Bajoran year, and specifies that it’s over 200 years before that story.
Comment: The Earth dates equivalent to 9174 B.E. are based on my own guesses, always assuming there are no major calendar reforms. Kira says it’s “over 200 years ago,” I have that story in January-February 2173, so this works for both calendars.

Approximately 2165

The highly addictive drug felecium is used to control a plague on the planet Ornara, leaving the whole planet depending on drug shipments from the neighbouring planet Brekka. It’s 200 years before TNG “Symbiosis”.

Approximately 2166

Two centuries before TNG “Q Who?”, Q and Guinan meet, and obviously don’t get on.


USS Archon is lost at Beta III, 100 years before TOS “Return of the Archons”. The date was perhaps established in a display featured in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II”.

Before 2168

USS Essex, NCC 173 is lost in the Mab-Bu system, over two centuries before TNG “Power Play”.


Dax symbiont first joined, to Lela. The year is given in DS9 “Equilibrium”.

Approximately 2168

The white rhino becomes extinct, two centuries before TNG “New Ground”.

Horizon visits Sigma Iotia II and is subsequently lost, 100 years before TOS “A Piece of the Action”.
Continuity: The visit supposedly pre-dates subspace radio, and is definitely before the Prime Directive, so it could be quite a bit earlier than this. It has also been suggested that it is the same ECS Horizon featured in ENT “Horizon”. Travis appears to have a copy of “Chicago Mobs of the Twenties” in his quarters. The idea that the ship is a civilian cargo vessel may also account for the somewhat limited nature of the ship’s communication abilities.

The colony on Moab IV is founded, two centuries before TNG “Masterpiece Society”.

2169 to 2175

Jonathan Archer is Earth ambassador to Andor. The date was perhaps established in a display featured in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II”.

Approximately 2169

Flint serves one hundred year old Saurian brandy to his guests in TOS “Requiem for Methuselah”, so it would have been made around now.

Briam is born, 200 years before TNG “The Perfect Mate”.

The design of impulse engines reaches a point where they’re just about identical to the ones still in use in the 24th century. In TNG “Relics”, Geordi says that it hasn’t changed much in two hundred years.

Tombs dating from the First Hebitian civilisation are discovered and looted on Cardassia, 200 years before TNG “Chain of Command, Part II”.

Before 2171

A group of First Nations North Americans under the leadership of Katowa leave Earth to preserve their cultural heritage, over 200 years before TNG “Journey’s End”. They eventually end up on Dorvan V.

Approximately 2172

It is around this time that baseball completely dies out, even as an amateur sport. Ben Sisko says no-one’s played it for two hundred years before DS9 “Family Business”.
Continuity: There are still a few die-hard fans around, like Jack Crusher and Paul Stubbs, but it’s obvious that there are no organised teams at all. A parallel would be cricket fans in contemporary North America. There’s nothing to stop them buying (or in “Star Trek” replicating) bats, balls and wickets, but who do you play with?

Before 2173

A planet in the Teplan system is devastated by the Jem’Hadar, using biological warfare, over two centuries before DS9 “The Quickening”.

The dictator Tieran is ruler of the planet Ilari before his violent overthrow, over two hundred years before VOY “Warlord”.

Before 2174

Over two hundred years before DS9 “Blaze of Glory”, his “Lucky Loonie” is acquired by Eddington’s forebears.

Approximately 2174

About now the stranded crew of a timeslipped Defiant found the colony of Gaia, two centuries before DS9 “Children of Time”.

Annorax begins rewriting history with his time-ship, two centuries before VOY “Year of Hell, Part I”

“The late 22nd century”

The New World Economy is established, and money is completely abolished, at least on Earth. Fort Knox gets turned into a museum. It’s explained by Tom Paris in VOY “Dark Frontier”.

2175 to 2183

Jonathan Archer is a Federation Councilman. This was perhaps established in a display featured in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II”.

Before 2176

Over two hundred years before DS9 “Chimera”, Laas the Changeling spends time living among humanoids. He finds it ultimately unsatisfying, and travels off on his own.


Launch of the DEV Eagle Valley, according to a display screen seen in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”.

2184 to 2192

Jonathan Archer is Federation President. Perhaps established in a display featured in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II”.


Launch of the SS Hatterás, according to a display screen seen in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”.


The last of the Daedalus class of starships is withdrawn from service in Starfleet. Data gives the year in TNG “Power Play”.

2156 to 2160
2201 to 2250

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