2152 to 2153
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8803 V.E.; 2152

T’Pau arrives in the desert on Vulcan, two years before ENT “Awakening”, and begins searching for the Kir’Shara.

ENT “Vox Sola”

Wednesday 12th to Thursday 13th January, 2152

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: The story starts on a movie night, so I’ve made it a Wednesday.
Continuity: The recent finals of the NCAA men’s water polo suggest a date in December, but I’ve delayed things ’till January to avoid leaving the month completely empty.

ENT “Fallen Hero”

Sunday 6th to Wednesday 9th February, 2152; 13th to 16th ta’Krat, 8803 V.E.

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: The last day of the story appears to be referred to in a log entry played in ENT “The Catwalk”, so the date is Wednesday 9th February, 2152.
Continuity: They are ten months into their mission. T’Pol suggests shore leave on Risa. Risa was introduced in TNG “Captain’s Holiday”, and featured in many later stories.

ENT “Desert Crossing”

Saturday 12th to Monday 14th February, 2152

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: The first day has a log entry, Saturday 12th February, 2152.

ENT “Two Days and Two Nights”

Friday 18th to Sunday 20th February, 2152

Duration: 3 days
Chronology: They finally arrive at Risa, on Friday 18th February, 2152 according to the log entry. As the title suggests, they spend two days and two nights on Risa.
Continuity: Doctor Phlox is hibernating.

ENT “Shockwave” (Parts 1 & 2)

Friday 25th February to Thursday 2nd March, 2152

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: The mission is in its tenth month.

Saturday 1st April, 2152

Travis Mayweather convinces Hoshi that some strawberry jelly’s an alien life-form. It’s a few weeks before ENT “Dead Stop”. April Fools’ Day seems a fair guess.

April 2152

The month before ENT “Dead Stop”, they visit Tessik Prime. Crewman Fisher gets Rigellian Fever, and Phlox has to inoculate the whole crew.

ENT “Carbon Creek”

Thursday 13th April, 2152; 11th et’khior, 8803 V.E.

Estimated duration: 1 day
Chronology: It’s exactly a year since T’Pol joined the crew, so that means I make it Thursday 13th April, 2152.
Continuity: T’Pol tells Archer and Tucker about her great grandma’s visit to Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania, in 1957.

May 2152; T’lakht 8803 V.E.

Three months after ENT “Fallen Hero” Ambassador V’Lar is scheduled to return to Mazar to testify.

ENT “Minefield”

Tuesday 25th April, 2152

Estimated duration: 1 day
Chronology: It’s four days before ENT “Dead Stop”.
Continuity: Archer tries to chat about England qualifying for the World Cup to Reed. Why that would be happening just now is difficult to see, since the next tournament won’t be until 2154. This story turns out to be an encounter with the Romulans, regular opponents of the Federation introduced in TOS “Balance of Terror”.
Comment: Contrary to expectations, “Romulan” is not a name given to an otherwise faceless enemy by Humans. It’s what the Romulans call themselves.

ENT “Dead Stop”

Saturday 29th April to Wednesday 3rd May, 2152

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: The story opens almost four days after ENT “Dead Stop”. Travis will have to spend at least another day in sickbay after the end of the story.
Continuity: It’s about a year since the launch of Enterprise. The ship is directed to the repair station by some passing Tellarites, a race introduced in TOS “Journey to Babel”.

Wednesday 10th May, 2152

Enterprise arrives at Kreetassia, just before ENT “A Night in Sickbay”.

ENT “A Night in Sickbay”

Monday 15th to Tuesday 16th May, 2152

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: Enterprise has been apologising from orbit to the Kreetassians for five days before the story opens.
Continuity: The Kreetassians first appeared in ENT “Vox Sola”, “months ago.” It’s more than two years since Doctor Phlox left Denobula.

ENT “Marauders”

Monday 19th to Friday 23rd June, 2152

Estimated duration: 5 days
Continuity: It’s “just over a year” since Enterprise was launched.

ENT “The Seventh”

Monday 10th to Sunday 16th July, 2152; 26th to 31st T’ke’Tas, 8803 V.E.

Estimated duration: A week
Continuity: It’s seventeen years since T’Pol was an undercover police officer.

ENT “The Communicator”

Sunday 30th to Monday 31st July, 2152

Estimated duration: 2 days

August 2152

Enterprise visits a cluster of blue giant stars, with no inhabited planets, straight after ENT “The Communicator”.

A team of Denobulan geologists enters a cave system on the planet Xantoras, six months before ENT “The Breach”.

ENT “Singularity”

Saturday 12th to Monday 14th August, 2152

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: Everything started “nearly two days ago” when the log entry is made on Monday 14th August, 2152. This raises a slight problem, because Chef’s dinner menu at the start is for Thursday. I’ve assumed that the story starts on a Saturday, and Chef can get himself a new calendar.

ENT “Vanishing Point”

Saturday 26th August, 2152

Estimated duration: 1 day
Chronology: Most of this story seems to be an hallucination Hoshi suffers for a second or two in the transporter.

ENT “Precious Cargo”

Friday 8th to Tuesday 12th September, 2152

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: The story ends with a log entry on Tuesday 12th September, 2152.

ENT “The Catwalk”

Monday 18th to Tuesday 26th September, 2152

Duration: 9 days
Chronology: The story starts with a log entry on Monday 18th September, 2152. They’re trapped in the nacelle for 8 days, and the story finishes on a Tuesday.
Continuity: At some point over the past year, movie night has shifted from Wednesday nights to Tuesdays, at least according to my figures.

ENT “Dawn”

Monday 2nd to Tuesday 3rd October, 2152

Estimated duration: 2 days

ENT “Stigma”

Monday 9th to Thursday 12th October, 2152; 11th to 14th D’ruh, 8804 V.E.

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: The second day is movie night, so I’ve been guided by ENT “The Catwalk” and made it a Tuesday.
Continuity: This is where we discover that T’Pol is suffering from Pa’nar Syndrome, picked up from a dodgy mind-meld in ENT “Fusion”, which was nearly a year ago.

Mid October 2152; late batlh, 856 Q.B.

Around nine weeks before ENT “Judgement”, the Raatooran rebels left an abandoned Klingon colony world.

The cargo ship Constellation is attacked by raiders, eight weeks before ENT “Horizon”.

Friday 13th October, 2152

The Andorians reoccupy Paan Mokar/Weytahn in force, just before ENT “Cease Fire”.

ENT “Cease Fire”

Monday 16th to Saturday 21st October 2152; 18th to 22nd D’ruh, 8804 V.E.

Estimated duration: 6 days
Continuity: It’s about two years before ENT “Kir’Shara” and ENT “Awakening”. The Vulcans and Andorians are forced to negotiate with each other.

Late October 2152; early tlha’laH, 856 Q.B.

Around six weeks before ENT “Judgement”, the Raatooran rebels’ ship loses main power.

ENT “Future Tense”

Sunday 29th October to Saturday 4th November, 2152

Estimated duration: A week
Continuity: The first encounter with the Tholians, introduced in TOS “The Tholian Web”. The first guess as to the identity of the dead human is that he’s Zephram Cochrane, who featured in TOS “Metamorphosis” and “Star Trek: First Contact”.

ENT “Canamar”

Monday 13th to Sunday 19th November, 2152

Estimated duration: A week

ENT “The Crossing”

Friday 24th to Saturday 25th November, 2152

Estimated duration: 2 days

Week of Monday 27th November to Sunday 3rd December, 2152

Six weeks before ENT “Horizon”, Travis’s father dies, and his mother sends a message to Starfleet. Travis never gets it.

Around November 2152

The Triannon D’Jamat and his followers start their pilgrimage to the Twelfth Sphere, about a year before ENT “Chosen Realm”.

December 2152; re’T’Khutai 8804 V.E.

The Vulcan ship Seleya enters the Delphic Expanse, nine months before ENT “Impulse”.

ENT “Judgement”

December 2152; late tlha’laH to early do’qat 856 Q.B.

Estimated duration: A month
Chronology: Although the main action takes place over two days, the lead-in with the confrontation with the Klingons and Archer getting sent to Rura Penthe must occupy quite a bit of time. I’ve arbitrarily decided on a month.
Continuity: The Klingon prison world of Rura Penthe was introduced in “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”.
Comment: No-one is supposed to have ever escaped from Rura Penthe in “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”, but Archer does.

Last week of December 2152

Horizon fails to make a rendezvous with an Orion freighter, bringing Paul Mayweather’s captaincy of the ship into question, two weeks before ENT “Horizon”.


The big film of the year is a World War III epic. According to ENT “Home”, it swept all the awards.

January 2153; do’qat 856 Q.B.; T’keKhuti 8804 V.E.

Soon after ENT “Judgement” the Klingon Goroth hires Tellarite bounty hunter Skalaar to find Archer, as explained in ENT “Bounty”.

The Vulcan ship Vankaara is sent to find the Seleya, and ends up being destroyed only two days after entering the Delphic Expanse. It’s explained in ENT “The Expanse”, and I’ve assumed that even the Vulcans can’t travel to the Expanse in less than a few weeks, since it takes Enterprise seven.

Around Monday 8th January, 2153

Three weeks before ENT “The Breach”, the Denobulans lose contact with their scientists in the caves on Xantoras. It’s also several weeks since some extremist Xantorans took over the government of the planet, so this might be about the same time?

ENT “Horizon”

Wednesday 10th to Thursday 18th January, 2153

Estimated duration: 9 days
Chronology: There is a log entry for Wednesday 10th January, 2153, so the Tuesday night screening of “Frankenstein” must be on Tuesday 16th January?
Continuity: From Tuesday the 16th, every night is movie night, according to Tucker. The Horizon is going to Deneva Station. Deneva was introduced (and visited) in TOS “Operation: Annihilate!”

ENT “The Breach”

Monday 22nd to Friday 26th January, 2153

Estimated duration: 5 days

ENT “Cogenitor”

Monday 5th to Saturday 10th February, 2153

Estimated duration: 6 days

Friday 23rd February, 2153

Borg wreckage is found at the North Pole, three days before ENT “Regeneration”.

ENT “Regeneration”

Monday 26th February to Thursday 1st March, 2153

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: The story ends with a log entry, on Thursday 1st March, 2153.
Continuity: The Borg made the first of many appearances in TNG “Q Who?” The wreckage in question is assumed to be left over from “Star Trek: First Contact”.
Comment: Who knew what when about the Borg is a nightmare. All you can say for certain is that the crew of the 1701-D were amazingly ill-informed about them in TNG “Q Who?” I suppose that’s time travel for you.

March 2153

About eight months before ENT “Chosen Realm”, the planet Triannon is devastated in a religious war.

The crew of the time-shifted Enterprise are unable to prevent the launch of the Xindi weapon that attacks Earth, according to ENT “E2”.

ENT “First Flight”

Monday 12th to Tuesday 13th March, 2153

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: On the first day, Archer learns about the death of A.G. Robinson on Mount McKinley. On the second, he entertains T’Pol with his reminiscences of A.G. with extensive flashbacks to 2143 whilst investigating a nebula. They decide to call the nebula the “Robinson Nebula”.

ENT “Bounty”

Wednesday 21st to Monday 26th March, 2153

Estimated duration: 6 days
Chronology: There is a log entry on Saturday 24th March, 2153, explaining that they have already been exploring the planet for three days.

ENT “The Expanse”

Wednesday 28th March to Friday 20th July, 2153

Estimated duration: 15 weeks
Chronology: The story opens with the Xindi attack on Earth, I suggest on Wednesday 28th March, 2153. Enterprise arrives back at Earth on Tuesday 24th April, 2153. It takes seven weeks to travel from Earth to the Expanse.
Continuity: A nightmare. The Xindi attack is supposed to be nine months before ENT “The Forgotten”, but it has to be longer than that. Similarly, Enterprise should arrive at the Expanse nearly eight months before ENT “Countdown”, but I can’t make it anything like that length of time. “Trip”’s sister Elizabeth is one of the casualties of the attack on Earth.

Late April or early May 2153

The Xindi begin taking shipments of Ketracite from Gralik’s planet, nearly six months before ENT “The Shipment”.

Wednesday 16th May, 2153

Kaitaama is crowned on Krios Prime, 246 days after the end of ENT “Precious Cargo”.

Approximately May 2153

“Smike” leaves the Augment camp after being banished, about a year before ENT “Cold Station 12”.

From approximately June 2153; around et’khior 8804 V.E.

During the year before ENT “The Forge”, the Vulcan authorities decide that Syrran and his followers are becoming more dangerous.

Late August or early September 2153

A Xindi ship visits the Loque’eque planet, about two weeks before ENT “Extinction”. Then it’s attacked by Osaarian pirates, according to ENT “Anomaly”.

ENT “The Xindi”

Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September, 2153

Estimated Duration: 3 days
Continuity: Enterprise has been in the Expanse for six weeks. Tucker starts getting Vulcan neuropressure from T’Pol. The mysterious substance trellium is introduced, and will be playing an important part in later stories.

ENT “Anomaly”

Monday 10th to Thursday 13th September, 2153

Estimated duration: 4 days
Continuity: Enterprise obtains a Xindi database from some Space Pirates who were hiding in a Sphere.

ENT “Extinction”

Saturday 15th to Friday 21st September, 2153

Estimated duration: A week

ENT “Rajiin”

Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th September, 2153

Estimated duration: 3 days
Continuity: Archer is still recovering from ENT “Extinction”. The information Rajiin obtains turns up as a Xindi bio-weapon in Earth’s past in ENT “Carpenter Street”.

ENT “Impulse”

Sunday 30th September to Tuesday 2nd October, 2153; 11th to 13th Tasmeen, 8804 V.E.

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: Movie night is started up again, on Tuesday nights. Since they’re watching a film on the last day of the story, it’s Tuesday?
Continuity: Enterprise encounters the lost Vulcan ship Seleya, and has to destroy it. The Seleya was mentioned in ENT “The Expanse”, and will be important in ENT “Home”. The trellium that has featured in ENT “Rajiin” and ENT “Impulse” has unusual effects on Vulcans. In addition to her Pa’nar Syndrome, T’Pol will now become addicted to trellium, three months before ENT “Damage”.

ENT “Exile”

Sunday 7th to Friday 12th October, 2153

Estimated duration: 6 days
Continuity: Creepy space psychic Tarquin gives Enterprise the coordinates of the Xindi weapon.

ENT “The Shipment”

Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th October, 2153

Estimated duration: 3 days
Continuity: It’s three months since Enterprise went into the Delphic Expanse. They go to Tarquin’s coordinates and find that it’s not where the actual weapon is, but they do sabotage a vital shipment of kemocite.

ENT “Twilight”

Tuesday 23rd October, 2153

Estimated duration: A few hours
Chronology: It’s movie night, so it’s Tuesday?
Continuity: A possible future is shown, up to 2165, but then it didn’t happen.

ENT “North Star”

Monday 29th October to Thursday 1st November, 2153

Estimated duration: 4 days

ENT “Similitude”

Monday 5th to Sunday 18th November, 2153

Estimated duration: 14 days
Chronology: Assuming movie night is still on Tuesday, then the 9th day will be a Tuesday.
Continuity: It’s supposed to be a month before ENT “Azati Prime”. I make it quite a bit more than that.

ENT “Carpenter Street”

Friday 23rd to Saturday 24th November, 2153

Estimated duration: 2 days
Continuity: Archer and T’Pol visit Earth in 2004 to foil a Xindi plot.

ENT “Chosen Realm”

Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th November, 2153

Estimated duration: 4 days

Late November 2153

Around now, Gareb the Ænar disappears when he’s out collecting ice bores (a type of worm, not ice samples), a year before ENT “The Ænar”.

ENT “Proving Ground”

Monday 3rd to Monday 10th December, 2153

Estimated duration: 8 days
Chronology: There is a log entry, dated Thursday 6th December, 2153.

ENT “Stratagem”

Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th December, 2153

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: The story opens on Wednesday 12th December, 2153.

Mid-December, 2153

Between ENT “Stratagem” and ENT “Harbinger”, “Trip” Tucker and Amanda Cole become very friendly.

ENT “Harbinger”

Wednesday 26th December, 2153 to Wednesday 2nd January, 2154

Estimated duration: 8 days
Chronology: The second day is Thursday 27th December, 2153. Based on training sessions on Fridays and Tuesdays, the story should end the following Wednesday.
Continuity: It’s supposedly only a “couple” of months since “Trip” Tucker started Vulcan neuropressure, in ENT “The Xindi”. I don't see how it can be less than three. Movie night changes to Monday, because they’re training on Tuesdays.

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