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All the remaining nation states of the world agree to the creation of a single world government, which obviously retains the name United Earth. The date is mentioned by Doctor Crusher in TNG “Attached”. I’m indebted to Jan H. Kobarg for pointing out the relevant dialogue, and his masterful interpretation.

Around January 2150

Riann’s brother becomes ill and is one of the first victims of the epidemic affecting Akaali, eighteen months before ENT “Civilization”.

Around February 2150

The last time Matthew Ryan of the ECS Fortunate ate steak, eighteen months before ENT “Fortunate Son”.

Before May 2150

Doctor Phlox last sees his extended family on Denobula, over two years before ENT “A Night in Sickbay”.

Late July 2150

Doctor Phlox arrives on Earth as part of the Interplanetary Medical Exchange programme. ENT “Vanishing Point” says he spent nearly nine months on Earth.

Around August, 2150

Almost two and a half years before ENT “Horizon”, Archer says Travis’ father wrote him a letter recommending his son.
Continuity: ENT “First Flight” suggests that there’s only six months between Archer’s selection as captain and the launch of Enterprise, so he can’t be confirmed in the captaincy this early, or the “nearly two and a half years” is an exaggeration.

Before September 2150

Three ships leave Valakis, to try and find a cure for the disease that killed 12 million people in the previous year, over a year before ENT “Dear Doctor”.

October, 2150

Six months before the launch of Enterprise, Archer is confirmed as the captain, according to ENT “First Flight”.

Early 2151

Crewman Taylor is pulled off Saratoga to serve on Enterprise, at “Trip” Tucker’s insistence. She dies three years later, in ENT “The Forgotten”.

Travis Mayweather and Gannet Brooks split up, just before he joins Enterprise, according to ENT “Demons”.

Before February 2151

It’s at least two years before ENT “Cogenitor” that someone beats “Trip” Tucker at go.

ENT “Broken Bow”

Friday 9th to Sunday 18th April, 2151; 3rd to 12th tlha’laH, 855 Q.B.

Estimated duration: 10 days
Chronology: Klaag leaves Rigel X, and Archer experiences a repeat of the evening of this day in ENT “Shockwave, Part I”. The next day, Klaag is shot in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Archer volunteers to take him back to Kronos, and meets Doctor Phlox for the first time. T’Pol arrives on Enterprise on the morning of the fifth day, her assignment being effective from 08:00. They launch the ship. I make it Tuesday 13th April, 2151. By the seventh day, Klaag has woken up, and the Suliban are attacking, because it’s the third day since launch. What I consider the eighth day has a log entry, so it’s Friday 16th April, 2151. On the tenth day, they’ve reached Kronos, Klaag’s message has been delivered and they’ve decided to start their mission. T’Pol and Phlox remain on Enterprise.
Continuity: In ENT “Marauders”, Archer says they’re three days out of drydock when they get into a fight with the Suliban. ENT “Shockwave, Part I” has Archer sent back to the night before he first meets Phlox.
Comment: The suggestion that Klaag is shot the day after he left Rigel X is based on a deleted scene. In the absence of any other information, I’ve gone with that.

Late April 2151

Enterprise encounters an ion storm, and visits several worlds. On one of them Hoshi Sato adopts a slug-like creature as a pet, according to ENT “Fight or Flight”.

ENT “Fight or Flight”

Sunday 25th April to Thursday 6th May, 2151

Estimated duration: 12 days
Chronology: The story begins during the second week the ship has been “out here”. We see the first two days, and then there’s a break while they get to know the Axanar, finishing with a log entry on the last day, Thursday 6th May, 2151.
Continuity: The Axanar were first mentioned in TOS “Court Martial” and again in TOS “Whom Gods Destroy”.

ENT “Strange New World”

Wednesday 19th to Thursday 20th May, 2151

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: They make an overnight stay on the planet, in the sixth week of their mission.

ENT “Unexpected”

Monday 24th May to Saturday 5th June, 2151

Estimated duration: 13 days
Chronology: They find the cloaked aliens on the first day. Tucker’s back on Enterprise and discovers he’s pregnant on the 4th day. After 8 days, they find the ship, so that Tucker doesn’t have to have a baby.
Continuity: Towards the end of the story, on the 12th or 13th day, T’Pol says it’s less than a month since Archer was on Kronos in ENT “Broken Bow”. There just isn’t time, unless it’s a hint that Klingon months are very long. I’ve taken the hint, placing Archer on Kronos on 12th tlha’laH, 855 Q.B.; Sunday 18th April, 2151 and T’Pol’s comment just less than a Klingon month later on 8th do’qat, 855 Q.B.; Friday 4th June, 2151.

ENT “Terra Nova”

Tuesday 8th to Monday 14th June, 2151

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: Although most of what we see seems to be the first two days, the colonists have to be saved, so I’ve allowed a week.

ENT “The Andorian Incident”

Friday 18th to Sunday 20th June, 2151; 27th to 29th Tasmeen, 8802 V.E.

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: They arrive at the monastery on the 2nd day, and it’s then 9 weeks and 4 days since T’Pol arrived on the Enterprise, so I make it Saturday 19th June, 2151. The crew are rescued and the Vulcan spy base is uncovered on the 3rd day.
Continuity: The Andorians first appeared in TOS “Journey to Babel”, and several other episodes and movies, mainly as background characters.

Week of Monday 28th June to Sunday 4th July, 2151; 5th to 11th Z’at, 8803 V.E.

Enterprise encounters a Vulcan ship at a planetary nebula, three weeks before ENT “Breaking the Ice”.

ENT “Breaking the Ice”

Monday 19th to Tuesday 20th July, 2151; 24th to 25th Z’at, 8803 V.E.

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: The action takes place over two days. T’Pol decides not to get married, and doesn’t leave with the Vulcans.

ENT “Civilization”

Tuesday 27th July to Saturday 31st July, 2151

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology:The action takes at least four days. I’ve guessed at five, with a log entry on the last day making it Saturday 31st July, 2151.
Continuity: Unluckily for them, the Malurian star system will be completely sterilized by Nomad in TOS “The Changeling” (June 2267, by my calculations).

ENT “Fortunate Son”

Monday 9th to Sunday 15th August, 2151

Estimated duration: A week
Chronology: If Enterprise gets back to the ECS Fortunate on the 4th day, and the captain takes two or three days longer to recover, I think the story lasts about a week.
Continuity: The “heavies” in this story are Nausicaans. They turned up in a similar role in many other “Star Trek” episodes, perhaps most notably stabbing young Jean-Luc Picard in TNG “Tapestry”.

ENT “Silent Enemy”

Sunday 29th August to Thursday 2nd September, 2151

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: Archer decides to return to Earth on the second day. Since they don’t see the aliens for another two days, it must be the fourth day by the time of the log entry on Wednesday 1st September, 2151. The following day is Malcolm Reed’s birthday, and it is said specifically that he was born on 2nd September.

Around late August or early September, 2151

It’s the last time anyone visited the Paragaan mining colony before the disastrous visit of Enterprise nearly six months later in ENT “Shockwave, Part I”.

ENT “Cold Front”

Thursday 9th to Friday 10th September, 2151

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: It’s four months, three weeks and six days since launch, so it has to be Thursday 9th September, 2151 at the start of the story, as well as the day after movie night. The Great Plume blows on the second day, and Crewman Daniels from the future is killed.
Continuity: It’s three months before ENT “Detained”.
Comment: Fortunately, my calculation of the date matches the one done by Memory Alpha. (I even counted the days on a calendar.) As for movie night, I can only conclude that it moves around a lot. (Sorry.) This story was made before ENT “Silent Enemy”, but the date references mean that it must come after.

ENT “Dear Doctor”

Wednesday 15th to Sunday 19th September, 2151

Estimated duration: 5 days
Chronology: The first day it’s movie night, so I’ve kept it Wednesday for the time being, and just a week after the last story.
Continuity: T’Pol’s teeth were sealed 23 years ago, and Hoshi had a pen pal in Brisbane when she was 12.
Comment: Please don’t try to learn anything about biology or natural selection from this story. The idea that a species will “naturally die out” so another can replace it is absolute nonsense.

Wednesday 22nd September, 2151

It’s movie night? According to ENT “Dear Doctor”, the film is “Sunset Boulevard”.

ENT “Sleeping Dogs”

Thursday 23rd September, 2151; 15th a’qeylIS, 856 Q.B.

Estimated duration: 1 day
Chronology: It’s five months since launch, and the third time they encounter the Klingons.

Before October 2151

Doctor Phlox attends his last IME conference more than a year before ENT “Stigma”. I’d guess it was actually as long ago as March or April, since there doesn’t really seem to have been time since the mission started.

October 2151; re’T’Khutai 8803 V.E.

P’Jem is occupied by the Andorians, just before ENT “Shadows of P’Jem”.

ENT “Shadows of P’Jem”

Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th October, 2151; 17th to 19th re’T’Khutai, 8803 V.E.

Estimated duration: 3 days
Chronology: Enterprise has been in space for six months. P’Jem is destroyed by the Andorians. T’Pol will require a few days to recover from her injury.
Continuity: The planet Coridan and its membership of the Federation is being discussed in TOS “Journey to Babel”.

Mid 8803 V.E.; late 2151

After the destruction of P’Jem, the Vulcan First Minister is forced to resign. The authorities then force the resignation of T‘Les (T’Pol’s mother) from her post at the Vulcan Science Academy as a measure of revenge against T’Pol. It’s all explained in ENT “Home”.

ENT “Shuttlepod One”

Monday 8th to Thursday 11th November, 2151

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: The second day has a log entry, Tuesday 9th November, 2151. Reed and Tucker will probably both have to rest up for a while, after they’re rescued.
Continuity: Reed and Tucker both got lucky with Ruby, the waitress at the 602 Club in Mill Valley, popular with the “Starfleet Trainees”. The 602 Club is also seen in ENT “First Flight”.

ENT “Fusion”

Wednesday 17th to Saturday 20th November, 2151; 5th to 7th T’keKhuti, 8803 V.E.

Estimated duration: 4 days
Chronology: T’Pol has been on Enterprise for seven months, and contracts Pa’nar Syndrome, although we don’t find that out just yet.
Continuity: “Admiral Jonny Archer” got an astronomy book for his 8th birthday. This story is nearly a year before ENT “Stigma”.

ENT “Rogue Planet”

Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th November, 2151

Estimated duration: 3 days
Continuity: It’s 100 years since hunting went out of fashion on Earth.

ENT “Acquisition”

Wednesday 1st December, 2151

Estimated duration: 1 day
Continuity: The Ferengi were introduced in TNG “The Last Outpost”, and Quark and his relatives were regulars in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”.

ENT “Oasis”

Sunday 5th to Thursday 9th December, 2151

Estimated duration: 5 days

ENT “Detained”

Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd December, 2151

Estimated duration: 3 days
Continuity: The Suliban Cabal began attacking the Tandarans eight years ago, and the Suliban homeworld became uninhabitable 300 years ago. Colonel Grat says that it’s approximately three months since ENT “Cold Front”, so I’ve assumed that the story falls in December, even if that does make January 2152 rather empty.

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