2101 to 2149

“The 22nd Century”

According to Doctor Crusher in TNG “A Matter of Time”, quarantine fields weren’t invented yet, so they still used surgical masks and gloves. Worf says there were no phasers at this time. It turns out that this is also Rasmussen’s home century. The timeship ends up back here, presumably, but with no-one inside and no way for anyone to get in. What becomes of it is anyone’s guess.

Physicist Pell Underhill works in this century, and is quoted by Data in TNG “Clues”.

The Omega Sagitta system is colonised by “a humanoid race,” two centuries before TNG “The Outrageous Okona”.

Two centuries earlier, Guinan meets Q for the last time before TNG “Q Who?”

In TNG “Captain’s Holiday”, the Tox Uthat is taken from the 27th century to the 22nd.

Kai Taluno of Bajor’s ship is stranded in the Denorios Belt for several days in the 22nd century. He experiences a vision that’s probably the wormhole, according to DS9 “Emissary”. I make it the 92nd century B.E.

The Quadros 1 probe conducts a survey of the Gamma Quadrant in the 22nd century, according to DS9 “Emissary”.

Giuseppina Pantangeli considers herself the greatest soprano of the 22nd century, if the hologram in VOY “The Swarm” is a recreation of a real singer.

The genetic disorder progeria is eradicated, two centuries before VOY “Scientific Method”.

“Early 22nd Century”

According to Captain Picard in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”, the European Hegemony formed as a loose alliance, and the forerunner of a world government. According to Data: “In the early twenty-second century, Earth was recovering from World War III. A major philosopher of the period was Liam Dieghan, founder of the Neo-Transcendentalists, who advocated a return to a simpler life in which one lived in harmony with nature, and learned under her gentle tutelage…”

Approximately 2101

50 years before ENT “Broken Bow”, Earth is still recovering from World War III.

Approximately 824 Q.B.; about 8761 V.E.; about 2102

Around fifty years before ENT “Judgement”, Kolos becomes an advocate.

About fifty years before ENT “Cease Fire”, Soval last fired a weapon.


This year was a major milestone in the colonization of Mars. Possibly it is the time at which the Fundamental Declaration of the Martian Colonies was made. VOY “The 37’s” has an anachronistic reference to the “start” of colonization, and TOS “Court Martial” is the source for the Fundamental Declaration.

Approximately 2103

Fifty years before ENT “Horizon”, the ECS Horizon goes into service.

Before 2104; before 8762 V.E.

A Vulcan survey ship surveys Berengaria VII, over fifty years before ENT “Bound”, the planet was first established in TOS “This Side of Paradise”.

Approximately 2104

Fifty years before ENT “The Ænar”, the Ænar are found by the other Andorians.


Eight women are murdered in the Martian Colonies. Surprisingly, the murderer escapes capture, and it is not until 2267 that a reasonable suspect emerges, as explained in TOS “Wolf in the Fold”, where the year is given.

Launch of the VK Yuri Gagarin, according to a display screen seen in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”.


Gralik takes charge of the kemocite refining facility, 42 years before ENT “The Shipment”.

2112; 8768 V.E.

Jonathan Archer is born in upstate New York. Based on him being around nine years old in a flashback set thirty years before ENT “Broken Bow”, and ENT “North Star”, where Archer explains he was born in upstate New York, but has lived most of his life in San Francisco.

There is an Andorian border incursion into Vulcan space, according to ENT “Cease Fire”, where the year is given.

Birth of Lela, who’ll later host the Dax symbiont, according to a display screen seen in DS9 “Equilibrium”.

Approximately 2113

Presumably with the assistance of the Vulcans, the Earth makes rapid progress in reconstruction. War, disease and poverty are virtually eliminated, 50 years after First Contact, according to “Star Trek: First Contact”.

Approximately 2115

Doctor Phlox begins to practice as a physician, nearly forty years before ENT “Damage”.


The Warp Five Complex is established at Bozeman, Montana, site of the Phoenix launch. The target speed represents a drive by Earth to match Vulcan capabilities. Zephram Cochrane and Henry Archer are both present, 32 years before ENT “Broken Bow”.

By this time, Zephram Cochrane has taken up residence in the Alpha Centauri star system, perhaps on Rigel (Kentaurus) V, inhabited by an offshoot of the Vulcans. At some point after the dedication of the Warp Five Complex, he vanishes in an experimental space ship. Although many people refuse to give up hope, he is eventually declared dead. TOS “Metamorphosis” and some shaky speculation based on TOS “Journey to Babel” and ENT “Broken Bow”. The date was established in ENT “Broken Bow” and then contradicted by a display screen in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II” where it was given as 2117, which seems to be based more on TOS “Metamorphosis” where Cochrane has been missing for 150 years.

Launch of the SS Tomobiki, according to a display screen seen in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”.


Launch of HMS Lord Nelson and SS Seattle, according to a display screen seen in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”.

Jonathan Archer gets an astronomy book with a picture of the Arachnid Nebula on the cover for his eighth birthday, according to ENT “Fusion”.

Around now, Henry Archer takes his son on a visit to the Warp Five Complex. Archer says he was taken on a tour when he was about eight years old in ENT “Singularity”.


Birth of Charles Tucker III in Panama City, Florida. The date seems to be based on him having been in Starfleet for twelve years in ENT “Unexpected”, and a guess that he joined at eighteen. His hometown is established in ENT “Fusion”.

Jonathan Archer builds a model spacecraft, thirty years before ENT “Broken Bow”.

2122; 8777 V.E.

Around now, the symptoms of Henry Archer’s illness become pronounced. In ENT “Cold Station 12”, Archer says that his father died when he was twelve, but was seriously affected for the last two years of his life.

T’Pau is born on Vulcan, 32 “standard years” before ENT “The Forge”. She’ll be 27 or possibly 28 in Vulcan r’tas by that story.

2123 to 2190

The period in which the distress beacon of the SS Mariposa was in general use. In TNG “Up the Long Ladder”, the Enterprise computer supplies the dates.

Saturday 27th November, 2123

The loading date for a DY-500 class colony ship, the SS Mariposa. It is travelling to the Ficus Sector on a privately funded mission to colonize two worlds, as explained in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”. According to Data, the world’s in “chaos” just now.

Approximately 8778 V.E.; about 2123

The planet Agaron is trying to forge links with the Vulcans, nearly thirty years before ENT “The Seventh”.

Before 8779 V.E.; before 2124

Ambassador Soval starts living on Earth, more than thirty years before ENT “Awakening”.


Death of Henry Archer, from Clarke’s Syndrome. In ENT “Cold Station 12”, Archer says that his father died when he was twelve.

Approximately 2124

It’s at least a century before Earth finally eradicates all the social problems seen in DS9 “Past Tense”.


Travis Mayweather is born on the ECS Horizon in deep space, halfway between Draylax and the Vega Colony, 26 years before ENT “Dead Stop”. The other details are from ENT “Broken Bow” and ENT “Fortunate Son”.

Approximately 2127

Birth of Ensign Patricia F. O’Malley, who is killed in the Delphic Expanse at the age of 26, according to ENT “Storm Front, Part II”.

Before 2128

According to ENT “Dædalus”, Tucker is given a book called “Emory Erickson, Father of the Transporter” when he’s seven, presumably in 2128. Not only does it inspire him to become an engineer, it means that the development of the transporter must have happened before this.

2128; 8782 V.E.

T’Pol’s teeth are sealed with a tri-fluorinate compound, 23 years before ENT “Dear Doctor”.

Saturday 9th July, 2129

Birth of Hoshi Sato in Kyoto, Japan, according to a display screen visible in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II”.


Nearly 22 years before ENT “Oasis”, the Kantare supply ship crashes.

Approximately 2130

Very approximate date that Earth Starfleet is organised. Following the creation of the United Federation of Planets, “the service” will become the backbone of the UFP’s military. Until 2161, there is no Starfleet Academy. Officers are trained at the facilities at Johnson Space Center, Yu. A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, in Beijing and at the European Astronaut Centre. All this is based on fan speculation, my own suppositions and TNG “The First Duty”, where the founding of the Academy is dated to 2161. If Section 31 is a specific part of Starfleet, then the suggestion in DS9 “Tacking Into the Wind” is that the service was esyablished much earlier, in the middle of the last century. If so, then I think it would have been set up at the same time as UESPA.

Before 2131

Charles Tucker III goes to his first ever dance at Bayshore Elementary in Panama City, Florida. He plans to ask Melissa Lyles for a dance, but never gets up the nerve. It’s over twenty years before ENT “Fusion”. Assuming “Trip” starts first grade schooling at the age of six, it can't be earlier than 2127.

Before 2132

Over 200 years before Sisko was born, “Buck” Bokai dies, according to DS9 “If Wishes Were Horses”.
Comment: Quite a bit before, I should think. His career was at its height over a century ago.

Approximately 2132; about 843 Q.B.

The Paragaan mining colony is founded, twenty years before ENT “Shockwave, Part I”.

Twenty years before ENT “Judgement”, the Klingon courts become subverted by the warriors, according to Kolos.

Twenty years before ENT “The Expanse”, a Klingon ship comes back from a visit to the Delphic Expanse. The crew have been turned inside out, but they aren’t dead.

Approximately 2133

Around now, Jonathan Archer goes on a trip to East Africa and sees a gazelle being born. ENT “Shockwave, Part II” says it was when Archer was in his early twenties.

Before 2134

Dr. Arik Soong steals some of the stored “Augment” frozen embryos from Cold Station 12, over twenty years before ENT “Borderland”.


Jonathan Archer plays for Stanford in the men’s water polo team in his senior year. It was first mentioned in ENT “Vox Sola”, with the year fixed by a bag carried by Archer in several stories.

2135; 8788 V.E.

Launch of HMS New Zealand, according to a display screen seen in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”.

T’Pol completes her training in the Vulcan Security service and is sent to the planet Agora by the Vulcan Security Ministry to track down rogue Vulcan agents. She kills one called Jossen, and another called Menos escapes. T’Pol subsequently resigns from Vulcan Security, and travels to P’Jem for several months where the memory of the killing is completely erased. It all happens 17 years before ENT “The Seventh”.

2136; 8789 V.E.

Birth of Curzon, who later bonds with the Dax symbiont, according to a display screen seen in DS9 “Equilibrium”.

Jonathan Archer attends flight school in San Francisco when he’s 24. Whilst there, he meets Margaret Mullin. The night before he graduates, he proposes to her, but she turns him down, according to ENT “Twilight”.

Captain Vannick takes command of the T’Mur, 15 years before ENT “Breaking the Ice”.

2137; 8790 V.E.

Launch of the SS Buckaroo Banzai, according to a display screen seen in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”.

Syrran discovers the katra of Surak on Vulcan, 17 years before ENT “The Forge”.


Emory Erickson conducts experiments with a sub-quantum teleportation device. They are not a success. His son vanishes, 15 years before ENT “Dædalus”.

Charles Tucker III joins Earth Starfleet, 12 years before ENT “Unexpected”.

At least 2141

Malcolm Reed fasts for an entire week, at least ten years before ENT “Silent Enemy”.


Hoshi Sato has a pen pal in Brisbane, when she’s twelve, according to ENT “Dear Doctor”. Strictly speaking, it’s sometime between July 2141 and July 2142.

Travis Mayweather meets some Deltan females when he’s 15, according to ENT “Bound”.

2141 or 2142

Kov falls out with his family, nine or ten years before ENT “Fusion”.


Shran assumes command of the Kumari, 12 years before it’s destroyed in ENT “Babel One”.

Approximately 2142

The poor, downtrodden males of the Paragaan mining colony begin their struggle for equal rights. It all comes to an abrupt end in ENT “Shockwave, Part I”, a decade later.

ENT “First Flight”

February 2143

Estimated duration: 3 weeks
Chronology:On the first day, Archer is passed over to be the pilot of a warp 2 ship, the NX-Alpha. Two weeks later, the test flight commanded by A.G. Robinson doesn’t go well. The Vulcans want to cancel the programme. Archer meets Charles “Trip” Tucker for the first time. Archer and A.G. Robinson have a big fight, and decide to steal a spaceship. Around three weeks after the start of the story, they make an unscheduled flight, and get into a lot of trouble. The “frame” of this story is in 2153.
Continuity: It’s almost twenty years before ENT “These Are the Voyages…” Construction of the warp 5 Enterprise begins six years and eight months later. If that happens in 2149, then it has to be early in 2143, so I’ve suggested February.

2143; 8795 V.E.

After ENT “First Flight”, Archer is grounded for three months. Presumably it’s now that he teaches “Trip” scuba diving, as explained in ENT “Unexpected”.

The Vahklas leaves Vulcan, eight years before ENT “Fusion”.

Eleven years before ENT “Cold Station 12”, Soong is raising his augment children on the planet Trialis.


The Suliban Cabal make their first attacks on the Tandar Sector, eight years before ENT “Detained”.

Around now, Doctor Phlox last speaks to his youngest son, Mettus, nearly ten years before ENT “The Breach”.

September 2144

Eighteen months after ENT “First Flight”, Warp 3 is reached by Duvall in the NX-Delta.

Approximately 2144

The last Reed family reunion Malcolm attends, almost ten years before ENT “Horizon”.

The Xindi Doctor Phlox autopsies in ENT “Hatchery” is born around now, since it was nearly ten years old.

Doctor Arik Soong is captured by the authorities and put on trial. He refuses to reveal the whereabouts of the stolen Augments, about ten years before ENT “Borderland”.

2145 or 2146

Doctor Phlox’s first wife and her third husband, called Groznik, have a daughter called Indaura, eight or nine years before ENT “Zero Hour”.

Thursday 25th November, 2145 or Thursday 24th November, 2146

“Trip” Tucker claims to have taken all the screws out of the family dining table, causing it to collapse during the Thanksgiving Dinner. Since he says he was 24 or 25 at the time, he might just be trying to keep Hoshi’s spirits up in ENT “Observer Effect”.


Launch of the SS Urusei Yatsura, according to a display screen seen in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”.

The Borg discover the Omega particle, 229 years before VOY “The Omega Directive” (I have that in 2375, and the year wouldn’t change even if I hadn’t “adapted” the date to suit myself).

May (perhaps) 2146

In Hoshi’s fevered imagination, Cyrus Ramsey is lost in an early transporter experiment, according to ENT “Vanishing Point”.
Continuity: I think it’s not real because Tucker doesn’t recognise the name, and he’s a transporter obsessive, as seen in ENT “Dædalus”. Not to mention being the one that Hoshi thought told the story in the first place.


The comet Burke is diverted by the verteron array on Mars as part of the terraforming project, eight years before ENT “Terra Prime”. It will hit the north pole of the planet early in 2155.
Continuity: I’d guess that it’s named for British astronomer John Burke, a fictional character of the 21st century mentioned in TOS “The Trouble with Tribbles”.

Approximately 2147

Jonathan Archer saves Charles “Trip” Tucker’s life, about four years before ENT “Unexpected”.
Continuity: No details are given, but Archer reminisces in ENT “Strange New World”: “Remember when your EV pack froze up on Titan during the Omega training mission? You got nitrogen narcosis. You started to try to take off your helmet. I ordered you to keep your helmet on. You were delirious, thought you were going to die, but you obeyed that order because you trusted me.” There’s nothing to say this wasn’t the incident, just like there’s nothing to say it was.


Kaitaama is selected as First Monarch, four years before ENT “Precious Cargo”. Previuosly, she’d been courted by young men from noble families on Krios Prime.

Approximately 2148; about 8800 V.E.

Phlox last sees his second wife, Feezal, nearly four years before ENT “Stigma”.

T’Pol spends over a year serving as deputy science officer aboard the Vulcan ship Seleya, just before being assigned to Earth, according to ENT “Impulse”.

2149; 854 Q.B.

Malurian explorer Garos settles on Akaali, two years before ENT “Civilization”.

Travis Mayweather leaves the Horizon to join Starfleet, four years before ENT “Horizon”. It’s the last time he sees his family before that story.

There’s a mysterious sighting on board Emory Erickson’s research ship. It seems to be something living, but no one’s sure. It’s five years before ENT “Dædalus”.

Doctor Phlox briefly meets Klingon doctor Antaak, who was disguised as a Mazarite at the time, at an IME conference on Tiburon, five years before ENT “Affliction”.
Continuity: The planet Tiburon is later mentioned as Doctor Sevrin’s home planet in TOS “The Way to Eden” and the site of Zora’s experiments in TOS “The Savage Curtain”.

The file on Harris of Starfleet security ends suddenly in this year, five years before ENT “Divergence”.

Around D’ruh 8801 V.E.; about April 2149

T’Pol begins working on Earth, two years before ENT “Fusion”.

October 2149

Construction begins on a starship intended to achieve warp 5, based on it being six years and eight months after ENT “First Flight”.

About December 2149

On Akaali, a month before the first illnesses, Garos moves into his shop in the city as explained in ENT “Civilization”.

2051 to 2100
2150 to 2151

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