2051 to 2100

Approximately 2051; about 1995 N.C.

There is a fascination with the late 20th century in the “Old Calendar,” possibly fuelled by the calendar reform. Some wealthy individuals become convinced that cryogenic “sleeper” technology developed for deep space exploration can help them cheat death. A surprising number of people with terminal illnesses pay to be “frozen” in orbiting satellites until cures are discovered. Additionally, some people cryogenically frozen in the “genuine” 1990s are placed into Earth orbit at around this time. Instead, during the Romulan War, some of the satellites are moved into deep space and used as decoys in the desperate space battles. At least one such satellite survives, being found and retrieved by the crew of a Federation starship in the year 2365. (The date has been adjusted by me, because the given year of 2364 causes all manner of problems.)
Comment: All this is loosely based on TNG “The Neutral Zone”, since the cryogenic technology and satellite don’t reflect the reality of the 1990s, and the idea that a satellite in Earth orbit might “drift” anywhere other than back into the atmosphere is extremely unlikely. It would be unfair of me not to point out that the show itself makes it quite clear that it’s the 1990s as we currently understand the term that’s meant. Exactly the same point applies to the Eugenics Wars, so I don’t feel any more unjustified in cheating here too.

Regardless of my calendar manipulations, this is the last gasp of cryonics, which loses any popularity it might have had by the mid-21st century, according to TNG “The Neutral Zone”.

Before 8717 V.E.; before 2052

The T’Plana is lost with all hands in a class 5 neutronic storm, over a century before ENT “The Catwalk”.

2052; 1996 N.C.

Ralph Seron makes the first real advances in toroidal space-time distortion. It’s one of the questions in Mister Spock’s quiz at the start of “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”.

Captain Jonathan Archer’s great-grandfather fights in North Africa during the Eugenics Wars, according to ENT “Hatchery”. I’d guess that Jonathan Archer’s great-granddad is aged about thirty at the time, based on my reinterpretation. If it was in the “real” 1990s, then he’d be younger, and the gap between generations would be longer, naturally.

Facing defeat, Khan devises an escape plan for himself and eighty-three of the other “Supermen”. A nuclear-powered DY-100 sleeper ship developed as part of the Moon and Mars colonization programme is seized. Khan plans to destroy the world in a nuclear conflagration, and then return after centuries have passed to resettle it. Despite being partly sabotaged by the heroic efforts of a few individuals, the Atomic Horror is the worst single event in the whole of human history to that point. Realising that Humanity has survived, Khan re-names the ship the SS Botany Bay. Khan and his followers modify the second-generation atomic propulsion and go into cryogenic freeze. The ship then leaves on a disguised course with the aim of reaching one of several potentially hospitable star systems. Fortunately, once Khan and his crew are in suspended animation, the ship is deliberately reprogrammed so that it is sent on a random course into deep space, its fuel practically exhausted. Although the escape is conducted in the strictest secrecy, the disappearance of Khan and around ninety other “Supermen” leads to wild rumours and speculation. Most of this comes from TOS “Space Seed”, with elements from TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”, ENT “The Augments”, a less than authoritative PADD display used but never really visible in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and some blatant massaging of the facts by me, especially about what the year is.

The “Supermen” are defeated, although at great cost to an already exhausted world. It is estimated that over 30 million have been killed, but the dislocation of the last two decades means that figures are approximate, and could be much higher, maybe as high as 35 million, based on TOS “Space Seed” and ENT “Cold Station 12”.

Although there are no details, it seems likely that a number of the obsolete DY-100 ships were destroyed or otherwise lost during this decade, judging by the way the crew of Enterprise immediately assume that the ship must be from the “1990s” in TOS “Space Seed”. It can also be inferred from the fact that they can’t immediately identify the lost ship.

Khan has eluded capture, but the victorious powers find themselves in possession of 1,900 frozen embryos, the next generation of “Augments”. They are placed in storage until a decision is made about their future, as explained in ENT “Borderland”. Incidentally, I am aware that this episode specifically places the Eugenics Wars in the twentieth century. I’m just assuming that the whole “New Calendar” thing causes endless confusion. It’s my timeline, after all.

Approximately 2052

The Andorians discover and begin to andoriform a planet they call Weytahn, a century before ENT “Cease Fire”.

Between 8715 and 8718 V.E.; between 2050 and 2053; between 1994 and 1997 N.C.

About a century before ENT “Cease Fire”, the Vulcans and Andorians spend eight years negotiating a “Territorial Compromise” relating to the Andorian colony of Weytahn. It fails to resolve the problem. The negotiations seem to be concluded sometime between 2058 and 2061, placing the start between 2050 and 2053. V’Lar would appear to be involved in the later stages of the agreement, according to the dates in ENT “Fallen Hero”.

Before 2053

The Vissians start using trinesium for their starship hulls, over a century before ENT “Cogenitor”.

Tarquin’s last companion dies, over a century before ENT “Exile”.

The latest phase of the religious wars begin on the planet Triannon, more than a century before ENT “Chosen Realm”.

2053; 1997 N.C.

One immediate effect of the wars on Earth is that extremely stringent laws about the genetic modification of humans are passed, based on DS9 “Doctor Bashir, I Presume”.

The American bison (or buffalo) is definitely extinct by the time of TOS “The Man Trap”. It could well have died out in the aftermath of WWIII. All the different species of draco lizard become extinct, over 300 years before TNG “New Ground” (I have that in 2368, so before 2068), and is suggestive that there were mass extinctions around the time World War III ended.

The Atomic Horror brings to a terrible end almost thirty years of war. It is later estimated that 600 million people have perished in the war, the Horror, and the nuclear winter that followed it. Based on TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”, with additional details and a casualty figure from “Star Trek: First Contact”, that was repeated in TNG “In the Flesh”. Although this is probably the worst single nuclear winter, there are several during the 21st century, according to TNG “A Matter of Time”. I’m assuming that they’re all the result of World War III.
Comment: 600 million people is a tremendous number, even considering the growth of the world population. My rough calculations suggest that WWIII kills more than twice the percentage of the total population than WWII did. Of course, it lasts a lot longer, and my guess is that the population of Earth is still likely to be around eight billion at this point.

World War III itself ends in a ceasefire, rather than a formal end to hostilities, according to ENT “Demons”. The end of the war is placed at ten years before “Star Trek: First Contact”. ENT “Terra Prime” also places the interval between the end of the war and First Contact with the Vulcans at ten years. If the dates are approximate, then the war could have finished in 1996 N.C.; 2052, but I’ve left it a year later. I’ve also assumed the Eugenics Wars are almost the last phase of World War III. The two wars were linked in TOS “Space Seed”, and World War III shifted to the 2250s in TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”.
Continuity: The date of both the Eugenics Wars and World War III varies quite a bit. Estimates of the date of the Eugenics Wars vary from approximately 1959, 300 years before “Star Trek into Darkness” to as high as around 2173, 2 centuries before DS9 “Doctor Bashir, I Presume”. My theories are based on the many references to the 21st century, and the fact that power has not yet been simultaneously seized by genetically superior humans in 40 countries, although Bill Clinton did become president of the United States in 1993.

It’s not totally impossible that this is Phineas Tarbolde’s era, but I’ve kept him in the real 1996. Interstellar colonisation at this point doesn’t really fit in with my timeline, and it seemed foolish to insist that it’s “my” 1996 when it makes no more or less sense to put it in the commonly accepted 1996. Tarbolde and the year 1996 is established in TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and there are extra details about him in DS9 “The Muse”.

Approximately 2053; about 8718 V.E.

Captain Archer claims that bigotry is abolished on Earth almost a century before ENT “Stigma”. Possibly it’s linked to the end of World War III and the Eugenics Wars? A more reasonable guess is that differences between humans fade to insignificance once First Contact is made, and Archer is rounding up a little. I can’t help pointing out that bigotry against aliens and (arguably) women seems to have no difficulty surviving right up until the 23rd century, if you look at TOS “Balance of Terror”, TOS “Who Mourns for Adonais?” and TOS “Turnabout Intruder”.

Before 2054

Relations between the Andorians and Tellarites turn sour, over a century before ENT “Babel One”.

Approximately 8720 V.E.; around 2055; about 1999 N.C.

Almost a century before ENT “Dawn”, the Arkonians develop warp drive. Shortly afterwards, the Vulcans make contact. The Arkonians are extremely suspicious, and ultimately the Vulcans withdraw.

2056; 2000 N.C.

Colonel Green makes the speech that Paxton is listening to in ENT “Demons”. The speech is dated to “three years after the cease fire”, and that appears to be the end of the wars in 2053. The character of Colonel Green was established in TOS “The Savage Curtain”, where a simulation of him was one of the “baddies.”

8722 V.E.; 2058; 2002 N.C.

Beginning of the diplomatic career of V’Lar of Vulcan, 94 years before ENT “Fallen Hero”.
Comment: It could possibly only be 94 years since V’Lar was last an unsuccessful diplomat, but that seemed like over-interpretation to me.

Sunday 21st August, 2002 N.C.; Sunday 25th August, 2058

The US space programme launches its first unmanned interstellar space probe, Nomad. It is not warp-driven, but designer Jackson Roykirk intends the probe to “seek out new life and new civilizations” even if the mission takes centuries. It fails to signal after a few years and is presumed lost, until an attack is launched on the Malurian star system in 2267. The probe, and the launch year are from TOS “The Changeling”. I’ve moved the “2002” in question forwards, since none of this has happened yet. You may prefer to leave the event in “real” 2002, as just another overlooked bit of recent history.
Comment: I originally credited ENT “Dead Stop” with providing a more exact launch date from some set dressing used in Travis Mayweather’s quarters. Thanks to Doug Drexler’s much-missed blog Drex Files, I can now state with absolute certainty that this date is in no way, shape or form “official.” I’ve left it here, but it can be ignored if you wish.

2061; 2005 N.C.

The people of Earth finally manage to break their dependence on fossil fuels. Captain Archer gives the date in ENT “Carpenter Street”. Oddly enough, he’s interrupted before he can say how that happened.
Comment: There are two main options, as far as I can see: cheap fusion power, or solar power beamed down from space; or maybe a combination of both.

Before 8726 V.E.; before 2062

V’Lar negotiates the first territorial accords with the Andorians, over ninety years before ENT “Fallen Hero”. It must be sometime between 2058 and 2061? This would seem to be the “Territorial Compromise” mentioned in ENT “Cease Fire”, and above.

“Star Trek: First Contact”

Wednesday 4th to Thursday 5th April, 2063; Wednesday 3rd to Thursday 4th April, 2007 N.C.

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: Enterprise and the Borg arrive the day before the Phoenix makes its first warp flight at 11:00 AM Thursday 5th April, 2063, Montana local time; Thursday 4th April, 2007 N.C.; 9th ta’Krat, 8727 V.E.. The Vulcans visit later that same day. The other part of the story is in 2374.
Continuity: The 315th anniversary of First Contact is celebrated in VOY “Homestead”. The character of Zephram Cochrane and his place in history were established (somewhat incompatibly) in TOS “Metamorphosis”. See The Cochrane Chronology Conundrum for my suggested solution. Geordi also refers to Zephram Cochrane in TNG “New Ground”. He’s mentioned again in DCY “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”.

Thursday 5th April, 2063; Thursday 4th April, 2007 N.C.

In the Mirror Universe, Zephram Cochrane leads an attack on the Vulcan ship, killing the crew and seizing it. (ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part I”.)

It is at this time that debris from a destroyed alien spacecraft lands in Earth’s Arctic region, as revealed in ENT “Regeneration”.

Once contact has been established, the Vulcans appoint Solkar as their ambassador to Earth, according to ENT “The Catwalk”.

Around June 2064; about June 2008 N.C.

Zefram Cochrane cements his reputation as a maverick genius in a speech at Princeton, revealing that the first warp flight had attracted the attention of visitors from the future: human, alien and cybernetic. Several years later, he tries to dismiss his sensational commencement address. The speech was 89 years before ENT “Regeneration”.

2065; 2009 N.C.

The International Space Agency (ISA) is reorganised into the United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA). UESPA operates outside the control of any one national government. The Lunar colonies have barely survived, and UESPA has considerable powers to promote permanent off-world settlement. Unlike the ISA, UESPA directly administers both colonies and resources. Over time, this access to the resources of the Solar System will make it virtually self-financing. The ISA is the space agency established in VOY “One Small Step”, and UESPA was mentioned first in TOS “Charlie X”. I’ve added some extra details, based mainly on fan speculation.

Although a world government has yet to be established, it seems reasonable to guess that the New United Nations has either been renamed, or replaced, by an organisation called “United Earth,” based on the name of UESPA.

The warp-powered starship SS Valiant (presumably constructed by the ISA and “inherited” by UESPA) is sent on a mission of exploration. Transmissions from the ship cease abruptly during an ion storm and the expedition is presumed lost. The fate of the crew is finally learned in 2265, when the ship’s recorder marker is recovered near the Galactic Barrier. TOS “Where No Man Has Gone Before” says that it was more than 200 years before, which would set the date before 2065, using my dates. The 2065 date is from a display screen featured in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II”. Even 2065 seems early to me, since the absolute first warp ship didn’t fly until 2063.

Based on the suggestion in DS9 “Tacking into the Wind” that Section 31 is over three centuries old, I would place the foundation of Earth Starfleet at about this time. Since DS9 “Inquisition” says that Section 31 is part of Starfleet under the Starfleet Charter, then the original version of Section 31 is presumably established in the precursor to the UFP Starfleet, at the time it is set up. Of course, Section 31 specialises in disinformation, so all this could just be misdirection. Until 2161, there is no Starfleet Academy. Officers are trained at the facilities at Johnson Space Center, Yu. A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, in Beijing and at the European Astronaut Centre.

2066; 2010 N.C.

309 years before “Star Trek: Insurrection”, the Ba’ku settle a new planet and discover the secret of eternal youth.

2067; 2011 N.C.

UESPA constructs an unmanned deep space probe. It is sent out into the Galaxy with a message of peace, warp technology instructions and an invitation to visit Earth. Earth remains in distant contact with Friendship 1 until the last transmissions are received about the year 2248, nearly two centuries after its launch. The wreckage of Friendship 1 will be recovered in the Delta Quadrant in the year 2378 and eventually returned to Federation space, as explained in VOY “Friendship One”.

Approximately 2067; about 2011 N.C.

Lavinius V is swept by mass insanity, two centuries before TOS “Operation: Annihilate!”

Great Awakening on Argelius II, two centuries before TOS “Wolf in the Fold”.

300 years before TNG “Final Mission”, a radioactive garbage scow loses engine power and starts drifting towards Gamelan IV.

Before 2068; before 2012 N.C.

Over three centuries before TNG “New Ground”, the entire genus of draco or “flying” lizards dies out on Earth.
Comment: As I mentioned above, I would guess that the extinction of several types of animal happened in the later phases of World War III, what with the atomic bombs and nuclear winters.

Approximately 2068; about 2012 N.C.

Three centuries before TNG “Violations”, the Ullians are experiencing the end of a violent era, and the last case of mind-rape occurs there.

2069; 2013 N.C.

Human colonisation of the Solar System has extended to Mars, and there is at least a base at Utopia Planitia, which will later become a major shipyard. There is also at least one permanent colony on the Moon (New Berlin) and settlement in the asteroid belt. Jonathan Archer explains that all this happens prior to the departure of Conestoga, in ENT “Terra Nova”.

UESPA’s first major project, the warp-powered colony vessel Conestoga departs Earth bound for a newly discovered planet twenty light years away. This is the very first group of human interstellar colonists. The planet has been named Terra Nova, and Conestoga will take nine years to make the trip. Again, this is explained in ENT “Terra Nova”, and the year is established by the length of the trip and an arrival at their destination in 2078.

Approximately 2070; about 2014 N.C.

John Burke of the Royal Academy maps an area of space that includes the star of Sherman’s Planet. Mr. Chekov says “almost two hundred years” before TOS “The Trouble With Tribbles”. The date is fixed at 2067 by a display screen featured in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II”, but I’m not entirely convinced.

It’s the last time Dax sees a wheelchair before DS9 “Melora”, 300 years later.
Comment: I suppose we can safely assume Dax never met Christopher Pike following his accident in TOS “The Menagerie”, then. Or indeed, Mark Jameson from TNG “Too Short a Season”.

Before 2072; before 2016 N.C.

Tolian Soran is born, since he’s over three hundred years old in “Star Trek: Generations”.

Suspiria, one of the caretakers of the Ocampa homeworld leaves the Array with a group of Ocampa to explore the galaxy, and the Ocampa space station is constructed, over three centuries before VOY “Cold Fire”.

Approximately 2072; about 2016 N.C.

Quinn is imprisoned in a comet by the Q continuum, about three hundred years before VOY “Death Wish”.

2073; 2017 N.C.

Zephram Cochrane famously says: “Don’t try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgements.” It’s supposed to be 10 years after “Star Trek: First Contact”.

2018 N.C.; 2074

“Sleeper ships” become obsolete, although many are still launched after this date. The year is mentioned in TOS “Space Seed”, and then fearlessly manipulated by me.

8737 V.E.; 2075; 2019 N.C.

Captain Vannick begins serving in the Vulcan space programme, 76 years before ENT “Breaking the Ice”.

Approximately 2075; about 2019 N.C.

About 300 years before DS9 “Profit and Lace”, the Slug-o-cola corporation adopts the slogan: “Drink Slug-o-cola! The slimiest cola in the galaxy!”

The time portal on Golana brings Molly O’Brien back to about this time, three centuries before DS9 “Time’s Orphan”.

The inhabitants of the space ocean seen in VOY “Thirty Days” discover it about 300 years before that story.

“Late 21st century”

Barium meals are superseded, according to VOY “Tuvix”.

About 2076; approximately 2020 N.C.

Approximate date of birth of Bernadette Fuller, about 75 years before ENT “Terra Nova”.

2078; 2022 N.C.

The first human colony in another star system is founded when Conestoga arrives at Terra Nova. The trip is one way, since the ship is dismantled to establish the colony. The date is established in ENT “Terra Nova”, since a picture of the planet is dated Thursday 23rd June, 2078. I’m assuming that’s when the ship first arrived. I’m also assuming that any reference to the “New Calendar” has been edited from Enterprise’s data, to avoid confusion.

2079; 2023 N.C.

Earth continues the difficult recovery from war. The authorities struggle to control a suffering population in the Post-Atomic Horror period. At least temporarily the legal process in some regions is replaced by the “court of fact”: lawyers are not permitted, and the accused are considered guilty until proved innocent. Most of this this, including the date, is established in TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”.

Commander Riker says that the “52 star” US flag goes out of use in 2079 in TNG “The Royale”.

Monday 1st January, 2080

United Earth formally returns to what becomes known as the “Terran Old Calendar” by scrapping the New Calendar. The Common Era remains in fairly widespread use (at least on Earth) until the late 24th century and probably well beyond. The name of the “old calendar” is used by Mister Spock in TOS “The City on the Edge of Forever”; and there’s a lot of speculation by me.
Comment: Even if you disagree with all my calendar manipulations, why does Spock call it the “Terran Old Calendar” when it’s so obviously still in use?


Colonel Steven Richey dies, 283 years before TNG “The Royale”, according to Data’s readings. I’ve manipulated the date of this story and have it in December 2365. A strict stardate interpretation would place it in January 2366. I’m not sure it makes much of a difference.


Contact is suddenly lost with the colony on Terra Nova, five years after the original settlement. On Earth, it is not clear whether this is accidental or deliberate, since the “Novans” have been extremely unwilling to accept new colonists from Earth. At the time, it is not possible to investigate, and the lack of any response to repeated attempts at communication over many years eventually leads to the system being quarantined. It is not until 2151 that a manned Earth ship risks investigating the colony. ENT “Terra Nova” says that it’s over 70 years before, but that can’t be right. The original departure would have to be within three years of “Star Trek: First Contact”, so I’ve gone with the date on the photos.

The marginally habitable star system of Proxima Centauri is also colonised, as the closest star to our own Sun, possibly with Vulcan permission. It later becomes the human settlement of Alpha Proxima, or the Proxima Colony. This is a guess by me, based on ENT “Borderland” and TOS “Wolf in the Fold”.

Approximately 2083

It’s around now that Xindi author Enarchis writes his famous words: “Without a world of our own we are but children lost in the wilderness. One day we’ll emerge from this wilderness, and our work here will ensure that we’ll never be lost again.” According to ENT “Azati Prime”, it’s about fifty years after the destruction of the Xindi homeworld.

Approximately 2086

The bitter feud between the Lornak and Tralesta clans begins on Acamar III, 200 years before clan Lornak wipes out the Tralestas, according to TNG “The Vengeance Factor”.

T’keKhuti, 8748 V.E.; August 2087

T’Pol is born on Vulcan, based on some reinterpretation of her comments in ENT “Zero Hour”, when she’s going to be 66 next birthday.
Continuity: I’m assuming T’Pol has converted her age into the Earth equivalent, for the benefit of “Trip” Tucker. The alternative was to work things out assuming she converts her birthday and age into the Earth equivalent, which seemed unreasonably conscientious; or to go all Vulcan, putting T’Pol’s birth back to February 2077 for no particularly good reason.


The Orpheus Mining Authority is established on Earth’s Moon. The company emblem specifies the date, as seen in ENT “Terra Prime”.


Launch of the S.S. Hokule’a, according to a display screen seen in TNG “Up the Long Ladder”.

Approximately 2093

The aliens in ENT “Extinction” begin studying the Loque’eque mutagenic virus, sixty years before the story.

Approximately 8755 V.E.; about 2096

Assuming that Spock’s experiences were normal, T’Pol undergoes the kahs-wan ordeal, and is bonded to her future mate, Koss. the bonding is from TOS “Amok Time”, the kahs-wan appears in TAS “Yesteryear” (so strictly I should have ignored it, but I just couldn’t), T’Pol says how old she is in ENT “Home” and we find out the name of her betrothed in ENT “The Catwalk”.

8756 V.E.; 2097

The Vulcans officially claim Paan Mokar, known to the Andorians as Weytahn. The planet is evacuated, and a satellite used to monitor the agreement, as established in ENT “Cease Fire”, where the year is given.

2001 to 2050
2101 to 2149

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