2001 to 2050

Here’s the point where the recent past turns into the present, and then becomes the future. Trying to get our future to match up with guesses taken fifty years ago is a tall order. I’ve done my best, but the edges are inevitably a bit ragged, to say the least. I have tried to stick to the idea, rather than the details: “Star Trek” is about OUR future.

“The 21st Century”

Humpback whales are hunted to extinction sometime this century, according to “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”.

The Acts of Cumberland relating to the legal rights of artificial intelligences are promulgated in the early 21st century (but obviously not yet), and inform the legal decisions in TNG “The Measure of a Man”.

It’s sometime during this century that the Ullians treated the last victims of telepathic sexual assault, according to TNG “Violations”.

The last of the Klingon emperors lives in this century. The throne remains empty until the clone of Kahless is placed on it in TNG “Rightful Heir”. I make it the second half of the eighth century and early ninth century Q.B.

Sometime in this century a doctor called Pyong Ko finds a cure for cancer, according to TNG “Fury”.

The ozone layer deteriorates, increasing ultraviolet radiation levels on the surface of the Earth dangerously. The hole in the ozone layer is a continuing problem, especially in the southern hemisphere. It was not so much predicted as flagged up in TNG “When the Bough Breaks”.

Friday 26th January, 2001
Earthquake in Gujerat, India.

Monday 12th February, 2001
An unmanned space probe lands on the asteroid Eros.

February to March, 2001
Severe flooding in Mozambique.

Saturday 28th April, 2001
Millionaire Dennis Tito travels to the International Space Station, as the first space tourist.

July 2001
Severe flooding in Cambodia.

September 2001
Severe flooding in Vietnam.

Tuesday 11th September, 2001
The sudden coordinated hijacking of several commercial airline flights signals the start of a new kind of terrorist campaign by Islamic extremists against the United States. One target, the World Trade Center in New York, is completely destroyed, with thousands of casualties.

Sunday 7th October, 2001
Coalition intervention in Afghanistan.


The vintage of T’Pol’s road map in ENT “Carpenter Street”.

Thursday 14th March, 2002
Kevin Warwick becomes the first man to have a silicon chip implanted into his nervous system.

Monday 20th May, 2002
East Timor achieves independence.

Elon Musk
Born Monday 28th June, 1971
Founder of SpaceX, and mentioned alongside the Wright Brothers and Zephram Cochrane in DCY “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”.

Monday 1st July, 2002
Creation of the International Criminal Court.

August 2002
Severe flooding in Central Europe.

Saturday 1st February, 2003
Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates during re-entry, scattering debris across the United States and killing the crew (including the first Israeli in space, Ilan Ramon). The entire shuttle fleet is grounded whilst attempts are made to prevent further failures, and to ensure that the shuttle can be used safely whilst the construction of the ISS continues.

Thursday 20th March, 2003
A multinational force attacks and occupies Iraq.

Before June 2003

Loomis starts work at the Porter Street blood bank in Detroit, over a year before ENT “Carpenter Street”.

Wednesday 15th October, 2003
First manned Chinese space mission.

“Alumina glass” is invented. This shouldn’t be confused with the “transparent aluminium” in “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” but it’s as close as we’ve come so far.

Thursday 29th January, 2004
NASA observes the first Remembrance Day in memory of those who have lost their lives in the American space programme. Remembrance Day is then observed annually on the last Thursday in January.

Sunday 1st February, 2004
Elements 113 & 115 are discovered in Russia.

Monday 15th March, 2004
The discovery of a large object in the Kuiper Belt is announced: “planet” Sedna. The discovery fuels a debate about whether Pluto should be considered a planet.

April 2004

Naughty time-travelling Xindi arrive in Detroit, two months before ENT “Carpenter Street”.

Saturday 1st May, 2004
Several former Warsaw Pact member states (including states of the former Soviet Union) become members of the European Union.

Monday 7th June, 2004

Georgia Tandy visits the Carpenter Street blood bank and attracts the attention of Loomis, who later abducts her. It’s the day before ENT “Carpenter Street”.

ENT “Carpenter Street”

Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th June, 2004

Estimated duration: 2 days
Chronology: Archer and T’Pol arrive in Detroit the day after Loomis abducts Georgia Tandy. The following day, Archer allows himself to be abducted by Loomis and foils a Xindi plot. The other part of the story is in 2153.
Continuity: There’s a radio advert for: “Sunday, the Tri-state Speedway, an all-star line-up of all your favourite monster mayhem”. The only Tri-state Speedway I’ve found is the one in Haubstadt, Indiana. It’s rather a long way away, but there was an all-stars meeting there on Sunday 13th June, 2004, and it was the only one that entire year. Prop documents prepared for the show appear to be dated to late September and early October 2008, but that doesn’t fit in with the other time references. On the evening of the first day, Loomis doesn’t want to miss Conan, making it a weekday. Archer and T’Pol have travelled 150 years into the past, and the year is identified as 2004.
Comment: This story could begin any time between Monday 7th and Friday 11th June, 2004. I picked Tuesday.

Thursday 24th June, 2004
First “private industry” suborbital manned space flight, of Space Ship One.

Thursday 1st July, 2004
The Earth-to-Saturn space probe, Cassini-Huygens arrives at its destination.

Wednesday 4th August, 2004
The Royal Canadian Mint releases the first “Lucky Loonies”, Canadian dollar coins featuring the Olympic rings. The coins are supposed to promote Canadian success at sports, following the story that a normal coin was embedded in the ice of the Olympic ice hockey field in 2002, when Canada won. By coincidence, Michael Eddington owns a “Lucky Loonie” in DS9 “Blaze of Glory”. In reality, this story pre-dated the idea of official “Lucky Loonies” by around five years, but it’s interesting to speculate that Eddington’s coin is one of the several special Olympic issues.

Sunday 26th December, 2004
South-East Asia is hit by a tsunami.

Wednesday 16th February, 2005
The Kyoto Protocol, signed on Thursday 11th December, 1997, comes into force, at least in those countries that ratified it. Among other measures to manage climate change (whatever the root cause of it) “Carbon Credits” are introduced. I can't resist pointing out that the “credits that aren’t really money” established in “Star Trek” might possibly be the direct descendants of carbon credits, although they might be the ultimate future of “Facebook Credits”, introduced in July, 2011 instead, or also. Or something completely different altogether.

Monday 11th April, 2005
An agreement is signed between Arianespace and Roscosmos to construct Soyuz launch facilities at Kourou, French Guiana.

Wednesday 27th April, 2005
First flight of the Airbus A380.

Monday 4th July, 2005
NASA Deep Impact probe reaches the comet Tempel 1. The mission to analyse the make-up of the comet by firing an impactor probe into it is successful.

Tuesday 26th July, 2005
Discovery makes the first flight of a space shuttle since the loss of the Columbia.

Monday 29th August, 2005
Hurricane Katrina floods New Orleans.

Sunday 12th September, 2005
Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Saturday 19th November, 2005
Japanese unmanned space probe Hayabusa (はやぶさ) lands on an asteroid and successfully returns a sample to Earth.

Wednesday 30th November, 2005
First human face transplant.

Thursday 30th March, ‏2006‏
The first Brazilian astronaut travels into space.

Sunday 21st May, 2006
Montenegro votes to end its union with Serbia, signalling the final dissolution of the state of Yugoslavia.

Sunday 18th June, 2006
Launch of the first Kazakh satellite.

Tuesday 4th July, 2006
Discovery makes the second flight of a space shuttle since the loss of the Columbia.

Thursday 24th August, 2006
A meeting of the International Astronomical Union in Prague adopts a new definition of the word “planet”. To the inexplicable dismay and even fury of many Americans, Pluto is accurately and scientifically described as a dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt.

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray videodisc formats launched, in direct competition.

Monday 1st January, 2007
Romania and Bulgaria join the European Union.

Sunday 14th January, 2007
The “Red Crystal” recognised as an official emblem equivalent to the Red Cross and the Red Crescent under the Geneva Conventions.

Friday 5th October, 2007
Japanese Moon surveyor SELENE (かぐや “Kaguya”) goes into orbit around the Moon.

Saturday 27th October, 2007
Launch of the Chinese Moon surveyor Chang’e 1 (嫦娥一號). The first pictures were returned on Monday 26th November.

November 2007
First activation of the CERN Large Hadron Collider, with unfortunate results. The LHC eventually started its experiments in 2010.

Friday 14th December, 2007
A report into steroid abuse in American baseball uncovers a massive problem, possibly the biggest scandal ever to affect the professional game. I’m adding this because of the importance of baseball to “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”.

Monday 14th January, 2008
The Messenger unmanned probe sends back its first picture of the planet Mercury.

Sunday 17th February, 2008
The Republic of Kosovo declares its independence.

Tuesday 19th February, 2008
Toshiba officially declares HD-DVD dead, bad news for “Star Trek” fans waiting to see the second and third seasons of the show in high definition (although it arrived eventually, on Blu-ray). Coincidentally, it’s the same day that Fidel Castro announces he will resign as president of Cuba on Sunday 24th.

Thursday 8th April, 2008
The first European Automated Transfer Vehicle supply capsule Jules Verne docks with the International Space Station. The eight tons of supplies are the first brought to the station without using American or Russian spacecraft.

Wednesday 30th April, 2008
The development of the memristor is announced.

Saturday 3rd May, 2008
It is estimated that over 130,000 people are killed when Cyclone Nargis travels across Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

Saturday 17th May, 2008
Over 60,000 people are killed in a Chinese earthquake centred in Sichuan province (四川大地震).

Sunday 25th May, 2008
The Phoenix lands successfully near the Martian North Pole.

Wednesday 28th May, 2008
The first elected government of Nepal declares a republic, following a grim tale of insanity and murder that destroyed the royal family.

Monday 15th September, 2008
Lehmann Brothers files for bankruptcy. Although the problem has been building for some time, this is the event that really brings the “credit crunch” into the public consciousness. Over the next few years, it will have an enormous effect on the economies and politics of the whole world. All that misery and suffering in DS9 “Past Tense” suddenly seems an awful lot closer.

Sunday 28th September, 2008
Successful launch of a Falcon 1 liquid-fuelled rocket to orbit. It’s the first privately developed spacecraft to do so.

Friday 14th November, 2008
India’s Moon-orbiting satellite Chandranayaan successfully deploys an impactor probe to the Lunar surface.

Tuesday 20th January, 2009
Barack Obama becomes the first African American president of the United States.

Monday 2nd February, 2009
The Iranian satellite Omid is sent into orbit, using an Iranian-built launcher.

Tuesday 10th February, 2009
A commercial American satellite is hit by an old and inactive Russian satellite. Both are completely destroyed in the first major orbital collision.

Friday 6th March, 2009
Launch of the American Kepler mission to search for planets similar to Earth orbiting other stars.

Wednesday 7th April, 2010
Official announcement of the discovery of Element 117, at Dubna, Russia.

Friday 4th June, 2010
Successful launch to orbit of the Falcon 9 rocket. This success makes SpaceX the front-runner to operate a “private industry” successor to the space shuttle.

Sunday 13th June, 2010
Hayabusa spectacularly returned soil samples from an asteroid to Earth. The Japanese Space Agency later announced that there was some asteroid dust in there.

Monday 2nd May, 2011
Death of Osama Bin Laden.
Comment: He died in Abbottabad, named after General Sir James Abbott who lived between Thursday 12th March, 1807 and Tuesday 6th October, 1896. He was the first British commissioner of the district of Hazara in modern Pakistan, from 1845 to 1853.

Friday 1st July, 2011
Facebook introduces “Facebook Credits” at the rate of 10 credits=1 US Dollar. As mentioned above, perhaps the eventually develop into those mysterious “credits that aren’t money” the Federation uses.

Friday 8th to Thursday 21st July, 2011
Final mission of the space shuttle, and completion of the International Space Station. This leaves the US with no manned space capability, as happened between the Apollo-Soyuz mission and the first orbital flight of the space shuttle. The lack is more keenly felt this time around, but it wasn’t felt keenly enough for the US government to ensure it didn’t happen.

Thursday 29th September, 2011
The Chinese launch Tiangong1 (天宫一号, “Heavenly Palace” 1) into orbit. Although intended as a manned laboratory, the first crewed missions did not take place until 2012.

Friday 21st October, 2011
The first (unmanned) Soyuz launch from the Guiana Space Centre (CSG-Centre Spatial Guyanais) in Kourou, French Guiana.

Friday 25th May, 2012
A SpaceX Dragon capsule docks with the ISS, inaugurating resupply of the station by private contractors on behalf of NASA.

Monday 6th August, 2012
The US Mars rover Curiosity lands successfully and begins its explorations.

Approximately 2012

Millennium Gate is opened. VOY “11:59” isn’t specific, but a photo taken around 2050 is 38 years after the opening of Millennium Gate.
Comment: You’ve never seen it? But it’s visible from space!

Tuesday 3rd December, 2013
SpaceX becomes the first private company to launch a satellite into geosynchronous orbit.

Saturday 14th December, 2013
The Chinese Lunar Rover Yùtù (玉兔, “Jade Rabbit”) lands, and begins returning data. Unfortunately, it encounters mechanical problems after a fairly short time.

Thursday 19th December, 2013
Launch date of the European GAIA satellite. Its mission will be to accurately map stars within 10,000 parsecs of Earth.

Approximately 2013

Birth of Zephram Cochrane, assuming he starts keeping his age in Alpha Centauri years following his emigration. I’m suggesting this to try and avoid the problem of his age being established at 87 when he vanished in TOS “Metamorphosis”. See The Cochrane Chronology Conundrum for the details of this fudge. The only on-screen date of birth is 2030, featured on a display screen in ENT “In A Mirror, Darkly Part II”.

Tuesday 18th March, 2014
Russia illegally annexes the Crimean peninsula, sparking violent confrontations with Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.


Bernardo Calvera claims that the London Kings baseball team for this year is the greatest of all time. It was “Buck” Bokai's rookie year with the team, according to DS9 “Future Tense, Part II”.
Comment: I haven’t noticed English baseball taking off. I admit, I’ve not really been looking.

Tuesday 14th July, 2015
The New Horizons probe conducts a flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto.

About 2016

First Contact between the Vulcans and Klingons, 240 years before DCY “The Vulcan Hello”.

(This is where the present hits the future. Everything from here on is strictly guesswork.)


The Dax symbiont is born on Trill, 356 years before DS9 “You Are Cordially Invited…” in 2374.

Planned date for the first launches from the Vostochny (“East”) Cosmodrome in the Amur region of Russia, according to the official Russian plans. This new cosmodrome is also tied to the development of a new launcher and manned space system as a replacement for Soyuz. Originally it was meant to be collaborating on the spacecraft with Europe, but problems with who got to design what, and technology transfers to a country with an even less ethical foreign trade policy than everyone else made it a non-starter in the end. What the Russians will do now isn’t terribly clear.

“The Early 2020s”

Sanctuary districts are established in most American cities, according to DS9 “Past Tense”.


Henry Garcia ends up in the Sanctuary District, two years before DS9 “Past Tense, Part II”.

The International Space Station will be decommissioned and deorbited.


Ireland is reunified by a successful terrorist campaign, according to TNG “The High Ground”.
Comment: Yes, this is the story the BBC wouldn’t show, and I can only hope it’s been overtaken by events in the real world. Just to cover all the angles, a deliberately dystopian novel by James White “The Dream Millennium” suggested that Ireland might be reunified as a republic by a successful campaign launched by “loyalists” in the North. Bet you never thought of that one.

DS9 “Past Tense” (Parts 1 & 2)

Friday 30th August to Tuesday 3rd September, 2024

Duration: 5 days
Chronology: Sisko, Bashir and Dax arrive on Friday 30th August, 2024. Gabriel Bell dies in a fight on Saturday 31st August, 2024. The “Bell Riots” break out on Sunday 1st September, 2024 and the riots have ended and our heroes are returned to their proper time and place on Tuesday 3rd December, 2024. All these dates are given in the story. The other part of the story happens in 2371.
Continuity: Nog remarks on the amazing resemblance between Sisko and Bell in DS9 “Little Green Men”.

September 2024

As a result of the riots seen in DS9 “Past Tense”, the Sanctuary Districts are closed down.


Start of World War III. Colonel Green conducts military/terrorist operations that make his name a byword for evil for the next 250 years, according to TOS “The Savage Curtain” and ENT “Demons”. The details of this early phase of the war are difficult to piece together. Human society in the northern hemisphere is pushed to the brink of collapse. Later estimates suggest that 37 million people have been killed, although see my earlier comments about how accurate the figures Spock gives for the casualties in World Wars in TOS “Bread and Circuses”. The dislocation following the attacks means that the war can neither be effectively continued nor concluded; “Star Trek: First Contact”, TNG “Encounter at Farpoint” and some guesswork by me. The precise date was shown on a display screen in ENT “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II”.

Approximately 2030

A famous author living in the rather unlikely location of a planet orbiting the star Alnitak writes a classic based on the theme “let me help,” according to James Kirk in TOS “The City on the Edge of Forever”.
Comment: According to one of the many scripts of the episode, the author’s name is Patrick Koluuunahmeheheh Tajnaahme. In the script as originally submitted, there’s a totally different quote at that point in the story by a poet called Wellman 9. Take your pick, or make up your own name.

The Earth at this time rated “G” on the Industrial Scale, according to TOS “Spock’s Brain”.

Tuesday 19th October, 2032

On an early manned mission to Mars, the Ares 4 spacecraft is lost in mysterious circumstances, along with Lieutenant John Kelly. The other two members of the crew are successfully rescued from the surface of Mars. We find out what happened to Kelly in VOY “One Small Step”.

Coincidentally, it’s the exact same day that a shortstop for the London Kings baseball team, “Buck” Bokai, beats Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game streak, established in TNG “The Big Goodbye” and VOY “One Small Step”.

Monday 4th July, 2033

The 52nd state of the Union (Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia or somewhere else?) has a star added to the US flag, as explained in TNG “The Royale”.

Approximately 2033

The Xindi home planet is destroyed about now. Enterprise will visit the remains at the end of ENT “The Xindi”, and guess that the destruction was about 120 years before. ENT “The Shipment” reveals that the destruction was caused by a war between the various Xindi species, and resulted in the extinction of the Xindi avians.

Very approximately 2035

Sometime (probably) between the Ares missions and the departure of the Charybdis, Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher commands the first manned mission to Saturn. The mission is established in TOS “Tomorrow is Yesterday”. According to some set dressing in ENT “First Flight”, his crew are astronauts Fontana and O’Herlihy. Unless he’s spectacularly old, Colonel Christopher probably isn’t born until the ’80s, quite some time after TOS “Tomorrow is Yesterday”. I did attempt to link Shaun Christopher to the real life Cassini-Huygens probe, but the mission patch renders that bit of fact-twisting speculation redundant.


The New United Nations declares that no Earth citizen can be made to answer for the crimes of his race or forebears, according to TNG “Encounter at Farpoint”.

Approximately 2036

It is very approximately around this time that hover cars are introduced on Earth, 100 years after the 1936 Ford in VOY “The 37’s”. It’s possible that this reflects the development of artificial gravity technology, since it appears to be a feature of both the Botany Bay in TOS “Space Seed” and on the cryogenic satellite in TNG “The Neutral Zone”.


A time-looped Enterprise is thrown back to this time in ENT “E2”.

Sunday 23rd August, 2037

NASA launches its third manned deep space probe to travel beyond the orbit of Pluto, Charybdis. It is probably intended to reach the “Termination Shock”. Contact with the vessel is lost on Sunday 7th February 2038, and its fate is not discovered until 2364, in TNG “The Royale”. The actual dates used in the display screen visible in the story were 8-23-2087 and 2-7-2088, but these were contradicted by dialogue.


The colonization of Earth’s Moon begins. The date is from the “Star Trek Star Charts”, and fits in well with later references.

“Twelve (Human) Generations Ago”

The Sky Spirits pop back to see how the Rubber Tree People are doing, and find them having a bad time of it, as explained in VOY “Tattoo”. How long twelve generations will be is a matter of interpretation. 25 years would take you back 300 years, to the 2070s, and 30 is 360 years or the 2010s. I’ve taken a halfway point, but it can’t be regarded as terribly reliable. If it was any time up to the later part of the century, things are going to have been grim, regardless.


It is during this decade that the “DY” series of space vessels is designed and developed. These ships will be the workhorses of human space development, initially within the Solar System, but later in early interstellar colonization. Some DY-class ships will still be operating over two hundred years later. This is speculation by me, based on comments in TOS “Space Seed” and possibly ENT “Strange New World”. There’s also visual information in TNG “The Ultimate Computer” and TNG “Up the Long Ladder”. The model of a DY-100 in VOY “Future’s End” might be attributed to the contamination of the timeline, if you’re very generous.


The medium of television becomes obsolete, according to TNG “The Neutral Zone”.


The last World Series is played, and professional baseball goes completely out of fashion. The date is given in DS9 “If Wishes Were Horses”.

2043 to 2047 (or 1990 in the New Calendar)

The “mind control riots” occur on Earth. They’re mentioned in Gene Roddenberry’s novel of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”.

Monday 1st January, 2046; Monday 1st January, 1990 New Calendar

After over a century of campaigning, a World Calendar is adopted, and is used as the official “New Calendar” until the United Earth government rescinds it. Since it is intended to replace existing calendars for international purposes, a “New Era” is adopted, with year zero starting in 57 C.E. Association with World War III and the “Supermen” means that its initial popularity fades quite rapidly, and the “Old Calendar” remains widely in use in Europe and North America. All of this is complete speculation based on selective interpretation of the evidence.

2047; 1991 N.C.

The Great Hermosa Quake hits Los Angeles and Southern California. The area is completely flooded, and later becomes the largest coral reef on the planet. (VOY “Future’s End, Part I”. It is possibly this same quake that turns San Francisco into an island. Although only a very close analysis of the “spacedock” sequences of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” reveal this particular event, it was emphasised in earlier drafts of the script.

2048; 1992 N.C.

It becomes known that a programme of selective breeding and genetic manipulation conducted before the start of the wars has resulted in “Augments” or “Supermen.” The first of the eugenic “Supermen” to lead a country, Khan Noonien Singh, establishes himself in Asia, probably in India. At first he is remarkably successful, and ultimately controls one quarter of the World, in Southern Asia and the Middle East, and is head of the Eastern Coalition. All explained in TOS “Space Seed” and “Star Trek: First Contact”. “Khan Singh” is used as an example of an evil leader by Picard in TNG “A Matter of Time”. Yeah, and there’s that other thing, too.

2049; 1993 N.C.

The “Supermen” ultimately come to control forty nations. As part of their programme to rebuild the Earth, a “new world order” is proclaimed, worsening relations with the “northern” powers. Although Khan assumes overall control, several of the other “Supermen” rebel, triggering the start of the Eugenics Wars. Based on TOS “Space Seed”, with more guesswork by me.

Before 2050

Hunting “goes out of style”, over 100 years before ENT “Rogue Planet”.

Approximately 2050

The date of a picture taken of Shannon O’Donnell Janeway, and seen in VOY “11:59”. It’s about 38 years after the opening of Millennium Gate.

1966 to 2000
2051 to 2100

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